Chapter 1:

An Entertaining of Thoughts

She Wants to Eat my Love?

'Once again, as do all human tales go, the ones who think seem to always have something going ona conversation, a project, a wonderand as a delightful result, entertainment is surely to come from an outsider's view. Here we see the one who will be the star of certain spectacles as well as their delightful friend. It is quite pleasant to see that poetics are alive in some of this modern agetake a listen.

Dark and bagged eyes but with a serious brow—the face of someone who is of great effort and devotion—sits upon the curbside with a briefcase underneath his bum. He is of decently muscular build; his sleeves tighten around his biceps as his he holds his hands close together with only the lower palm and the tips touching as he ponders with them in front of his nose. Another individual starts pressing buttons on a nearby vending machine as they customize a pair of warm drinks for this gray day. By the slight sighting of a smile on the one ordering drinks, it is easy to tell that he is in for another dose of entertainment. 

"And through what means do you believe it is that humanity is humanity my friend?", asks the sitting one.

"Quite a few answers are applicable, but so many are distinguishable only once we have a cup of coffee.", replies their friend.

"And so many are lost with each changing consciousness"

"And you probably already had an answer in mind anyway, so how bout you go off about your next little idea and I'll be your audience."

"That kind of makes me feel like you make me out to be some sort of narcist".

"And you are 'some form of narcist', even if you are an abnormal one"

"Good point..."

Silence is found between the pair as the machine finally accepts the wrinkled dollar bill that the friend has been offering to this machine. The sitting one looks out towards the gray skies for a little bit as his breath is added to the clouds. They both consider the possibility of it raining later today; maybe it will even snow. 

And with a deep breath, the sitting one stands and takes the stage; his presentation has begun.

"My friend, humanity needs to be defined not as for the sake of the question of what it is, but for its own continuation. And it is true, I do not seek many answers as the ones I have seem to fit into the hypothetical equations of unquantifiable natures; in a time of the degradation of dreams and ideals, it only becomes more painfully obvious as their definition is of relation to dreams. And I would argue that their dreams and desires are currently a literal aspect of what makes humans 'humans'. Look to your left, right, and in any encyclopedia—you will find that near any form of pursuing desires outside of immediate survivals is that of humanity. Humans probably make the near majority going well above 99% of these desires. 

"Of course I can't actually quantify these values, but even still, you can probably tell that there is something else amidst here; it obviously isn't simply dreams. Well, it could be, but the idea is also so abstract. We would have to talk about what is contained within the concept of 'dreams'. And because of this difficulty and the application of Occam's Razor, we ought to simplify this idea to something that is more 'digestible'. 

"And through that is how I derive my real intention...It is not that humanity has lost its sense of dreams and goals, the issues is that the love and passion in our hearts has been dwindling! 

"Just consider it! If all things act out of desire, and all desires are stemmed from passions and love, then all things are acted out due to their love! If 'a' is equal to 'b' and 'a' is equal to 'c', then 'b' is equal to 'c'! 

"But there has to be and ought to be evidence that suggests the dwindling in humanities passions, right? Well, I am not completely serious here in terms of everyone losing their senses, but I think if you are to look and ask around you will find that people will not be of exceptional will to do anything. At least this will almost always seem to be the case in many first world countries—I make this assumption based off of the posts I've seen online from these areas, along with my own experiences around me. 

"But to clear things up before moving forward: humanity isn't without passion, but it does seem to be dying a decent bit."

The friend by the coffee vending machine looks towards the said machine, with an aspect of joy as it finally begins to fill the Styrofoam cup. He reassures to the speaker that he has been listening with a "Don't mind me—I hear ya—so keep moving along with the rant. I am sure that you have more to say and to flourish about".

And with his queue revealed, he begins to speak again; starting again as if he never stopped talking.

"Yes! It is through the term love that we are able to comprehend an aspect of humanity and what it is that makes us who we are!" He throws his arms outward as he looks towards the sky; his chest is open to the world and reveals the confidence that he has imbued himself with. "All things we have done can be sources to that affection: The fortresses that were built to protect our young and ideals—love!  It is love that brought us to desire to see the world from great heights! Through love we have fought wars as we all desire to protect our lands our add to our collections!

"It is within the archives of historyㅡseen in every holy book and spoken by every wise orator that love is the true inspirer for humanity. From greatness to horror, deeds so often were done in love. But this idea is so naïve, isn't it? The world hardly seems that romantic..."

