Chapter 1:

Chapter 1 [The Champion Fall]

The Only One Left

Year 450 A.D.

Location The Last Cities of Trinity Empire, Outside the Wall.

The Unified Alliance Siege weapons and Army surround the moat of the cities that covered with high fortification wall. The wizard and witch on top of the siege weapon use powerful magic to bombard diminishing the force inside the cities.

"WE'RE ALMOST THERE MENS, JUST A FEW MORE PUSH!!!" shouted one of the captains of the Unified Alliance Army.

"CAPTAIN, NEWS FROM THE REAR!!!" a messenger running to the captain while shouting toward the captain.

The captains turn his head toward the out of breath messenger "Out with it boys!!!"

"Yes Captain, the four heroes from each Race of the Unified Alliance will be joining your company for the last push, Sir!" the messenger salutes the captain while delivering the message.

The captain laugh out aloud as he held the shoulder of the messenger "this is truly the mark of defeat for the evil empire"


Inside The Cities.

The Cities is a state of ruin and burn, a large group of Slave is gathered around the plaza.

"Why can't you come with us? you don't owe anything for the Trinity empire they treated us like a slave and force us to fight their war" a dark skin woman with a Rose gold hair say to the man in front of her while holding his right hand.

"They deserved what happen to them," the woman says with a slight angered face.

The man showed a sad smile toward her " you know why" the man sigh "the unified Alliance will not let me go even if the empire is destroyed they will hunt me down for them I am the dark champion for trinity empire, I have done many terrible things for the empire" the man grip the woman hand tighter seeking comfort.

"you have done nothing wrong dear" she stroke his cheek with her another hand "you did it because it was under empire order and you did it to protect us beside let them come I'm not afraid of them," the woman said with a determined look.

"i.. will not let you and our unborn child come into harm because of me," the man says with a saddened look and his other arm rub the woman slight bulge belly.

"THE TUNNEL IS OPEN QUICKLY COME BEFORE THE FORCE INVADE THE CITY!!" the man shouted to the group of the slave.

the entrance to the tunnel is small and can only fit one person at a time the slave lined up and one by one entered the tunnel.

"Milana" the man say to the woman.

"What is it my love?" the woman stroke his cheek.

"I just want to say your name one last time," the man embrace her with a drop tear leak from his eye.

"Please, I know I'm asking a lot of you, Darya, Please find me if you survived this" Milana say sadly to Darya.


"I WILL BUYS US SOME TIME, ALL YOU ESCAPE QUICKLY" Darya shout to the people as they trying to escape to the tunnel.

Darya let go of Milana hand as he walks away from her, she slips a locket in his hand as their hand a separate. Darya holds the locket and looks away from her as he walks toward the Gate, Milana face is filled sadness as Darya leave her.


Darya looks at the locket as he stands in front of the ruined gate. the locket is not an expensive looking item it has a simple etched design of a sun on a round shape piece of metal but he remembers the first time he gifts this locket to her and the smile she gave him.

"Hey youngling, here you forgot your helm" the older veteran with a group of black metal Armour Soldier approach him and hand his helm toward him.

Darya store the locket under his black metal Armour.

"Zakiri, why are are you guys here? don't you want to escape with your family?" Darya said to Zakiri while grabbing his helm of his hand.

"I'm too old to run" Zakiri grin "beside the guys want to stay with you until the end something about brotherhood I think, what a bunch of crybabies" the man smile as he lifts his giant Warhammer and leans it on his shoulder.

"And also I won't let you grab all the glory" he chuckled as he put on his helm.

The gate is smacked by a large fireball and it vibrates through to the wall.

Darya looked at his helm as he holds it with both his hand, "like they always said who wants to live forever?" Darya said while wearing his helm.

"THAT THE SPIRIT!!!" Zakiri laughs inside his helmet "BLACK LEGION ONWARD!!!!" the black Armour soldier lined up as the gate start to fall in front of them, they march in front without the feeling of fear.

The Unified Alliance army charged toward the gate but they stopped as they say witnessed the Black Legion marched with the Dark Champion in front of them leading them.

Some of the unified alliance soldiers step back as they saw them marching forward


The Unified Alliance Army and the Black Legion Fight each other in front of the gate and on the bridge, holding them back from entering the city.

Zakiri swings his giant Warhammer toward the Unified Alliance soldier hitting them and throwing them into the moat while some aren't lucky as they armor is crushed by the massive force that hit them.

Darya stands at the back while holding his sword, eliminating the one that manages to get through the line.

As Zakiri swing his Warhammer toward the soldier he saw at the rear of the soldier formation the four heroes charging toward them.

Zakiri shouted, "DARYA, THEY COMING!!!".

The moment Darya hear the Zakiri voice, he mutter 'Fade' with a one-step he took with his feet he zooms past the line with a blink of eye heading toward the Four Heroes.

Darya mutter again 'Multiply' as he comes a few meter closer toward the heroes then he body envelope into dark mist then spread forming Three clones beside him aiming for each hero as for Darya he aims toward the human Hero first readying his stance for an upward strike.

