Chapter 6:

Chapter Six

Weeb Boy meets Emo Girl in suburban Australia

Cid woke up the next morning to find Gwen's head resting on his chest. He stroked his hand through her hair and down her back causing her to let out a satisfied purr.Bookmark here

"Good morning sleepyhead," He said
"Morning pillow" she replied
"Is that what I am?"
"What you are is soft, sweet and in my bed, so let's just lay here for today"
"I need to go home at some point I have work tomorrow"
"Alright you can go, just tell me when I can see you again?"Bookmark here

Cid paused for a moment going over his calendar in his head to see when he was free next.Bookmark here

"Today's Wednesday right, so I have work tomorrow and Friday, but I can catch up with you Friday night or over the weekend, when would suit you best?" Cid said
"I'll come over Friday night then go from there," Gwen said cheekily
"Alright guess it's settled then, now time for breakfast"
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Cid got out of bed and pulled on his pants from the night before and walked bare-chested into Gwen's kitchen and began to make breakfast. He boiled the kettle to make Coffee, he found some bacon and eggs in the fridge and after finding a frying pan began to cook them. Gwen came out of the bedroom wearing a fluffy black robe a few sizes too big for her.Bookmark here

"I can help you with the cooking if you want" Gwen offered
"No, I've got this covered you can just sit down and relax," Cid saidBookmark here

Cid served up breakfast on the table and He and Gwen ate together and watched the TV news from the kitchen table. They chatted while they ate about many things including Books, TV and Music but eventually they finished eating and Cid had to get going.Bookmark here

Cid threw the rest of his clothes back on and was standing at the door ready to leave when Gwen walked up to him and pulled his head down for a kiss.Bookmark here

"I'll see you Friday," she said
"See you Friday" He repliedBookmark here

Cid drove home and unlocked his front door, when he opened it he found Pat asleep on the couch. Cid slammed the front door and watched Pat sit up in surprise.Bookmark here

"Hey Pat, how was the game?" Cid asked
"Pretty good, how was your date?" Pat replied
 "Pretty damn great, I've got another date lined up for Friday and might be able to extend that to a weekend engagement"
"Congrats man, can you give me details"
"Just the cliff notes, I picked her up, we went for dinner, we chatted, we ran into her ex, dealt with that, Ended up back at her place where I ended up staying the night"
"Oh I heard about her ex from Serah, apparently he was a total asshole and Serah's glad they're no longer together, but would have preferred it if Gwen had done the dumping"
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Cid sat down in his recliner and reclined back.Bookmark here

"On that, we can agree," Cid said
"I feel the same way about you and your ex," Pat said
"Do you mind not reminding me of that mistake"
"hard to forget I saw the aftermath and it was not pretty"
"Well that chapter of my life is over and done with and this is a brand new one which I feel really confident about"
"I feel the same, now if you'll excuse me I have to go home and take a shower cause I reak"
"You're telling me I can smell you from across the room"
"See ya Cid"
"See ya Pat"Bookmark here

Pat left leaving Cid alone in his chair. He was feeling on top of the world and like all was right with the universe now if only it could stay that way.Bookmark here

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