Chapter 17:

Operation: Wing Clipper


 Operation: Wing Clipper.Bookmark here

Date: November 5th, 2092.Bookmark here

Location: Godless Territory, Nevada. Southern region.Bookmark here

Task Force Leader: Major Kyle Tann.Bookmark here

Objective: Eliminate the Angel Waste that the NRF holds. Destroy the catapults. Eliminate any force that stands in the way of the objective. The location is set up on top of a hill and mostly surrounded by rocks, allowing no flanks from the back. Area is also heavily guarded by Tribe Trastorno and NRF, making a stealth op mission close to impossible. The only course of attack is to directly strike or hit the side. Bookmark here

This attack will be split into two teams. Team A will directly strike the catapults. Team A will be outfitted with hazmat suits to resist the Angel Waste. Team B will then enter the side approx. two minutes after Team A. Due to the low number of suits, Team B will be unprotected. Team B will be in charge of going in, arming the catapults and Angel Waste, and destroying them.Bookmark here

God save us,
Maj. Kyle Tann, Miller Corps.
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I was in a carriage with my team and Kyle. despite only recently recovering from his last run-in with Angel Waste, he insisted that he tagged along. After all, he did direct this entire operation. I look over to my squad: Sera and Fisher. "We know what to do?" Bookmark here

They both nod, ready to fight. As the dossier said, we came in late. While we were unprotected. I was able to have the army send Team B some gas masks. We need them, as we enter the white mist. All I could see was the muzzle flash of gunfire. I hear the screaming and burning of flesh. It was bad. My skin was getting a burning sensation of just being in here. As we reach the side and the three wagons of Team B started to advance, the plan was quickly halted by an Angel Waste blast. The wagon in front of us got hit, causing our wagon to flip due to the shockwave. Bookmark here

Fisher dragged me out of the mess, Sera kneeled to check on me. "Dopeman?" I looked at the white haze around us, my ears ringing, the screaming. I started to panic. Kyle hit my mask once he saw my movements. "Let's move! You're a soldier now, act like one!" I was still shaken, but I got up with my team and we followed the pistol-toting Major. I loaded my AP rounds on my shotgun and got straight into the action. I leaped over a rock, popping an NRF guy in the chest, killing him. I get behind cover to shoot at the three guys guarding the catapult. The waste must've spilled and spread throughout the battle. I run over to the first catapult I see while Sera and Fisher keep me covered. As I started to set up my charged explosive, one of the Tribesmen charges to spear me. His skin was basically ruined, as he tried to club me. Lucky for me, I had my arm blade. I squeezed my palm to unleash the blade, sliced off the man's arm as he tried to attack me, stabbed him in the leg to have him on his knees, and went for a deep cut at his throat. I kicked off the freedom man and continued on my mission.Bookmark here

When I was finished setting up the bomb, I radio Major. "Kyle, this is Dopeman. Got my charge down."Bookmark here

Kyle picks up, under heavy gunfire. "Dopeman! We got a problem. The last location we need is covered by a man with a minigun."Bookmark here

"What?! How in the hell did the NRF get that much tech?"Bookmark here

"We don't know! We need him gone!" The feed went dead. Damn. Bookmark here

I run back to my team. "Ok! dude with a minigun, I got a plan. You two just distract him, ok?"Bookmark here

Fisher shrugs. "What are you planing?"Bookmark here

Sera scoffs. "Like he'll tell us. We don't have time, my skin burns, let's just do it!"Bookmark here

 We spit off. I run to take some gloves off a dead NRF soldier. I use those gloves to grab a ball of Angel Waste. This is a dumb idea. I ran over to see my team, surprised I have a ball of toxic waste. they run to distract the guy, he's unaware now. "Snowball fight!" I yelled as I chucked the waste at the minigun man. As he disintegrated and the army moved on the last bomb, I removed my gloves. My hands were in bad shape. Not cut them off bad, but pretty bad. Kyle stopped looked at my hands. "Let's hurry before they get worse."Bookmark here

We ran away since all the horses died due to the inhalation. Once we got to a safe distance, Kyle set them off, causing one big ball of white to be let loose on the land. The waste was gone, but it wasn't exactly destroyed. Some of it lingered and blew further south. "That didn't look good," I mumbled. My hands were shaking due to the pain, my skin was burned and boiled. Kyle shook his head. "What are we fighting for?"Bookmark here

"You ask that now? You seemed so confident before."Bookmark here

"After you have a kid to come back to, dying for democracy doesn't sound as great as it used to be."Bookmark here

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