Chapter 15:

Modular (Part Two)

From University Graduate to Soldier in an Interstellar Conflict: I Got Isekaied to an Alien World at War

I duck for non-existent cover as the Caxhels perpetuated their volleys of plasma. A plummeting aerial lifeform forced those below to get out of the way - which many did. They were more than swift to avoid such harm, but even with such evasive manoeuvres, enemy fire was still prevalent.Bookmark here

Retaliation came fast to halt them from erasing all the effort that brought the modular facility to completion. They were feeling the pressure. While the base couldn’t muster up a fight with most of its capsule launchers destroyed, the Bokel ships were more than able to compensate.Bookmark here

The Caxhels couldn’t get their shots in as their ships were being taken out from red flares and blue orbs released from capsules of each respective colour. These were effective in dwindling their numbers to a substantial degree, but this did not deter their attack.Bookmark here

The very core of the construct’s midsection gained a smouldering hole threatening the structure’s integrity. Any portion of the activated force field the building had was long gone. The exterior alone had to stand up to the relentless firing the prior layer of shielding could not. A quick glance told me this structure did not have much more left. At most, it had five minutes before it came crashing down.Bookmark here

The Bokels weren’t fazed. Even with the devastation, their levitation cables wiggled through the air. They pulled them back to the furthest they can go and flung them forward, taking them airborne. To see these huge beings zip through the air lighter than a feather was incredible. The utility of the cables was impressive. I wonder if such technology can be applied to my suit. The absurd length and width of them in relation to me would make them quite difficult to manipulate, but once we go through serious testing to reduce that in addition to some training to get used to them, I should have reasonable competence.Bookmark here

A melee weapon that can not only work close range but at distance without the need for imported ammunition and can give one the privilege of flight. The benefits are certainly attractive.Bookmark here

And I became entranced by the failure of the Caxhel ships to dance through the speeding blurs of long black strips. They were being valleyed and partitioned with each swing. This was becoming a losing cause for the Caxhels. This should be becoming plain to them; to continue the fight was their prerogative despite everyone noticing that there wasn’t much more they could do. The pace and reach the Boekls possessed was a tier above what they were accustomed to. Some more time passed before the dregs of their resolve was broken, prompting a retreat. However, this attempted escape wouldn’t be as successful as they would have liked. The Bokels got to them, letting their cables latch onto their ships to throw it down at such a force, the ground underneath the sludge cratered.Bookmark here

Those not airbourne were messaged to not let up and focus more on accuracy. Heeding this produced an exceptional spectacle of Bokels swerving through lasers, waste materials, and plasma to grab ships and smash them together, cracking their cables like whips to destroy them in sections to launch these parts to another nearby target, and constricting them until they became scrap metal.Bookmark here

There now remained one. For those Bokels on the surface, they rushed to pick up downed ships around them and flung them towards their target resulting in a most satisfactory explosion.Bookmark here

I was impressed. There was nothing for me to say. I had to get these levitation cables as a part of my arsenal. The versatility is just too good to ignore. I got close to one and asked about the possible applications of that technology to my suit. As it was about to answer, a call came to disrupt that. It was a gruff voice coming from the other end. The Bokel changed its tune to communicate to whoever on the opposing end, commencing a back and forth of grunts and shouts.Bookmark here

I wait with great patience for them to be finished so we can resume our talk regarding the levitation cables for use in combat, but the time spent on this was very long. Being quiet and remaining in place couldn’t be done for much more. To wear me out this much isn’t what I thought I would be before this conversation began. Fed up, I look to leave in order to ask another for a reasonable response to the question I didn’t want to leave for tomorrow. I felt that now was the moment to enact this. I just need to know if it’s possible.Bookmark here

“Wait, do not leave yet. Give me a bit more time to complete this call.”Bookmark here

“I need a specific time for when you are done.”Bookmark here

“Well, how is time calculated here?”Bookmark here

I reply by me saying that my knowledge of how that operates is small outside of how Me’blenxclan time relates to Earth days. I would use the position of the sun to know whether it’s morning, afternoon, or evening.Bookmark here

