Chapter 7:

Magic Grimoire

Battlefield Restart: Mortal God

"You weren't half bad~ Bookmark here

Not everyone can quickly recover from my attacks at such an young age, you know?Bookmark here

Even if I was taking it easy.Bookmark here

Look, Martha! He's rolling around to dissipate damage. I never knew our son was so good at using his body!" My father laughed after giving me a few merciless beatdowns consecutively. Bookmark here

I tiredly lifted my head in regret. I couldn't even defend against anything after his first attack.Bookmark here

I'd thought my body would be able to follow up and counter the second time he rushed at me... Bookmark here

Who could have thought that after defending the first strike my father telegraphed just like before, he would have the time to swiftly follow up it up with a second perfectly executed strike? Bookmark here

I was powerless against him...Bookmark here

After experiencing a Magic Swordsman's mighty battle prowess for myself, I couldn't help but feel a little suspicious about my father's current mindset towards this 'training'. Wasn't he just having fun?Bookmark here

He's just having fun beating me up, isn't he?Bookmark here

Why is it that I felt that my father's willpower was unshaken after striking me down… even though I'm his beloved little child? Is Father good at controlling his emotions, or is he just a kind of battle maniac?Bookmark here

"By the way, when did you learn Burst Manipulation? I'm sure I didn't teach you that" My father abruptly stopped his victorious laughs and spoke with a curious light shining in his eyes.Bookmark here

"I copied the uncles who usually train here."Bookmark here

"Amazing...! Bookmark here

Your talent for martial arts is incredible! Bookmark here

It's only a pity that you only have a mere F Rank Magical Talent. If not, you would've been stronger.Bookmark here

If you had D Rank Magical Talent or even a E Rank Magical Talent, you would have been able to learn my personal and unique form of Earth Style swordsmanship. Oh well… Today was just to test your reaction time and battle senses anyway. Bookmark here

I would have beaten you down tomorrow as well if you failed this little test. I'm glad you're able to live up to my standards." Father spoke his thoughts ruthlessly. A felt a tingling sensation form my spine.Bookmark here

Mother, was watching at the side, just sighed in our direction after hearing his scary words. Bookmark here

She kindly helped me up and patted the dust off my clothes. Her movements were practiced now.Bookmark here

Then, my mother let me nod off for a while. It was better to have a good rest to recuperate stamina. Bookmark here

When I awoke, I found myself laying on the bed in my room. My entire body felt lacking in energy.Bookmark here

"That was so intense!" I muttered to myself. Bookmark here

It felt like my life was going to be more chaotic in the future. I got up and stretched my muscles before walking out. Coincidentally, this was also the same time my mother wanted to meet me.Bookmark here

"Oh Simon, you're awake? Good timing! I was just about to wake you up." She said before grabbing my hand. Her hands were holding a book towards me after dragging me to her and father's room.Bookmark here

It was a strange grimiore I had never seen before. Bookmark here

It's exterior looked quite magical with all the Mana that seemed to have been infused into it. Bookmark here

I would've been excited to read a book so precious… if it weren't for the title written on top.Bookmark here

"What is this 'Introduction to using Magic for Dummies'? It sounds so suspicious...!" I stared at Mother with gloomy eyes. Bookmark here

Although I was interested in the prospect of learning how to use magic since birth, there's no way I'd learn from such a suspicious book that calls me a dummy... This is NOT gonna happen! Bookmark here

I'd rather stay ignorant!Bookmark here

Hah... Since when did I become such a child? Bookmark here

I don't remember having such an easily triggered personality in my past life. Bookmark here

Well, I did have such a volatile temperament in the youth of that life. It stayed with me as I grew older.Bookmark here

If my comrades were here, I'm sure they'd calmed me down... Saying that it wasn't worth the time.Bookmark here

"It's something that was written by… err… a good friend of mine. Bookmark here

Although her wording is a little eccentric, there's no need to doubt the validity of its contents. Bookmark here

Let's just read it and try it out. Bookmark here

You've already found the benefits of learning how to use Burst Manipulation, so learning some knowledge about magic won't be detrimental to your growth." My mother answered with a confident look on her face. Bookmark here

I looked at her with an expression of doubt.Bookmark here

Even if I was interested, there's no way someone with a 'Failure' rank magical talent could use SpellsBookmark here

It didn't take a genius to figure that out. Bookmark here

There was a qualitative difference between F Rank Magical Talents and E Rank Magical Talents.Bookmark here

It was more than just how much of their body could be covered using the Burst Manipulation technique.Bookmark here

What was different between the two ranks was that Rank E Magical Talents were able to use simple attack Spells. Although only the size of a fist, they had enough versatility to be used in battle.Bookmark here

The 'Fireball' Spell that's fantasised by people of Earth was actually commonly used to light up fires and the works by F Ranks. After all, they only had the ability to manifest thumb size conjurations.Bookmark here

