Chapter 2:

Tentacle Boy

I Once Believed The Sun Was A Legend

“HUH? What did you just say!?”Bookmark here

The octopus boy turns to look at me. He faces me but doesn’t react to how I look. Too pissed off to care, I think.Bookmark here

Perfect! That’s what I want. Anger messes with people’s rational thinking.Bookmark here

I ignore his question.Bookmark here

“I saw what happened at the entrance. It was hilarious!”Bookmark here

Acting like it’s funny, I give out a small chuckle. But of course, I don’t know what was there to laugh about in the first place.Bookmark here

I would be polite to him, but I need his wrath for this to work.Bookmark here

He’s in front of me in one step, grabbing me by the collar.Bookmark here

“Do you want to die!? ‘Cause I have no problem attending this damn test next year!” He hisses.Bookmark here

A few people notice what’s going on, pointing us out.Bookmark here

“Whoa! Easy there. You know how we can resolve this.”Bookmark here

He releases me and puts his finger in my face.Bookmark here

“Of course I know you little fuck! You better say goodbye to your loved ones! ‘Cause I’m gonna KILL you!”Bookmark here

“Ok, let’s head up to the stage then.”Bookmark here

“Don’t tell me what to do!”Bookmark here

He stubbornly takes the lead, stomping away like a little kid whose mom is ordering him around. His weird clothing catches my attention; a red jacket and, black leather pants? Why is he wearing leather pants? He might be trying to hide his entity mark. But I’m pretty sure that most people here already know what his Sukira is.Bookmark here

Weird...Bookmark here

All eyes are on us as we walk to the stage. At the back of the stage, behind the red curtains, there’s a bright arena surrounded by a wall of glass. It’s made with special glass that will protect the watchers from any miss-hits.Bookmark here

However, we aren’t the first ones who show up.Bookmark here

Two girls are already fighting each other in the arena. But it won’t be long before the match ends. Because one of them is a hybrid.Bookmark here

A hybrid is a person who has two Sukiras. But he or she would need to switch Sukiras in order to use the other Sukira. It’s not something you see everyday.Bookmark here

And of course, the hybrid girl wins.Bookmark here

After concluding the match, Andria-san gestures for whoever’s next in line to enter, which is me and octopus boy.Bookmark here

We enter the arena as the girls leave it. I take position on one side of the arena, while octopus boy stands on other side.Bookmark here

I can see octopus boy’s fists clenching, his face muscles tensing. His green eyes are all fired up, furious.Bookmark here

He will probably kill me if I’m not careful.Bookmark here

“You can both start if you’re ready.”Bookmark here

No count down.Bookmark here

So cold.Bookmark here

My eyes meet his. One of us has to start attacking first. I wait for him to make the first move. But he doesn’t. He only glares at me. Then, from his back, eight huge tentacles abruptly materialize. I notice that the tentacles are red this time, unlike when I first saw them.Bookmark here

Interesting…Bookmark here

“You think I’m an idiot!” He growls. “I know that you came to me because you know my Sukira is physical! And yours is probably anti-physical! Your waiting for me to attack first! Fuck you! You probably want me to touch you!”Bookmark here

And? What are you going to do about it? I want to ask him, but that will be a waste of time and energy. I did indeed want him to touch me. I could have electrocuted him, paralyzing him, and that would’ve been the end of it.Bookmark here

“Oh, well, I guess my plan didn’t work.” I reply, shrugging.Bookmark here

It looks like I’ll have to resort to plan B.Bookmark here

I pull out a throwing knife from my sock. The rules didn’t prohibit anyone from bringing any personal weapons. I mean, if they allowed us to use our Sukiras, which can seriously injure someone, a little knife won’t hurt. Right?Bookmark here

I look back at Andria-san, making sure that my theory is correct. She doesn’t show any signs of objection.Bookmark here

Theory confirmed.Bookmark here

“You think a damn knife would stop me? Hah! Try me bastard!”Bookmark here

His tentacles’ tips turn into hard sharp edges, like swords. Bookmark here

“Bring it on!”Bookmark here

I hold the knife by the the blade and aim, while Octopus-boy smiles scornfully. His hands and stance are in a boxing position.Bookmark here