The confidence and shine that was within his eyes seem to fade as he once again returns to reality. "Humanity is not literally going to die anytime soon...but many people seem to be hardly alive. How many millions over the years have lost their passions and disabled themselves in the roles of achieving greatness? How many are still able to look at their idols and those of great deeds and become inspired enough to attempt to emulate them? Why is it that so many hearts seem to never align..." He once again sits as the energy seems to die out

"The friend at the vending machine seem to be overjoyed, despite the speaker's apparent pessimism, as he grabs to cup of hot goodness. He gives the darker cup to his sitting friend who takes it reluctantly. But, unbeknownst to the speaker, a mischievous smile forms on his face as the the cup is lifted to their face without glancing at the drink. 1,2,3—Spit! The speaker sprays his coffee from his mouth and begins to rub his tongue. The friend begins to laugh at his little prank. 

"Blech—What gives? Why was it so bitter? Where's the cream and sugar?"

"Oh, I just wanted to get a little idea across with my prank", the friend says as he catches his breath again from laughing. “Think of your drink like your world view right now”.

“So you agree that the world sucks far more than it ought to be?”

“No”, the friend replies as they take a sip of their drink. “My drink is honestly fine.”

“Well that is because you have creamer and sugar in yours."

"Well obviously, but if you want to think of it in terms of the metaphor, I am the one who put it into my own cup". He takes another sip and sighs in enjoyment as its warmth lightens his mood even more. "And obviously that means that I chose for my drink, or world, to be sweeter."

"If we want to be technical, we can argue that you are the reason that my drink is not sweet, or my worldview sucks", he says as he begins to smirk towards himself. 

"I may have not put it in your coffee, but nothing is stopping you from making you coffee sweeter."

"Well, I don't have any creamer or sugarㅡ"

"Have you searched for it, asked around, or done anything for the sugar?"

"Well no..."

"And there you go" 

Silence occurs between the two as the friend nods and offers a little half-and-half pod, along with a packet of sugar, to the speaker. They take it and begin to take a far more optimistic sip out of this wonderful serum. A not nearly as forced smile begins to manifest on his face with these wise words implemented.

"You know what, you're right Michael; I need to be more positive and enact my own will upon this world. Those who do not try to manifest their own joy upon the world surely will have a harder time doing so. The good ol' 'half full-half empty' proverb."

Absolute shock appears on the face of Michael. Well not absolute, his eyes widen in surprise but it is more out of play than authenticity. 

"So you are saying that I beat the wizard? Who would think that I, Michaelㅡ", he places a few of fingers onto his chess in a theatrical manor,  "would once again best the wizard?" He snickers at his friend as he jests.

"Yeah yeah, har har har. You know I hate it when you call me that nickname...It is so cringe", he turns his face a little bit out of minor embarrassment. 

"And if not for that reason in itself, I see hardly another of why I shouldn't use that title. The way you get embarrassed is so amusing and cute you no. Plus it isn't that much better than your real name Sage".

Michael wasn't wrong in this caseㅡSage would find his real name to also be not the easiest to take seriously. And for those who question otherwise, his name is sage as in 'wise man' and not as in the herb. When writing stories, people like to grab names that add innate meaning to a character's, well, character. But in real life, this becomes slightly harder as you have no idea how your child will turn out. Sage's parents wouldn't care as they thought that he would probably sooner or alter fall into his character-type given name. They were not completely wrong surprisingly enough though. 

But if we are to simply think of a sage as some old wrinkly hermit who knows a thing or two about the world, Sage really isn't that image. While he is wise and mature, he still is of a youthful body that suggests nothing of wrinkled and withered man. He possesses jet black hair and a rather muscular build, everything seeming clean and clear cut. He is decently tall at around 6'2'' and as he did earlier, has a slight gloominess to eyes that may be more from sleep deprivation.  

The friend of Sage, Michael, has their name out of no real reason outside of it being a religious reference. They are of a less masculine nature in terms of features; while he is obviously a guy, his thinnish frame, smooth skin, and seemingly delicate and soft hair would make it hard to tell that he wasn't a girl if he were to wear make-up. It doesn't help that he is shorter then the average guy; he stands at 5'6". He offers usually a cool glare that gives him a graceful air. His outfit is slightly more colorful with a few pins on his jacket as well as well as blue dyed streak in his hair. 

The two are best friends and have known each other for years, but even if they have, they are quite different. Their outer appearances already suggests different lives, but it is surprising how similar they have lived at the same time. 

