Chapter 5:

A Wolf's Howl and a Miracle

Blood's Water: My Little Whisper

     Sprinting as fast as I could. For once, I tore through the lining of fear impeding my every step, approached a fallen NRC body without hesitation, and threw myself right beside it. As I laid there with my eyes sealed shut, I could feel the aura of claustrophobia tempting me. Its presence loomed over me like the devil’s cloak. I could hardly breathe as my anxiety caressed its fingers over my chest. Bookmark here

Deep breath…Bookmark here

     I finally found the courage to open my eyes. I glanced around, but before I could manage to get a glimpse of my surrounding area, an untimely gasp derailed me. I looked over to my right and met face to face with the man lying next to me. His eyes bloodshot. The pain in his face as he struggled to raise a hand was horrifying to witness. His death was inevitable, and these last few moments were nothing but torture. As he reached towards me, I inadvertently attempted to shift away. Then suddenly, Tala’s voice rang out. Bookmark here

          “Keep your head down!” Bookmark here

     I heard about three shots. I pulled my head down and wrapped it underneath my hands. More shots fired off. This time from the opposite direction. I peeked to my left to find Tala down on one knee and his firearm firmly in hand: his composure unbreakable. He began firing shots out ahead of him. I swiftly rolled my head to the right and saw a government soldier fall to the floor. I felt a sharp pain in my arm, and as I looked down, I noticed a gash right below my right shoulder. I had been hit. The wound only appeared to be a deep gash. The soldier beside me, however, took the worst of it. His blood covered my body, and his eyes now felt devoid of life. Bookmark here

     Too much time spent thinking. I needed to react. Bookmark here

     As if lifting the weight of thousand men, I struggled to roll the body onto its side. I grabbed a pistol, a round of ammunition, and a single grenade. Then like a growl through the teeth of Cerberus himself the sound of a roaring engine howled across the landscape. I paused and looked ahead. An all-black SUV came plowing towards me. I stumbled as I fought to stand myself upright. Reinforcing my balance, I was able to garner about a foot’s distance before losing myself once again. The SUV swung its rear end around in a circle; the tires, ripping across the pavement. Taillights panned across my eyes, only inches away from my face. I tumbled, desperately trying to hold on to everything. Like a bull sizing up its target, the vehicle faced me head on. Dust slowly parted from before it. Somehow, there was a thick aggression in its appearance. Its engine roared twice, and soon its back tires began digging into the ground beneath it. Bookmark here

BANG!Bookmark here

     The driver side windshield cracked. I leaped up and darted across the front of the SUV and began heading straight for the front gate of the building. Gunshots were still being fired off around me. I cringed with each shot. I turned my head to see the SUV now pulling close on to my heels. Tala’s bullet never made it all the way through the windshield. Bookmark here

     I needed to buy more time. Bookmark here

     A low brick wall was approaching a few feet before the main gate. I quickly planted my right foot in the floor, swerved, and diagonally changed course; Without missing a beat the SUV readjusted. I had the skin of my teeth to make it through this alive. I galloped over the small wall. My breathing was heavy, and my entire body shaking. As I was vigorously trying to get a proper hold of my balance, a huge blast went off. Debris slashed across my face, and my entire body had turned over. I could hear the engine wail as it passed over my head. I could barely see out of my own two eyes. Collapsed onto the floor and barely functioning I laid there helpless. The SUV had gone airborne from the grenade that denoted beneath it and barely missed me as it came crashing back down. It swerved left and right trying to bring itself to a halt. The fact that it hadn’t exploded into pieces was unbelievable, but it may have been the only reason why I hadn’t been ripped to shreds myself. It absorbed most of the impact… all be it at a cost. It lost both front tires and the windows were shattered. Placing the grenade inconspicuously behind the brick wall as I leapt over worked, but if I were to live to see the end of this day, Tala’s rage would be the biggest threat to my life. As I begged for a miracle to somehow get me back on my feet, two shots whisked by. One landing straight into the driver’s head and another in the soldier in the backseat. One however, managed to duck in time and tumbled out the door. Landing only a few feet apart from where I lay, he looked at me, and I at him. Bookmark here

     The pistol… where was it? I thought to myself.Bookmark here

     Like a game waged by the forces at hand, some distance out of my reach laid the handgun. But, in the time it took for me to locate it, the soldier had already reached for his own.Bookmark here

     I couldn’t make it in time. There was no way.Bookmark here

     This time, Tala wouldn’t save me… I could almost feel it.Bookmark here

     And by some act of God, my body managed to move.Bookmark here

     As the soldier lifted his gun from his side, I grabbed my dagger from my waste and thrusted it forward.Bookmark here

BANG!Bookmark here

     Was I quick enough?Bookmark here

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