Chapter 6:

A Beginner's Guide To The Netherworld

The Netherworld : Awakening

"Let me first tell you about the netherworld. The netherworld, which you humans also refer to as hell is divided into three layers. The first layer is 'Ars Goetia' which is the topmost layer and it's where we currently are. The Demon King and major demons live here and it is where crucial meetings are held and the summoning chamber is in the lower parts of 'Ars Goetia. It is small-scaled in the geographical area compared to the second layer and third layer."Bookmark here

So, I am currently at the prime layer of the netherworld.Bookmark here

"Then comes the second layer which is divided into four regions according to the four directions. These four regions are 'Ars Theurgia' in the north, 'Ars Paulina' in the east, 'Ars Almadel' in the west, and 'Ars Notoria' in the south. These four regions of the second 

layer are ruled by four respective rulers."Bookmark here

"Excuse me. Sorry to interrupt in between, but isn't the Demon King suppose to rule all parts of the netherworld."
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"Well, that's not completely right. It's true that the second layer has four rulers but they are ruling those four regions under the direct order of the Demon king. And it's not necessary for the Demon King to rule every part of the netherworld, yes, they can but dividing the regions and assigning rulers for those regions helps in decreasing workload."
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"Oh! So that's how it is."Bookmark here

"Now, let me tell you the name of our Demon King since I don't think you know our 

Demon King's name."Bookmark here

"No. I know his name."
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"Wait, you know our Demon King's name?"Bookmark here

"Yes."Bookmark here

"How?"Bookmark here

"Wait, what do you mean by how? Didn't we tell you the story?"Bookmark here

Luemon asks Le'en.Bookmark here

"Yes, she is right. We just told you about this a few moments ago."Bookmark here

Satori also joins the conversation.Bookmark here

"Ah! Yes, you did. Maybe it just slipped through my mind." Bookmark here

No, the truth is she didn't understand what happened in the throne hall despite both of 

them telling her the story. Bookmark here

"Since you already know it, then let me tell you the names of four rulers ruling the second layer. First 'Ars Theurgia' is ruled by Lord Amdusias, then 'Ars Paulina' is ruled by Lord Vine, then 'Ars Almadel' is ruled by Lord Astaroth then the last 'Ars Notoria' is ruled by Lord Andrealphus. Now the third and the last layer which is also called the 'land of unworthy' there live humans."
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"Wait, wait, wait. Did you just say, humans? This is not making any sense. Isn't the netherworld a place where humans aren't allowed and if somehow they enter this place during their living period they supposed to be killed? And are you saying there is this third layer where humans live. How is that even making any sense?"
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I lost my cool in instant upon hearing that humans live in the netherworld.Bookmark here

"Just calm down. At least listen to her till the end."Bookmark here

satori says it to me seeing me lose my cool.Bookmark here

"Yes. It's true they are humans but have demon's blood in them. The people who leave there are indeed humans but their ancestors were demons. They are called Demi-humans."

Le'en explains.Bookmark here

"Demi-humans?"Bookmark here

"There is a reason for them to exist in the netherworld. So, listen till the end."

"O-Okay."Bookmark here

"This happened during the rule of the second Demon King. Some demons left the netherworld and started living in the human realm. They hated the whole concept of the existence of the netherworld. They wanted to escape to the human realm because they had the thinking that the netherworld is confinement for demons where they will be stripped from their freedom, liberty and they will never be able to make decisions of their own." 

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That's not just demon's problem, but we humans also sometimes reject other ideas just because we don't want to acknowledge other's ideas and efforts.Bookmark here

"They saw the netherworld as a realm where they have to become a slave of those superior to them and obey their orders till they die. But in truth, the netherworld was made solely for one purpose and that was that demons can have a place to live, a place they can call home. If I have to say it in simple words then 'the netherworld was created for demons only'. Those demons who left the netherworld did something which is considered taboo and is the gravest sin a demon can commit. And that is, getting in a relationship with a human."

"Huh?"Bookmark here

"I know what you thinking. You are thinking that if a relationship between human and demon is considered taboo then how come I am here."

"Yes."Bookmark here

"Well, my mother was a human from the third layer. Humans from the third layer are humans, but they are different because they have demon's blood in them. They fall neither in the human's category nor in the demon's category. They are incomplete cambions."

