Chapter 11:

Chapter 6 The strange boy and The Escape

Utopia Book 1: The First Journey and the Awakening (Volume 1: Green) *ON HOLD*

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I raised my hands up in a sudden defense towards my attacker. The blow was shockingly powerful, and probably had enough force to push down a grown man, but it wasn't something that I couldn't handle. After deflecting the swing from the hard piece of wood I looked up and observed my attacker. She was about five foot 4, her hair was short and had the color of a brown maple leaf in the spring, her eyes had the color of a green sapphire, by looking into them you could see the bright fire of hope and determination.Bookmark here

"No wonder she didn't just curl up and hide in the corner," thought the stranger.Bookmark here

I moved towards her in a swift movement and quickly disarmed her, throwing her weapon to the ground. She quickly backed away from me and retreated towards the wall. I saw her look to her left and right as she realized that there was nowhere to run.Bookmark here

"She's given up?" I thought to myself.Bookmark here

Her slow panting had seemed to stop, it was about time she cool down. I took this as my chance to talk to her and began to open my mouth when suddenly she pushed herself off of the wall and launched herself towards me.Bookmark here

A yell cry came from her mouth as she moved towards me. She ended up pushing me to the ground with an unexpected force and before I knew it, she was on top of me.Bookmark here

"You've got to be kidding me!" I yelled.Bookmark here

I couldn't believe just how rough this village girl was, how could she... I was pulled out of thought when I saw her hands clasp together into one small fist. She swung her arms down with a blazing speed.Bookmark here

I caught her hands in a swift motion. I didn't want to let go of her hands for I thought that the next time I wouldn't be so lucky.Bookmark here

"Stop! I'm not here to fight!" I yelled,Bookmark here

"I'm here to help!" I stated abruptly.Bookmark here

She looked at me with a confusing face, slowly her fierce look began to subside, and with that, she jumped off of me and crossed her arms in question. A sigh flew from my mouth as the tenseness between us began to go away, but for some reason, I still felt her glare beaming towards me, and I knew that she wanted me to explain.Bookmark here

"Look I came here because a friend had asked me too," I answered as I stood up and brushed off my knees.Bookmark here

Mayu stared at the mysterious boy as he stood up and dusted off his knees. When he had finished he slowly began to raise his hands towards his head. Mayu thought that he was about to attempt something and quickly stepped back,Bookmark here

"Click! Click! Click!"Bookmark here

He placed each hand on the side of his helmet, Mayu was anxious, although she didn't want to be, she couldn't help but want to know what was underneath the helmet.Bookmark here

Was it a monster, or an alien? Was it a space pirate from one of Old Ben's stories? Could be a person from the Ancient Floating City? She was curious.Bookmark here

Mayu had not finished her thought when suddenly it slid off. Mayu turned her head slightly towards the ground, only to find herself blushing with embarrassment.Bookmark here

"Handsome!" was the thought that rushed through her head.Bookmark here

His hair was dark brown, and his skin tone was in between of what you would call a honey glow. His eyes were ebony colored, somehow they seemed soft and gentle like a flower in the moonlight.Bookmark here

Mayu quickly shook off the thought, and regained her focus, remembering that he was attempting to kidnap her.                                              Bookmark here

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"So let me get this right, so you're kidnapping me from my kidnappers?!" asked Mayu.Bookmark here

Simply shrugging his shoulder he answered,Bookmark here

"I guess."Bookmark here

"Anyway my name is Layo," The boy said introducing himself.Bookmark here

Mayu looked up towards the ceiling in thought.Bookmark here

"Well if he's here to save me, then he must be good right?"Bookmark here

Mayu looked back down at Layo and saw the gentle smile that he had on his face. She hadn't realized it before, but he looked about a year, or two older than Mayu.Bookmark here

Slowly Mayu stretched out her right hand and said,Bookmark here

"I'm Mayu, Mayu Erenfield."Bookmark here

"Well, it's nice to meet you Mayu," Layo said with enthusiasm while shaking her hand with a firm grip.Bookmark here

"Now let's get you off of this ship, It's time to escape the Alto Phantom!"         Bookmark here

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"Now, the captain of this ship is called Alto, he and his ship are known across the six realms." Layo told Mayu,Bookmark here

"We can't be caught by him no matter what! I've only caught a glimpse of him and he doesn't look like the kind of guy that is willing to let us go so freely." Layo said with seriousness.Bookmark here

"Why? What will happen?" Mayu asked with curiosity,Bookmark here

"Well he's a ruthless man, and once he deems something valuable, he won't stop till he has it within his hands. So if were caught there’s a chance that we will never see the ground again.”Bookmark here

Layo folded his arms and placed one hand on his chin, and thought to himself,Bookmark here

