Chapter 1:



Somewhere in a slightly more future city...Bookmark here

A man with long silver hair covering his eyes and a hooded red jacket walks along a bustling street thinking to himself.Bookmark here

That monster just wouldn’t give up… The press nearly arrived during the damn fight.Bookmark here

I don’t know how long I would’ve lasted on camera without vomiting, knowing how many damn questions they’d ask.Bookmark here

He becomes distracted by a large screen on a tall building advertising an energy drink, it includes a hero dressed in matching colors.Bookmark here

“Fighting monsters has never been as easy without such a boost like this!” The hero in the advertisement smiles pointing at the drink.Bookmark here

Why be a hero if you’re just gonna act all day? Corny bastard.Bookmark here

While he was distracted a drunk businessman man bumps into him.Bookmark here

“Woah!” Bookmark here

The drunk businessman falls back to the ground, landing on his butt, while the jacketed man stood still unaffected by the collision.Bookmark here

This isn’t going to end well…Bookmark here

"Sorry..." The jacketed man extends a hand.Bookmark here

A taller presumable co-worker and friend of the drunken businessman stands in the way with a red and irritated face.
Bookmark here

“Hey what’s your problem?!” He slurs his words.Bookmark here

Now there’s two…Bookmark here

Everyone on the street but them dispersed to avoid their clash.Bookmark here

“I mean no harm!” The jacketed man raises his hands cautiously.Bookmark here

The fallen businessman stands himself back up very awkwardly with an agitated expressionBookmark here

“Can’t you say sorry?!” The second businessman gestures to the other.Bookmark here

I did, dip-shit.Bookmark here

"I’ll do it again I guess…”Bookmark here

The jacketed man turns to face the first businessman and sighs.Bookmark here

“Sorry…” Bookmark here

The first businessman looks insulted.Bookmark here

“You brat! Be more sincere when you say sorry!” The first businessman steps closer to him.Bookmark here

Can you even hear through how drunk you are?Bookmark here

When the first businessman comes closer he stares with a blank expression.Bookmark here

“Wait a minute, you’re that one bland hero.” He chuckles.Bookmark here

“Wait who?” The second businessman comes around to get a look as well.Bookmark here

He snaps his fingers.
Bookmark here

“Car-something!” Bookmark here

“It’s Carmine, Car-mine.” Carmine facepalms.Bookmark here

“I mean look at this dull face!” The first businessman points.Bookmark here

“Can you cut it out?” Carmine pushes their finger away.Bookmark here

“Cut what out!?” The first businessman growled.Bookmark here

Carmine sighs and turns to walk away.Bookmark here

These guys are drunk and have bad tempers.Bookmark here

“Hey!” They both reach out and grab him by the jacket.Bookmark here

“We’re still talking to you!" One yells.Bookmark here

“Get off!” Carmine pulls away from them.Bookmark here

One of them grits their teeth and prepares to punch.Bookmark here

“You piece of shit!”Bookmark here

When he throws the punch toward Carmine’s head it bounces back and fractures his hand. He fell to the floor howling in pain.Bookmark here

Carmine stops to face him.Bookmark here

"Hey, you attacked me, man..." Carmine shrugs before turning to walk away again.Bookmark here

Carmine takes a deep breath.Bookmark here

Now let’s hope nobody saw that…Bookmark here

A bolt of lightning strikes in front of Carmine, blocking his path.Bookmark here

Somebody saw that…Bookmark here

When the dust from the strike clears away, a man standing in golden knight armor appears.Bookmark here

And it’s some stuck-up hero…Bookmark here

“Carmine!” They point in a flamboyant manner.Bookmark here

“Who are you?” Carmine scratches his head.Bookmark here

The knight gives a cocky laugh.Bookmark here

“I’m Sir Shock, the knight that can channel electricity and take foes by storm!” He pumps his fist up as lightning struck behind him.Bookmark here

This guy is an 8th grader syndrome incarnate.Bookmark here

“Are you not ashamed of how stupid you look?” Carmine squints.Bookmark here

"You get him, Sir Shock!" The drunk men yell, stumbling away.Bookmark here

“YOU should be the one ashamed of the violence you had committed to that defenseless citizen!” Sir Shock points at Carmine.Bookmark here

I guess this guy doesn't care for context, as long as he looks good in front of a citizen. Bookmark here

“Is your signature move rudely pointing at people?” Carmine steps away.Bookmark here

“No, it is-”Bookmark here

“I don’t care what it actually is, what do you want?” Carmine interrupts him.Bookmark here