The difference between a thumb size fireball and a fist sized one was obvious. It was a big gap.Bookmark here

Elemental Spells that couldn't be used for anything other than small chores like cleaning were collectively called 'Common Spells'. This meant every F Rank could never use anything stronger.Bookmark here

There was a limit to what they could conjure outside their body. It was fixed with capacity.Bookmark here

Actual 'Combat Spells' could be used in battle by Rank E Magical Talents or above could use.Bookmark here

This was common sense…Bookmark here

"Who said Rank F Magical Talents couldn't use Combat Spells? Bookmark here

It doesn't matter how large your spells are so long as they are useful in battles." My mother comforted after seeing the doubtful expression on my face, one I made no attempt to even hide. Bookmark here

Her words shocked me for a moment, but also filled my heart with hope...Bookmark here

"Then let's read it." I said in excitement and opened the book on the desk. Bookmark here

In this world, books were scarcer than the ones on Earth. Especially books related to magic. Bookmark here

This was due to the rarity of true mages on Sphera... Bookmark here

That and adding the fact that Mages usually didn't spread their secrets to success...Bookmark here

{Greetings, my dear dummy reader, and congratulations~ Bookmark here

If you're currently reading this grimoire... then you've just admitted to being a dummy! Bookmark here

Hahaha~!} My mother stopped me from throwing the book on the ground with an irritated face.Bookmark here

She calmed my surging anger…Bookmark here

I have to thank you for stopping me, Mother. Bookmark here

However, if I ever meet the writer of this in the future, I'll beat him within an inch of his life!Bookmark here

Hah... breath in and out... I must stay calm! I hadn't even bothered to hide my emotions these last few years. After all there wasn't a need for me to be so disciplined towards myself in this new life.Bookmark here

Huh...? Why do I feel like my mind is being affected by an external force? Am I imagining it? Bookmark here

Meh, that can't be the case. I'm definitely just imagining it... That... can't be... the case...Bookmark here

Let's just move on to reading...Bookmark here

{But let's not focus on the fact that you're a dummy. Because it's time to learn about Magic! What is the art of magic you ask? Well, let's just say that it's different from 'Arts' of the modern age. Bookmark here

A dummy like you probably never understood the difference between Arts and Spells, so I'll make sure to properly explain.} The scorn in the writer's words seems to be bottomless.Bookmark here

However, I didn't react the same way as before. Bookmark here

Instead, my eyes continued to read in order to comprehend from the writer's advice thoroughly. Bookmark here

However, if I meet this abnormally arrogant in the future, I'll break his legs! (Joking.)Bookmark here

{'Arts' are magical abilities that use Internal Energy (Mana) to effect the world around them. Bookmark here

They are able to affect the user and in various ways in order to increase the user's battle prowess. Bookmark here

It is essential for a Martial Artist to have many kinds of Arts other than the Burst Manipulation. Bookmark here

This is in order to react to different scenarios.} I felt enlightened by the detailed explanation that came after that eccentric start.Bookmark here

Now it seems this arrogant guy is able to get down to business when talking about something intellectual! Bookmark here

I thank the writer by deciding to only break one his legs after giving him a light beating as a sign of respect. (Dead serious... Nah~ I'm just joking again.)Bookmark here

If anyone asked, I'm no longer angry. Bookmark here

It's best to not take note of the bulging vein on my forehead, nor the burning flames in my eyes. Bookmark here

My heart's just warm... that's all...Bookmark here

{Spells are the true form of magic that only the smartest and most imaginative are able to use. Bookmark here

They best ones only use External Energy (Ether) in their surroundings rather than Internal Energy (Mana) for activation. Bookmark here

The types of magic one can use depends on the user's Ether Affinity and Magical Talent.}Bookmark here

{Even a F Rank Magical Talent would be able to use some degree of miniaturised Spells, but that doesn't mean they will be able to use Combat Spells effectively. They only need some creativity.Bookmark here

Most Modern Spells created nowadays consume a lot of Mana to manipulate the Ether. However, that is only because consumption of more Mana can help boost the effects of a Spell beyond its rank.} Bookmark here

This part of the detailed explanation made me feel disappointed for obvious reasons... Bookmark here

…but even so, it wasn't like I hadn't predicted such an answer after experimenting with my own ManazBookmark here

This, along with my personal Attributes:Bookmark here

Light, Dark, Sun, Moon, and… 'Eclipse'.Bookmark here

I wonder how the last one worked. After all, 'Sun' and 'Moon' had lesser Attributes as a template.Bookmark here

It was easier to guess the former's abilities.Bookmark here

Anyway, from what this guy was saying: Bookmark here

One's Mana is like a 'Wand' that manipulated the omnipresent Ether existing in the atmosphere. Bookmark here

