Chapter 4:

Chapter 4 Made of stone

My new life in a death game from another world.

Hainley: Todays day 4 of judgement day. Bookmark here

Emilia: I think its time to head to the next town according to the map there has to be a gatekeeper around that area. Bookmark here

Hainley: And here we are, well being near the lake certainly is a much nice change of pace wouldn’t you say? Bookmark here

Emilia:This is nightfall huh? For such a big city I’d expected it to be more populated. Bookmark here

Hainley: What do you mean by that? Bookmark here

Emilia:Lets just say I'm more of an indoors than outdoors type of person. Bookmark here

Hainley: There’s a lot of statues in this place. Bookmark here

Emilia: Very haunting like its usually just use as a ego massage for politicians but in this case its just these weird looking things. Bookmark here

Hainley: Look at their eyes its like its just staring at you with how brightly red they are. Bookmark here

Emilia: Yeah I can feel a dark aura coming out from them. Bookmark here

Hainley: Not to mention look over there. Bookmark here

Emilia: More statues are being put up now. Bookmark here

Hainley: Well that’s a lot of missing posters I see. Bookmark here

Emilia: And it just looks like more posters are now going to be put up soon. Bookmark here

Hainley: So how long have these disappearances been going on for? Bookmark here

Posterboy: Call me crazy but the more gargoyle statues being put up the more it seems for me to be putting them up that’s how I look at it. Bookmark here

Emilia: That’s all you know? Bookmark here

Posterboy: That’s all everyone really knows to be honest. Bookmark here

Hainley: I see then thanks for answering our questions. Bookmark here

Posterboy: No problem. Bookmark here

Hainley: Gargoyles it has to do with that other gatekeeper I am assuming. Bookmark here

Emilia: We may as well wait at night and see if anything could happen. Bookmark here

Hainley: You hear that scream? Bookmark here

Emilia: Its coming from there! Bookmark here

Hainley: Its that poster boy who we talked too earlier. Bookmark here

Emilia: And now he’s been dissipated to dust as well too. Bookmark here

Hainley: Do you hear faint growling? Bookmark here

Emilia:Look out! Bookmark here

Hainley: (He dodges a flying monster and Emilia then zaps the monster with a lightning spell) Bookmark here

Emilia:It looks like one of those things that posterboy spoke about. Bookmark here

Hainley: Gargoyle but it looks like they only come out at night. Bookmark here

Emilia: We have no time to waste now we have to stop them before we move to the next day. Bookmark here

Hainley: Looks like a whole bunch of gargoyle’s Bookmark here

Emila: Lets follow them and see where they’ll go. Bookmark here

Hainley: It looks like they’re gathering. Bookmark here

Emilia: That must be the gatekeeper we’re looking at. Bookmark here

Hainley:Ready to convert them when you are. Bookmark here

Emilia: So you’re the one behind these attacks, are you? Bookmark here

?????: I am Zanver the gatekeeper of this part of the infinite domain and the townsfolk here are under my control for such meaningless lives they have lived all work and no play. Such a dull dreary life and just look around with my statues before this place was just a boring grey town but now with the gargoyles this place is as lively then ever. Bookmark here

Hainley: By killing innocent people at night and making statues to fuel your fragile little ego really cowardly if you ask me. Bookmark here

Zanver: Not as cowardly as the victims I went after like that posterboy, his previous life and in this life in the infinite domain, was as pathetic as you’d expect it to be. (Shows a vision of the posters boy life was.) Bookmark here

Posterboy: Stacy had to go with Chad instead of a nice guy like me!!!! ERGH!!!!!!! Why does Chad get all the girls!!! (The Posterboy then gets a heart attack and collapses on the screen) Bookmark here

Hainley: Was this really him? Bookmark here

Zanver: His own sedentarily lifestyle coupled with his anger led him to the state that he was in. So you can see he and others like him are what make up a lot of the population in this world including you as well but I may have said too much its time to die!!! Bookmark here

(Zanver then summons every single gargoyle in his possession and Hainley and Emilia both spring into action and both slash slice and cut through waves of them and after they defeat all of the gargoyles Zanver is left standing and all of his power creating the gargoyles is drained and his weak point in his chest is exposed and Hainley then delivers the final blow to the chest.) Bookmark here

Hainley: That should stop the gargoyle attacks now. Bookmark here

Emilia: Quite a pattern we’ve been noticing looks like many of the players and possibly even us are all here for a reason. Bookmark here

Hainley: Worthless lives but could he really be lying just to fool us? Bookmark here

Emilia: Most likely yes but we won’t really know the truth once we keep on slaying more gatekeepers. Bookmark here

Hainley: That’s true now we should really get going. Bookmark here

Emilia: My god could that really have been me all this time along with Hainley? Bookmark here

?????: So it looks like another gatekeeper taken down. Bookmark here

?????: Well if you stop ogling on that harem of yours then we could really be doing something you know? Bookmark here

?????:I"M THE ONE IN CHARGE HERE OK!!!!????Bookmark here

?????:My Apologies for speaking out of line sir.Bookmark here

?????: I must say this is the most progress I've seen with any player in the history of this game so lets wait and see how far they really do go to reach the end. Bookmark here

??????:Stupid boss I'll show him soon how much I'm really worth!!! Bookmark here

Chapter endBookmark here

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