"So what was the reason he came all the way here into the outskirts of the six realms?" The question puzzled him so he decided to see if Mayu knew anything about it.Bookmark here

"Mayu was there anything valuable in your home that could have attracted all this trouble?"Bookmark here

She pondered for a bit after hearing the question and responded,Bookmark here

"I'm not sure, we were just a normal village with a transport system that helped us to bring things in and out of the village."Bookmark here

Then Mayu thought of her stone, the cave and the strange, yet beautiful, things that would happen there.Bookmark here

Mayu gulped and looked at Layo with concern,Bookmark here

"Layo there was one thing about my home that was somewhat unusual, I never noticed at first but I had a stone that would glow and do these weird things. When you brought inside this cave it would cause it to illuminate, and come to life... but I don't have it now. It's gone and I don't know how to get it back, so even if it was that he was looking for, I wouldn't be able to give it to him. What if hurts my village?!"Bookmark here

Mayu looked down as tears began to fall. She couldn't handle not being able to do anything to help. Inside she cursed herself for not staying from the cave as Lilly said, and now everyone was in danger.Bookmark here

"I see," responded LayoBookmark here

Layo looked at Mayu's face and saw the concern she had about this situation and tried to cheer her up,Bookmark here

Don't worry Mayu we'll both be all right, my plan is sure to work, will be out of here in no time!" Layo said enthusiastically. Although the fact still stood that the reason for Alto's landing somehow included Mayu.Bookmark here

Mayu dried the tears off her face and looked up with a brighter smile. After hearing Layo's voice she was more assured that everything would be okay.Bookmark here

Layo turned around towards the door and looked out through the glass window. As he watched the empty hallways he started to explain to Mayu the heart of the plan.Bookmark here

"Look if we're going to escape the Alto Phantom, You're going to need a disguise."Bookmark here

"Me?!" May said with aversion.Bookmark here

Layo saw a soldier walking down the hallway, as soon as he passed the door that He and Mayu were in he jumped out and swiftly bringing the confused guard towards the ground. The action was silent and fast, Layo moved his hand towards the guard's spine, right below the head, and struck the guard on his neck. In instant, the guard lay limp on the cold ground.Bookmark here

Layo then smoothly dragged the sleeping guard into the room where Mayu stood in wait.Bookmark here

"Here's your disguise!" Layo said exhaustedly,Bookmark here

"Is he all right?" Mayu asked with concern,Bookmark here

"He's fine I Just put him to sleep for now," Layo said explaining to Mayu.Bookmark here

Mayu stood still with her arms tucked to her side in anger,Bookmark here

"What?" Layo asked the question,Bookmark here

"I'm not taking it off, did you really expect me to do that," Mayu said with a fire in her voice,Bookmark here

"I thought a girl such as you could handle herself!" Layo answered with misunderstanding,Bookmark here

"No! That's just completely gross!" Mayu turned around looking the other way, waiting for Layo to make an act,Bookmark here

"Fine, fine!" Layo quickly removed the uniformed clothes from the sleeping guard and then tied his mouth, arms, and legs and left him in a different cell. By the time Mayu had turned back around the guards close had been placed into a messy pile.Bookmark here

Mayu picked up the guards sweaty jacket and glared at Layo,Bookmark here

"What is it this time?" Layo asked in confusion, Mayu pointed towards the door and glared at Layo again, in an instant a red eruption exploded onto Layo's face, it had turned from his usual honey glow and into a bright electric crimson. Before you knew it the door had closed shut, and there was no one in the room but Mayu.Bookmark here

Mayu took a look at the sweaty jacket one more time, it was heavy, big and smelled like the sweat of a smelly old grandpa.Bookmark here

"This stinks! Just how long had he been wearing this!" Mayu stated.Bookmark here

Holding her breath Mayu slid the jacket over her shoulders and zipped it up covering her normal village clothes underneath. Next, she took the torn pants and slipped into that too.Bookmark here

"Wow! It's kind of funny how I'm just slipping into everything," Mayu laughed at herself.Bookmark here

Last, Mayu took the helmet off of the ground and pulled it over her head.Bookmark here

"I'm ready!" Mayu called, and the door swung open and in came Layo.Bookmark here

"Okay so how do I look?" Mayu asked.Bookmark here

There was a pause and nothing was said,Bookmark here

"Well?!" Mayu asked uneasilyBookmark here

Layo suddenly burst into laughter and responded to Mayu's question,Bookmark here

"You look like a shaggy bear that somehow had too much skin!"                       Bookmark here

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Mayu's face turned bright red, she sped up in front of Layo and was determined to give him a blow. Layo had pulled back onto the tip of his toes in an attempt to get away, but he was too slow. He was prepared to take the blow when suddenly her fist stopped in mid-distance. Mayu pulled back her fist and began to look at herself. The clothes were quite baggy, and she did look kind of like a furry bear.Bookmark here

