Chapter 19:

Battle Of Last Chance, Part 1


False Heaven. Land near the border of Arizona covered by Angel Waste. It seems from the reports so far that it's only a matter of time that it blows further south throughout the rest of southern Arizona. It also seems that we've pushed back the tribe further out of Nevada. The men on the frontlines done a good job, and we've just about ready to make a final push. There are a few problems, however. In order to focus on finishing the tribe, we'll have to let False Heaven fester until we fully push Tribe Trastorno out of the fight. Bookmark here

The tribe apparently was making camp in a town that borders False Heaven, called Last Chance. With a singular helicopter, Kyle and plan on getting in to oversee the wagons. Before I stepped on, Kyle held my shoulder. "Dopeman. I have something for you." He hands me a brand new TK-17. It was a shinny submachine gun. He also handed me a few clips as well. I smiled as I applied the strap and hung it on the opposite side of my shotgun. "Thanks, Kyle." I gave the one-armed man a hug. He accepted it. Bookmark here

I stepped on the flying rust bucket and sat down, looking at the army getting ready to fight. "Hey!" I yelled. They all stopped to look at me. "We're almost home for Thanksgiving, boys. Just remember that!" They gave a smile and a few claps. We were off. The wagons were riding away. We were up top, looking at the massive army for this push. I look over to Tann. "We got this, Colonel." Bookmark here

He nods in response.  "We damn well better." Bookmark here

As we reached the town, the massive wall of white was there, behind It was like a gate of clouds. They call it False Heaven for a reason. It was a beautiful sight to see. I couldn't see for long, however. The tribe shoots at the helicopter. It doesn't help this rust trap can't handle anything. The pilot loses control quickly. We weren't that high, so it wasn't too rough of a crash landing. we smacked down into the sand, after rolling a few times. I was shellshocked, dazed, and confused as I climbed out. I see Kyle dragging out the pilot. She had a piece of shrapnel in her leg. She was screaming. panicking. Asking if she was going to lose her leg. I ran over. Bookmark here

Kyle waved me off. "I got this. Help the men with the battle."Bookmark here

I nod and run, SMG in hand. My forehead was bleeding but whatever. I run up a sandhill to see a warzone. Bodies everywhere, explosions, cries of pain and death. I suddenly hear something I thought I never hear in a million years ever again.Bookmark here

Thunder. Bookmark here

The walls of False Heaven break, causing a cloud to float overhead. I hurry and put on my gas mask as I shoot at any tribesman I see. I kill a few. I run and see Sera. Popping at fools with a DMR. I slide over to her in cover as the cloud blocks the sun, causing the scenery to be very gray. "You see that?!" I yell. "Where's Fisher?"Bookmark here

She shoots twice and hides back into cover. "I don't know! I think Fisher is in the city with the other half of the army!" As she finished her sentence the thunder and lighting show. It was booming, threatening. The rain soon fell. Well, I say rain when I should say little drops of Angel Waste. It was a sprinkle, and it still hurt. We had to push in. "CHARGE!" I yelled as I ran forward with my shotgun. I loaded in Demon's Kiss and hopped over the line, only getting a shot in the left shoulder I'll definitely feel later. I open fire, letting Tribe Trastorno feel the kiss of flame. The rest of the army comes in to clean house. I run in a run-down restaurant, feeling the pain of my shoulder. Sera runs in after me. "God, Dopeman! Your shoulder!" Bookmark here

I look at it. It's bleeding bad. I shake my head. "I need to find Fisher." Bookmark here

"No, you don't!" 
Bookmark here

I don't look at her, I simply try to radio Fisher. "Team Foolish. Come in, This is Dopeman." Bookmark here

Static.Bookmark here

I load in my regular shells as I step on the window ceil, ready to go. Bookmark here

"Dopeman..." She steps up behind me. "Please, just rest. I'll go find Fisher. We can't even go out, the rain is getting worse!"Bookmark here

I turn and let a tear fall down my slightly burned face. "I can't forgive myself if somebody else dies because of me." I kiss her and jump, running into the rain. Bookmark here

I'm sorry, Sera. Bookmark here

It's not your fault I can't move on. Bookmark here

Ant Daddy
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