Darya slashes upward with his sword toward the human heroes while he was attacking he analyze the hero equipment just as expected from past encounter the hero wearing a classic knight medium armor with a wing emblem etched in front of the armor. the hero blocks his attack with his spear with a grin on his face.

Darya remembers the hero from past fight, it not mistaken it the same hero with his golden hair to his white smooth skin.

"Finally, we can end this DEMON!!" he said the last word with a disgusted sound.

"You will pay for what you have done" he continued.

Darya ignores his word as always, showing no emotion from the word the hero just utter. Darya spot his clone is being decimated by each of the heroes so he back away from the human hero to make some distance between them as he back away the Dwarf male hero with a long beard raises his hammer and strikes the ground causing the ground to tremble.

The ground crack and forming a large hole in the ground behind Darya causing him to stop as he stops an arrow flew toward him with a slight adjust he dodge the arrow and see where the arrow is coming from. He saw the beautiful elven Female Hero with slight greenish skin holding the bow.

He dodges again to the right as a Lighting bolt shot toward him by the Drakaina female hero with scale covering her body as she levitates from the ground with her dragon shape wing.

Darya look at four of them, he can feel the panic in his hearts but quickly calm himself as he recalls Milana faces. Darya mutter again 'strength, agility, and reflex enhance' then he can feel the power coursing through his body, he ready his stance then he mutter the word 'fade'.

He dashes toward the elven female hero first causing her back away but it was not fast enough 

Darya swing his sword from her shoulder to her leg but she managed to dodge a but Darya manages to cut her shoulder then Darya roundhouses kick her throwing her to the side.

The moment the elven flew away another lighting bolt shot toward Darya but he dodge it this time then he turns his body facing then the scaly Drakaina hero throw a spear, this time it pierced through his outer shell of the leg armor grazing on his leg making a cut on his leg as the spear flew and it corrects itself and turn toward Darya again.

Darya managed to dodge this time as soon his dodge he was stricken on his side by another lightning bolt that thrown by the Drakaina hero, the lighting bolt explode in contact throwing him across the battlefield but he managed to correct himself and landing perfectly, Darya look on the ground and spotted one of the dead soldier body lay on the ground.

As the spear correct itself again, Darya grabs the body and throw it toward the spear causing the spear to puncture the body, Darya jumps on the body as it is punctured by the spear and he summons a dark energy spear and threw it toward the Drakaina hero.

She tries to block it with a Magic shield but the dark energy spear turns it course from being aim at her chest to her left wing causing it to punctured her left wing.

As Darya flew from the ground he spotted the elven woman ready her bow and aiming toward him, the shot flew from the bow and break itself into multiple arrows all flying toward him. Darya immediately mutters 'Fade' as a reflex causing him to dashed violently toward random direction causing him to crash to the ground as he rolls finally stop, A two massive wall erupt beside him.

The wall beside him suddenly slam into each other but Darya managed to mutter 'Explode' then a dark energy explode all around him causing the two heroes, the human and dwarf near him to fly back from the explosion.

The crater is filled with smoked the Elven woman run toward the Dwarf casting heal magic on him while the Drakaina tends to the human.

Darya is stunned by the explosion that he causes, Darya's ears ring loudly but slowly readjust itself, Darya, then he can hear his comrade one by one scream as they fall.

"MEET YOU ON THE OTHERSIDE!!!" Zakiri scream then he cast self-destruction spell on himself taking out the enemy soldier near him and the bridge to the city.

Darya witness the explosion in front of the gate. Darya wince as he saw his friend sacrifice himself but he composes himself again while the four heroes are distracted by the explosion Darya use Fade again but this time aiming toward the Drakaina while aiming his sword toward her.

The moment he was close enough, the human hero manage to realize and step in between the sword saving the Drakaina women. the sword pierces through the human male armor stabbing him in his stomach causing him to screams in agony.

As the human hero being pierced by his sword then Darya saw the Drakaina female face in anger and her hand raise in front of his face. Darya back away but not fast enough then she cast Fireball toward him.

Darya blocked it with his left arm in front his face. The moment the fireball come into contact on his hand it explodes. Darya threw toward the Dwarf and dazed by the explosion.

The Dwarf swing his hammer striking Darya as he comes close to him causing him to be thrown near the large hole in the ground.

Darya tries to stand up but he fell on his knee then he realizes as his left hand is no longer there and a large pool of blood pouring out of it. Darya was about to scream in agony suddenly an arrow pierced through his shoulder and another pierce through his heart.

He slowly falls back and slips on the ground then fall in the hole.

His vision blackened and the cheer of the Unified Alliance Army can be heard as the Dark champion fall.

Darya felled but for a moment he can felt Milana warmth around his body as was his being embraced by her.

Darya fell Deeper...

And Deeper ...

Until there was no light......

"Please find me" Milana voiced echo in his mind for the last time

a tear forming his eyes as he falls.