"I guess you're right! I do look kind of like a bear," responded MayuBookmark here

Layo had still been on the tip of his toes, he didn't expect such a quick change in attitude. Mayu pushed past him and headed towards the cell door.Bookmark here

"Are you ready?" Mayu asked, holding the door open.Bookmark here

"uh, yeah!" he replied staggering,Bookmark here

"Okay let's go!" Mayu said with excitement and stepped out of the door.Bookmark here

As soon as she took her second step she suddenly jumped. Layo quickly pushed his way in front of Mayu and got into a defensive stance.Bookmark here

"What? What is it?!" Layo asked urgently.Bookmark here

"I think I'm forgetting something," Mayu answered, she turned around and walked back into the cell.Bookmark here

Deliberately she examined the room and walked towards a box that was in the right corner. Slowly she reached down into the box and grabbed something. Layo wondered what sort of things Mayu would need out of an old broken box. Without haste, she pulled out what seemed to be a squirrel... eating a nut!Bookmark here

"A squirrel?!" Layo yelled.Bookmark here

Mayu was holding Rav by the tail and quickly stuffed him inside of her new heavy jacket.Bookmark here

"Okay now let's go!" Mayu said running out of the door.Bookmark here

"Wait, what? Who told you that you can bring a squirrel?!" asked Layo angrily.Bookmark here

"Nobody did., and he's not just any squirrel he's my friend," responded Mayu.Bookmark here

"Friend?" Layo muttered lowly.Bookmark here

Layo shrugged his shoulders, and responded with a sigh,Bookmark here

"Well, I guess you're joining the ride!"Bookmark here

                                                ₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪Bookmark here

Now that everyone was here Layo began to walk towards their escape route,Bookmark here

"Stay close behind me Mayu, and do everything exactly the way I do it. There's still a lot of Alto's men hear, so we don't want to mess things up!"Bookmark here

Mayu and Layo had walked passed a couple of guards. She heard Layo say good morning and hello to some of them, so following what Layo said to do, she spoke in the manliest voice possible,Bookmark here

"Good day sir, how do you do?" mimicked Mayu,Bookmark here

"Fine, fine and you?" asked the soldier,Bookmark here

"Quite well actually, thank you," responded Mayu.Bookmark here

Layo shook his head in silent laughter as Mayu continued to say good morning to every soldier she came across. It took a while for Mayu to finally realize Layo snickering,Bookmark here

"What?" Mayu asked with a scowl.Bookmark here

"Nothing, nothing just keep going, you're doing great," Layo exaggerated.Bookmark here

Mayu moved up to Layo and kicked him in the leg.Bookmark here

"Awow! What did you do that for?" Layo asked in pain,Bookmark here

"Nothing just keep going," Mayu responded in imitation.Bookmark here

"Crazy village girl!" silently, scowled Layo.Bookmark here

Layo ignored it and continued to walk down the hallway, he made a right turn and made a swift stop. Mayu not paying attention bumped into Layo's back, causing herself to fall towards the hard ground.Bookmark here

"Hey, what's going on?" Mayu asked in surprise,Bookmark here

"Were here!" Layo answered and pulled Mayu up to her feet.Bookmark here

Mayu dusted of herself and turned to look at what was in front of her. For a moment all she saw was a plane wall... until she looked up that is. Laying before was no wall, but a huge door. It stood above Mayu like a giant hammer. It was at least five meters wide and six meters tall.Bookmark here

"This is our ticket out of here! ... Well, this is our ticket up there," Layo said pointing up.Bookmark here

After saying that it didn't take Mayu long to realize that the huge door before her was a transportation cell. Mayu had remembered seeing others like this one back in Bells Berry. Mayu was Bellsberry only delivery girl and would always be dropping off the packages that she received from the operators. Her job came second to her love for exploration and discovery, but she liked her job so much that she ended up learning every single one of her co-worker's names.Bookmark here

The only difference was that the ones back in Bells Berry were so much smaller, and were meant for smaller objects like packages, food, and extra supplies. Though the one before Mayu was big enough to at least carry an entire Bearram!Bookmark here

Interrupting her line of thought Layo called Mayu to get inside the cell. When Mayu got inside she looked around noticing that the inside was way bigger than what she thought,Bookmark here

No way! This place is massive. Just what did they fit in here, a dragon!Bookmark here

The enormous amount of space amazed Mayu and because of that, her imagination went wild. In seconds she would picture crazy enormous things, like mountains of gold, fruit, and treasures. Bookmark here

Flashing red lights began to blink and a beeping sound was heard. Turning around to face Layo, Mayu saw him pull out a green key card, he slowly pushed it into a small keyhole and the flashing stopped. Once Layo and Mayu were safely inside, the door began to close, and Layo began to speak.Bookmark here

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