“I would be disappointed in myself if I did not have a comprehension of that metric. I heard that you have been here for a while, but I do not know for how long in specific.”Bookmark here

More grunts filled the space around it. “Oh, sorry for leaving you hanging. I was talking to someone else.” Can you wait for a bit more, metal suit?Bookmark here

Thinking about it, I said yes. But once again, I underestimate the length of the talk that it and the other being on the line would have.Bookmark here

What were over twenty minutes passed, pushing me beyond my limits. I had to tell it that I cannot wait on it any longer. This is not a productive use of my time.Bookmark here

It agreed that I can go ask someone else to find out what I desired and that it truly did not anticipate that it would still be on the line after all this time. The lifeform apologized for this inconvenience and wished the next Bokel I interact with will provide a more straightforward experience. I was now free to pursue any other potential Bokel, not bound by unfulfillable promises.Bookmark here

It didn’t take much looking to discover which Bokel I was going to ask next: the one that first approached me when they landed.Bookmark here

I see that it’s having a discussion in a circle of its own kind. Getting closer, the being said, “What are you here for, metal suit?”Bookmark here

“Not a fan of the title ‘metal suit.’ I have a name.”Bookmark here

“What is your name then?”Bookmark here

“Sato Moriyama.”Bookmark here

“Sa... Sa… Statote. Se… Se… Se… Se… “Bookmark here

I conceded. The struggle to say my first name made me walk back on this. “Looks like I saved you from some trouble. Well then, what is your name?”Bookmark here

“Nosqouel. And this is Kipouf, Telliwouf, Ciramount, Pouelfa…”Bookmark here

“I don’t need to know all of these random names. I came to know about the levitation cables and if a version of them can be made for me. That display you put on while using them was nothing short of fantastic. I just have to have one to fight the Caxhels.”Bookmark here

“Well for us, this is old technology. It may be fantastic for someone like you who has just seen its combat effectiveness for the first time, but this is no big deal for us. To gain competence in this is one of the first things we learn as Bokels due to how simple it is to use.”Bookmark here

I was taking mental notes as he went on about how the cables are seen as an indispensable piece of technology. To hear how it has solved issues of mobility, providing a more direct means in creating towns, cities and machinery and other key aspects of its history and its impact in Bokel society were nice, but that was secondary to my original request.Bookmark here

“Can we get back to what’s important?”Bookmark here

“Of course.” He made a grunt, causing all the Bokels to devolve their circle to a line facing me. They stood still murmuring to each other.Bookmark here

I was curious as to what they were saying, but that was forgotten as the cross-talk was done.Bookmark here

“We will try to modify them to be of use to you and your suit.”Bookmark here

“Thank you so much.”Bookmark here

“Yeah, sure. Once we’re done repairing the base, we’ll get to that.”Bookmark here

Energy flowed within me at that very statement. “Let’s get to it, then.” I clasp my hands to signal my enthusiasm to begin fixing the facility.Bookmark here

“Nah, not right now. We were just in the middle of a battle. Some rest is more important right now.”Bookmark here

“But the sooner we start, the sooner we can finish so we can get to testing.”Bookmark here

“Are you that willing to work? Be honest.”Bookmark here

I said no with much reluctance.Bookmark here

“Now relax. It’ll be fixed in due time. You have to appreciate the quiet moments.”Bookmark here

“But what about further Caxhel attacks?”Bookmark here

Nosquoel activated a call, said some intelligible stuff, and a translated voice came through for me to listen.Bookmark here

“No sign of Caxhel spacecraft in the vicinity. You all are safe for the time being.”Bookmark here

“Thanks for the update, Sqixdil.”Bookmark here

“No worries. Just doing my job.”Bookmark here

“See? Just relax metal suit. We are fine. Our fleet just arrived. They will shore up the Makupuu Ship Guard by order of multiples.”Bookmark here

I should surrender. They seem to be too comfortable to do anything else. Since that’s the case, I should take to a chill pill. I force them to work, I just have to be patient until they’re ready.Bookmark here

Wait, I just used lame, outdated slang, didn’t I? If so, let’s make sure that anything vaguely mid isn’t said. I don’t want to get mad salty if I do. Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Dang, I did it again! Bookmark here

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