Chapter 4:

Get it Tomorrow

Demon Neighborhood Kid

I started walking home.Bookmark here

I try not to look too much at stuff because it slows me down and I don’t play blind across the street either. I walk straight home.Bookmark here

It’s past Tony and Toby’s house. It’s at the end of the street. Bookmark here

Tony told me that the house isn’t black. “You see there’s spots of white coming out from the black. The white is the real color of the house,” he said, “the black one is dirt. The house is dirty.”Bookmark here

I don’t know about the dirty part. The house is still standing, so it can’t be dirty. The front gate is locked permanently, and for this last part of my journey, I have to go to the side of the lot and go through the hole in the wall. Then to the right and enter through the kitchen door.Bookmark here

The inside of the house is as clean as Tony, Toby, and I could make it. We couldn’t reach the higher places, so the cobwebs are still there. Toby likes them, he tells me that the spiders will eat the flying insects. Spiders are good to have in your home.Bookmark here

A long time ago. Tony and Toby’s school just finished a year (“our classroom is not on the second floor cause we passed a year” Toby said), and I said hi to them.Bookmark here

I woke up on the bed. I guess my bed. In the basement. It was dark and I could see (“Tommy, people can’t see in the dark.” Tony said). I could see the black clouds floating all over the place and I ate them. I learned that I’m always hungry when I eat. Bookmark here

I got full and I went upstairs, it’s the kitchen. I didn’t know what the place was supposed to be until we were done cleaning it. Now it's clean, Tony and Toby would sometimes sit on the counters when they come to visit. The cobwebs are still there because I like them, and we can’t reach for them when we try to clean the place.Bookmark here

There’s no more dark clouds in the house. When I woke up the whole house was filled with it. I’d sometimes see some that drifted from the outside. I wasn’t really hungry right now so I just went to sleep on the bed.Bookmark here

I wish I got that book though. Bookmark here

I remember one time when their Dada was talking to someone on the phone. He sat down on one of the chairs, and he’s still very tall, told the person on the other end, “things come and go. If you didn’t get it today, you’ll get it tomorrow.” Bookmark here

“I’ll get it tomorrow.” Then I closed my eyes. Bookmark here

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