“I’m going to put a stop to your unprincipled behavior!”Bookmark here

“You should put a stop to your cringe behavior.”Bookmark here

“Enough of your belittlement, I’m going to put you in your place!”Bookmark here

I’m not very strong offensively at all.Bookmark here

“Listen, man, I’m not looking to cause trouble. I’m a hero after all.”Bookmark here

But my defensive power is an interesting one.Bookmark here

“You call yourself a hero after what I’ve seen!” Electricity jumps between Sir Shock's hands before clasping together.Bookmark here

“You’ve got to be joking!” Sir Shock thrusts his hands forward.Bookmark here

Because anything that is inflicted upon me.Bookmark here

“SURGE LANCE!” Sir Shock yells with a strike of lightning that hits Carmine.Bookmark here

Just comes back at the attacker.Bookmark here

The electricity jumps off Carmine back into Sir Shock, heating up his armor; generating fading steam.Bookmark here

“You, what did you do?!” Sir Shock examines himself as electricity surges through him.Bookmark here

“Why should I tell you?” Carmine shrugs.Bookmark here

“Well…”Bookmark here

“Yea, so can you just relax and hear me out?”Bookmark here

“Nonsense, I’ll just give you too much to handle!” Sir Shock.Bookmark here

“I don’t think you wanna do that!” Carmine waves his hands to stop.Bookmark here

He’s an idiot!Bookmark here

Sir Shock yells as electricity arcs to his surroundings.Bookmark here

“SHOCK TRILLION!” He releases the pent-up energy in a blinding beam that ends in an instant with billowing smoke.Bookmark here

Shit!Bookmark here

Carmine rushes through the smoke to Sir Shock. Who lies there steaming and dazed.Bookmark here

“You good?” Carmine kneels beside him.Bookmark here

Sir Shock groans, raising his hand to Carmine.Bookmark here

“Listen, dude, can we put this behind us? Besides, I wasn't doing anything wrong.”Bookmark here

Sir Shock points, but not at Carmine.Bookmark here

“Even when you're down like this, you still point rudely.” Carmine stands up. Bookmark here

A looming monstrous figure with two heads rises behind Carmine without him noticing.Bookmark here

“You can stop pointing now.”Bookmark here

Sir Shock shakes his head.Bookmark here

The monster lets out a roar, as its four claws slam down on Carmine and Sir Shock.Bookmark here

“Huh?” Bookmark here

Carmine turns his head.Bookmark here

When the monster’s claws collide with Carmine. The reacting force obliterates its arms.Bookmark here

“Where the hell did he come from?” Carmine asks bewildered, as the monster falls incapacitated.Bookmark here

“Anyways back to what I was saying…”Bookmark here

Carmine faces Sir Shock who has passed out completely.Bookmark here

He’s knocked out!Bookmark here

Footsteps come close to Carmine as he turns to face them.Bookmark here

Not another hero…Bookmark here

“Hey, you two alright?!” A lady with short green hair and an assortment of flowers growing from her head hovers down. Bookmark here

I bet her hero name has something to do with flowers.Bookmark here

“Yea…”Bookmark here

She examines the fallen monster and Sir Shock.
Bookmark here

“That monster appeared from two aggravated civilians earlier, I was trying to stop it but the monster insisted on coming here.”Bookmark here

Aw shit, it was those two.Bookmark here

“Crazy…” Bookmark here

Carmine nervously scratches the back of his neck.Bookmark here

“What happened to Sir Shock?” Bookmark here

“Uh…” Bookmark here

I can’t say it was me!Bookmark here

“That monster gave him a real beating. I arrived just in time to take the thing down.”Bookmark here

“You must be Carmine…”Bookmark here

Does almost everyone know my name?Bookmark here

“Yes, you are?”Bookmark here

Got to be something stupid.Bookmark here

“My name’s Lily.”Bookmark here

Typical coincidences…Bookmark here

“But I go by Bloom.”Bookmark here

It’s cute, but still basic. Bookmark here

“Well nice to meet you, but I’ll be leaving now.”Bookmark here

“You’re not claiming this victory?”Bookmark here

“Sir Storm did most of the work, I got to go.”Bookmark here

Bloom steps towards Carmine.
Bookmark here

“I still have some questions!”Bookmark here

I’m gonna lose my mind if I stay any longer.Bookmark here

“Save them for another time!” Bookmark here

Carmine walks away waving goodbye.Bookmark here

If I run into one more hero this will be the most tiring day ever…Bookmark here

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