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"According to the rules a human can't bear a demon's child. It is one thing that is strictly prohibited and if done then you will be given the harshest punishment. In fact, demons aren't even allowed to befriend humans no matter what. Demons can meet humans only in a certain condition other than that it's like giving an invitation to your death. But those demons still did it even knowing the outcome. But the netherworld got to know about it late---actually, very late. "
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"Those demons who left the netherworld passed away a long time ago and their blood had already been passed on to thousands of humans and those humans with demon's 

blood were their descendants."Bookmark here

You call that very late. It's beyond very late. I don't think that even falls in the late category.
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"Yes, they were past the point of being late to notice it. After that, it was decided that those humans with the demon's blood should be executed, but the numbers were just too great that, if those humans were to be killed, then Gods would have interfered in the matter and in the end, a war between Gods and Demons would eventually break out. So, to stop that from happening, a meeting was called in which the majority of the demons were present. It took several days for them to conclude and in the end, it was decided that those humans will live in the netherworld since they have demon's blood in them. Because of that, the third layer was given to those humans and they also given a new name demi-humans."

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"The environment of the  netherworld is that of the human realm, so it was a little bit easy for those demi-humans to adapt. They started growing crops and started doing other human activities they used to do in the human realm. And thus, the third layer became a place where Demi-humans live. The Demi-humans are also called unworthy humans. It's because they are neither a proper demon nor a proper human. But there are also some rare cases where a demi-human is born with demon trait as their dominant trait. They look like a human, but their strength is counted among demons. And there are also some cases when a cambion is born. I hope you now have a brief idea about the third layer. But if still have any doubt then you can ask."
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"yes. If you have humans then why do you choose humans for a vessel from the human 

realm?"Bookmark here

"When we choose a human for a vessel then we make sure that human should be a proper human with proper aptitude and demi-humans are neither proper humans nor 

proper demons. Anything else?"Bookmark here

"Do the third layer also have ruler?"
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"Yes, they have. There are many lords and rulers in the third layer. The---"Bookmark here

"No need to tell that. It will take a lot of time. So, just skip that part."

Satori says it to Le'en.Bookmark here

"O-Okay. If you say so."Bookmark here

Well, I don't mind sitting here for few more hours if Le'en is the one teaching.

"Then the hierarchy. The first rank is of the Demon King, then at the second rank, there are three categories first grand dukes, second prince and third lords. At the third rank are dukes, at the fourth rank marquis, at the fifth rank Earls and counts, at the sixth rank knights, then the seventh rank lesser demons and spirits and at the last are demi-humans."Bookmark here

So demi-humans are considered as lowest in the netherworld.Bookmark here


I asked.Bookmark here

"What is it?"Bookmark here

"Can a demon rise in the ranks?"

"Yes, they can rise."Bookmark here

So, this is the system of the netherworld.

"And that's all the basics about the netherworld's three-layer system."Bookmark here

"Wait, that's only the basics about the netherworld's three-layer system. Does that mean---"

Le'en understood what I was going to asks. So, she directly answers it with a smile.Bookmark here

"Yes. It means we have only finished a little about the netherworld.  Our progress level is 1/500."Bookmark here

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***************************************************************************Bookmark here

The First Layer ->Ars Goetia (King Beleth)Bookmark here

The second Layer->Divided into four regions.                                   Bookmark here

Ars Theurgia (North) (Lord Amdusias)                                   Bookmark here

Ars Paulina (East) (Lord Vine)                                   Bookmark here

Ars Almadel (West) (Lord Astaroth)                                   Bookmark here

Ars Notoria (South) (lord Andrealphus)Bookmark here

The Third Layer ->Land of Unworthy(???)Bookmark here

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bookmark here

Hierarchy of the NetherworldBookmark here

1st rank------------KingBookmark here

2nd Rank----------Grand Duke/Prince/LordsBookmark here

3rd Rank----------DukeBookmark here

4th Rank----------MarquisBookmark here

5th Rank----------Earl/CountBookmark here

6th Rank----------KnightsBookmark here

7th Rank----------Lesser demons/Lesser SpiritsBookmark here

Last Rank---------Demi-Humans
Bookmark here

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