Chapter 1:

The Quest for Libertas

Libertas and the Wolf

It is Winter in the Nation of Viribus. The trees have become husks of their former beauty. The land has been covered in a thick blanket of snow, and the Kingdom Of Gladio is still at war. For over a decade the human country has been fighting against the Bogen Elvan Empire. Even before the War, the balance between Gladio and Bogen was at the breaking point and compared to all the other species, (known as 'Teratans' by most humans), these two civilisations were the closest in biology and culture. Yet the fear ran deep and the countries were engaged in bloody battle: it has been a stalemate ever since. 

Yes, fear was a main cause for the war, but it was greed that drove man to conflict. Underneath the sacred Bogen land, laid sacred and valuable minerals known as 'Imperium' Crystals. But why risk so much life for some small crystals? Well, there is great power that lies within their core and can be utilised into creating infinite sources of light and heat, which is vital for the survival of all nations. The King of Gladio offered bribes, trade deals and even illegal goods: all to obtain these magical crystals. However the pride of the Elves was stronger than any effort Gladio made, it was there land and many ancient warriors lay along side the crystals. They would not let humans or the 'Kleine Ohren' taint their honour. 

Backed by the mages from the Temple of Viribus, Gladio begun their treasure hunt at the cost of thousands of lives. Unknown to the foolish Commanders, the Elves aligned with the Centurion Army of Aspida. The Elven people were always known to be masters in archery, so combing the craftmanship of the Centurion armour and the strength to wield it, Gladio failed to reach the mythical resources. Until one man arrived: Johnathan Maverick. 

Maverick was a proud warrior which was only rivalled by his tenacious fighting ability. Originally being a low down thief, he proved his worth after being offered a chance to escape execution, from the King Of Gladio, Deo Volente. The challenge he gave Maverick was seemingly impossible: beating the Royal Guard that served the Kingdom. Maverick used his bare hands as his weapon and fought all the Guards, at once! In turn for his victory, he was awarded the position of Captain in the Royal Guard, called Invicta. He survived many great battles, earning the nickname of 'Titan'. Maverick fought with honour and later for family after marrying his wife (who was just a simple maid at the palace) and saw his future with her. But this peace would not last forever...

The War was turning against Gladio, more than ever. Despite their advancements in technology, the Elves and Centaurs outnumbered their forces in the thousands. King Volente believed new tactics were needed if the country were to claim victory: he did not care how brutal they were. Being Gladio's trump card in battle, Johnathan was used as the spearhead for testing this unseen type of warfare. Promised even with fortune, Maverick refused. Threatened by treason, the warrior still refused. It was only until his wife, Glory was in danger and to have her life taken, he accpeted. Unwillingly, Johnathan took to arms and lead Invicta into battle, wielding his sacred blade, 'Ex Animo'. His enemy were fellow warriors, who wished only to defend their land. To protect their legacy. To protect their people. To Survive.

What followed was the most brutal fighting of the war. 

Maverick was able to achieve what the entire nation of Gladio could not achieve in the 20 years of fighting: he reached the heart of the Bogen Empire in only 3 months. The Titan lead raids, ambushed soldiers from the forests to mountains, he adapted to the environment, he knew nothing about, claiming dominance in a country not his own. The Elven forces called him the 'Teufel' and by the next year, the capital, Pfeil was within Maverick's sights. 

Although Victory was within Gladio's grasp, the Aspida and Elven Alliance accepted in desperation, the Dwarven Nation, Stehlen into their ranks. While humans created many dangerous weapons, consisting of likes of cannons, catapults and even the powered rifle: Stehlen had the superiority. Dwarves were able to look a a simple piece of iron and turn it into deadly instrument of war, more efficiently than any other blacksmith. With the Dwarven Army entering the heat of battle, with the ability to arm their forces with equipment faster than Gladio: defeat was inevitable. 

With Gladio's Army becoming demoralised more each day, soldiers began prioritise their own lives over the victory for the Nation. Maverick's Invicta even began to waver under the fear of defeat. In one last attempt to secure the Capital, the Royal Guard was tasked with a final push to assassinate King Fliegen and burn the City to the ground. As Maverick prepared for what maybe his final battle, several of the Invicta's soldiers defected and sent a warning to the occupying forces of Pfeil: sealing the fate of the entire platoon. 

Those who new the ambush was coming, left the army, with several more joining them after finally losing the will to carry on in this pointless war. Only a hundred loyal soldiers followed Maverick into battle: the city would then be their tomb. What awaited the broken men was thousands of armed Teratans, who wouldn't hesitate to kill the remaining Invicta. As the swords clashed, the arrows pierced armour and the ground turned into a red stream, Maverick was only left standing. His body was torn by cuts, full of holes made by bullets and spears imbedded into his organs.

As the Royal armour turned crimson and his breathe turned cold, the dying soldier kneeled before his killers, holding his broken sword high to face the heavens: he spoke his final words. 

"Familia Mea. May I see you in Heaven. I love you. Ad Infinitum.

The Titan had finally fallen on the battlefield, he did not receive a proper burial, nor did he return home. Maverick died for a guest not his own, leaving behind his wife and unborn son, Wolf. Learning of his death the Nation fell into despair, many soldiers formed a militia and started the beginning of a Civil War. Wolf was born at the height of this conflict, he wished to stop this senseless internal conflict. The young boy grew up believing that if all countries were united, the nation would finally see peace. This was his life long goal. 

This was his quest for Liberty.            


Joe Gold