Both of the two are of decent privileges and had found themselves going to all-boy's academies since secondary school. Here they would focus heavily on their skills and studies, but after that, their worlds were quite different. Sage was relatively active in sports, especially solo and duo sports. This would include things like martial arts which his father would force him to practice. Michael was not super active outside of track. And their social lives would be quite different as well, with the main difference deriving from their interactions with girls. Sage would find himself hardly talking to girls outside of guests who have come to see his parents and those who he would meet while he is a customer at an establishment that they are occupied in. Michael on the other hand was rather popular with girls, even though he went to the same schools as Sage. Despite his popularity, Michael has apparently never gone out with a girl and doesn't keep any as exceptionally close friends. 

They mainly keep each other company in the end; Sage would end up keeping his circles close with Michael as a main contender, and Michael would not make many male friends and didn't keep many female ones close. Sage definitely could make male friends but he ended up dropping most as they would mistreat Michael for being more feminine. 

And through fate or luck, Michael and Sage would end up going to the Aristolean Academy; a private university for the giftedㅡor wealthy in other's casesㅡas per what the philosophers of the pass would have desired. And through this, they continue to chase their aspirations, even if they are held secret or are muddied, as well as continue their friendship.

Sage has been staring at Michael for a decent bitㅡwell not really at Michael, but in Michael's direction. He just was thinking about his friendship and how he is grateful and then just kept his eyes there. But as with near all occasions, Michael has taken this as some opportunity to make fun out of the situation. 

Michael puts his arms over his chest and pretends to act flustered as if he were to cover his breast from predatorial eyes. "You know it's kind of gross when you look at me like that..."

Sage blinks.

Michael blinks.

They both laugh. 

Still short on breath from the jests, Sage says, "Man Michael, you still really know how to make things funny in an awkward way"

"Yeah I got you there good dumbass...But seriously though, you could learn a thing or two about treating women properly if you'd pay attention more lol!"

"First off youㅡare not a girl and second offㅡI do listen to you."And with smug smile and puff of his chest, Sage plans to take the upper hand of this situation. "And while we are at it, while you are popular, I theoretically know how to treat a girl far better than you"

"With you and what experience Mr. Stud Wizard? You have talked to practically no girls so where is the confidence coming from?"

"Hence why I said theoretical", he says as he begins to stand up and approach Michael. 

"And with what theory do you hypothesize such delusions Mr. Stud Wizard?", says Michael to dig at Sage. 

And with abrupt situation, Sage pops forward as his right arm goes behind Michael's waste and his left hand grabs his right; forcing Michael into a dip. Sage looks Michael right in the eyes and says, "Because I am a romantic; did you not hear my speech?" 

They stare intently at each other for a few seconds until Michael turns his face away with a small hint of fluster. "Well if you act passionately like that then maybe you'd have a chance; a big ol' loser like you can probably convince some girl lol. But your chances will get lowered if any of those said girls would be seeing you dip me right nowㅡso you should put me down".

Sage does as instructed and they laugh it off. And without much eye contact, Michael starts grabbing his bag in preparation to go to his next class. He does his civil duty and grabs their cups and tosses them in the recycling.

Michael would then turn around and wave goodbye to Sage. "Remember to follow your heart you big loser! And if your heart is being stupid and bitter, remember to look towards those who are a bit more sweet for advice!" Sage would wave back at their departing friend and just stare for a bit. They'd think about how they are so optimistic and how maybe he ought to be a bit more like that; someone who takes a bit more charge in their desires. Maybe the speech was more about himself? But either way, Sage would find it quite entertaining to see how the cold has brought red to his friend's cheeks. 

And with Michael's leaving, Sage would just sit there for a bit longer staring and thinking about himself. He speaks as if he understands the world and that in some way that he is better then others, but it truly just makes him feel ironically hypocritical. It is sort of like a business or finance teacher teaching their material without being wealthy and having their own businesses. 'If I was truly wise, wouldn't I be acting upon my lessons instead of just teaching them?'

Follow your heart, and if your heart is bitter, look towards those who are sweeter , the thought that manifests in his mind. The words of Michael that have now ingrained themselves as a new proverb. Wise words in all honesty. And through these wise words Sage would vow that he ought to act upon his feelings and manifest the passions that he felt were absent from the world. And through what he would think of as misfortunate timing right then, he would be called to act upon his feelings much earlier then expected. 

He would hear a girl's scream out in the distance. 

Word Count: 3041