By imbuing Mana into Ether, a Magic User could extend their will into the element they could use.Bookmark here

I remember being told about Ether before, but never really got around to sensing it like Mages. Bookmark here

In fact, this explanation seems to be better than the one I'd originally thought of.Bookmark here

What was written was that intelligent people had a chance in using more intricately woven Spells. Bookmark here

A former eighty year old soldier like myself was definitely smarter than the average youth! Bookmark here

Though I wonder if I could keep up with others my age in the whole 'imagination' department?Bookmark here

{To find out what Ether Affinities you have, the first thing you need to do is manipulate your Mana and insert it into the black ink dot on the other side of this page. Bookmark here

Once you do, something interesting will happen, so give it a shot~!} Bookmark here

I followed the eccentric writer's instructions and turned the page. Bookmark here

Only to find that the two pages on the other side were completely blank. Bookmark here

The only thing on the page the writer indicated was a single tiny stain made by ink.Bookmark here

Why does this feel like a trap? Bookmark here

Could it be one of those prank Magic Circles where it electrocutes the finger of whoever imbued Mana into it? Bookmark here

The writer of this seems like the type to pretend to be serious before playing a prank... Bookmark here

My eyes shifted to Mother.Bookmark here

"Don't worry. That person wouldn't prank someone in this situation." My mother noticed my hesitation and comforted me. Bookmark here

Oh yeah, she's actually met the writer of this. Bookmark here

I nodded my head, following the instructions written previously and focused some of the Mana within me into the dot of ink.Bookmark here

The dot of ink expanded and turned into drawings of red flames, purple streaks of lightning, droplets of water, spiralling winds and mountainous stones of earth. Sparkling like gemstones on the page.Bookmark here

Paragraphs of information appeared on the other page next to it:Bookmark here

{Congratulations~ You have now used my own unique Spell Circle to find out your own Ether Affinities. Have pride in this. This Spell Circle is a special creation for those who read this book. Bookmark here

If you want more specialised Spell Circles customised for different uses in the future…Bookmark here

…Be sure to visit Hilda's Magic Circle Workshop!Bookmark here

The location and address are on the back. Bookmark here

Also, to find what the picture drawn on the side represents, just match what you see with this list:Bookmark here

Affinity to Earth Ether represent your love for stability and structure.Bookmark here

Affinity to Wind Ether represent your free heart and love for innocent tricks.Bookmark here

Affinity to Fire Ether represent your love for violent battles and conflicts.Bookmark here

Affinity to Water Ether represent your love for eternal peace and prosperity.Bookmark here

And last but not least, the affinity to Lightning Ether... Actually, I don't exactly know what it represents. Maybe it just means your an eccentric...?} My right eye started to twitch.Bookmark here

Not from the shock of the amount of affinities I had, but from how ironic this person was being.Bookmark here

{Meh! Who cares anyway? Bookmark here

I myself have a Lightning Affinity, but don't seem to see anything wrong about my personality. Bookmark here

It's probably nothing~}Bookmark here

Yeah, right…Bookmark here

{Although your affinity doesn't determine your personality, some people like to use this as their horoscope. Bookmark here

Just go and some have fun with this 'horoscope'. Bookmark here

Those who have one element affinity are ordinary but those with two or higher are extremely talented and might one day have many achievements in magic. Bookmark here

However, don't get your hopes up if you're an F Rank Magical Talent, because there's no way you'll be 'outstanding' in magic without higher Magical Talent.} I looked at the advertisement written in there and noted down the address on the back.Bookmark here

Now I know where you are now! Bookmark here

You insufferable, crazy, eccentric witch!Bookmark here

Get ready to be beaten and have your leg broken after I've grow up! Bookmark here

How dare you show me the light of hope before destroying my dreams!!! (I'm still joking, but wow~ I'm such a melodramatic guy, aren't I...?)Bookmark here

Ahem, well, it seems I really am quite a violent guy on the inside. However, after thinking things through, I realised that I was just overreacting about it. Her opinion isn't everything.Bookmark here

There was no point in losing my cool for such a stupid reason like this, so I decided forgive and forget. Bookmark here

It definitely had nothing to do with the fact that I just remembered that Hilda is the name of my grandmother. Bookmark here

Why didn't Mother tell me about her sooner?! Bookmark here

Grandma is the scariest!Bookmark here

I never want to make an enemy out of my father's mother in my lifetime. Bookmark here

It's not because I respect her, but due to the fact that I sincerely fear her...Bookmark here

Merilin won't ever shut up about how awesome our grandmother is. Especially after Father mentioned that she was a powerful Lightning Archmage recognised by many. A really famous person.Bookmark here

I might as well pretend to be the calm type of person who doesn't get angered much...Bookmark here

That was for the best…Bookmark here

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