I throw my knife.Bookmark here

And miss!Bookmark here

“Shit!”Bookmark here

“HAHAHA, that’s all you got!”Bookmark here

I fall to my knees.Bookmark here

Am I going to die?Bookmark here

Octopus-boy grabs the knife with one of his tentacles and brings it back to his hands. He plays with it teasingly.Bookmark here

“Now, thanks to you, I can finally kill you!” He says.Bookmark here

I’m still facing the floor.Bookmark here

I don’t want to die, I still have my mom to save. But I don’t have any other plan.Bookmark here

“Goodbye.”Bookmark here

I’m not going to die that easily, you idiot.Bookmark here

A blue streak of electricity zaps from my right hand and hits the knife. Octopus-boy shakes vigorously, as he falls back, paralyzed.Bookmark here

I win.Bookmark here

As Andria-san declares me the winner, I head over to octopus-boy, who can’t talk as a byproduct of being paralyzed. I take my knife from his hand.Bookmark here

“The nature of my Sukira is electric. Before I threw the knife, I inserted a ‘link’. That’s what I call it.” I say to him, sliding the knife back into my sock. “It basically allows me to put a receiving end when I use my electricity. And since the knife is metal, it can easily connect, shocking the knife and anything between me and it.”Bookmark here

I retrieve the electricity from his body, allowing him to move again.Bookmark here

Octopus-boy sits, staying on the floor while rubbing his head. His tentacles returns to his body. He looks frustrated, but defeated.Bookmark here

I reach over to him and offer my hand.Bookmark here

“My name is Jadon by the way.”Bookmark here

He looks up at me.Bookmark here

Slap…Bookmark here

He smacks my hand and stands on his own.Bookmark here

“Tch… I don’t need your sympathy.” Bookmark here

I didn’t expect him to take my hand anyway. I would’ve been more shocked if he did take it.Bookmark here

He starts to exit the arena, and I trail behind him. But he stops midway.Bookmark here

“My name is Blake, and I promise that I will kill you one day.” He snarls, his back facing me.Bookmark here

“Ok.”Bookmark here

After we leave the arena, we stop by Andria-san.Bookmark here

“You can both do the aiming test now, instead of sitting here and watching. If you want to, go down the hallway to the stadium. A judge, Zaki-kun, will be waiting for you there.”Bookmark here

Sure. It’s definitely better than staying here. Also, since we’re the first ones to finish, no one would witness how much I suck at aiming.Bookmark here

I head to the stadium. It looks like Blake-kun decides to go too.Bookmark here

“Stop following me!”Bookmark here

“I’m not. I’m going to the test too.”Bookmark here

Childish.Bookmark here

We go down the hallway and into the stadium. Sure enough, Zaki-san is waiting right in the field. Zaki-san, in the same state as when I last saw him, turns out to be the same person who conducted the first exam. We approach him.Bookmark here

*****Bookmark here

Sigh…Bookmark here

I sit in the stands, resting my chin in my hands. I believe this used to be a football field, but they took out the goal posts.Bookmark here

I look up at the sky. It’s dark. As always. I have to go up there to fulfill my dream.Bookmark here

I really want to live in The Heavens…Bookmark here

I think I passed the first exam, but I messed up with the one on one. Of all the people applying for this test, I challenged a hybrid person. I messed up!Bookmark here

That’s not my fault! How could I have known that she was a hybrid! I’m one unlucky girl I guess...Bookmark here

I just finished testing my aim. I did pretty good at it. Zaki-san just sits there, waiting for others to arrive.Bookmark here

Sigh…Bookmark here

I hear the doors open. But I don’t turn around. I don't need to. They will pass by me anyway.Bookmark here

Two boys walk by. They didn’t seem to notice me. The first one is a blondie.Bookmark here

Why’s he wearing leather pants?Bookmark here

...Bookmark here

Never mind.Bookmark here

The other boy seems…… different. His skin is bronze-like. I’ve never seen anyone like him. His hair is silky black, which matches his clothes. They stop by Zaki-san, and when he turns, I’m blown away. His eyes are dark blue. An enchanting shade of blue.Bookmark here

I stare…Bookmark here

And stare…Bookmark here

And stare…Bookmark here

Ahhh!Bookmark here

What am I doing!?Bookmark here

I reach for my face. Bookmark here

Am I blushing! Why do my cheeks feel hot!Bookmark here

Is this what they call… love at first sight!!!?Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

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