Chapter 5:

Good Morning.

Demon Neighborhood Kid

I had a dream that night. It was a combination of my memories and some weird things.Bookmark here

When I first woke up, the house was full of dark clouds. I started eating the ones closest to me. I just know I have to, I was very hungry. I ate everything in the basement and on the way upstairs. I was full when I reached the kitchen.Bookmark here

The kitchen was filled with boxes back then. INside the boxes are just papers. Tony and Toby, who can both read, looked into the contents and they told me it’s just numbers.Bookmark here

“Rows and rows of numbers like they’re just counting,” Tony said.Bookmark here

They taught me how to count numbers while we were cleaning everything. I can count to a thousand now.Bookmark here

The dream showed the kitchen when I first saw it. It was also full of clouds. They float around the room. I’m full already, but I still suck some of it in. Enough so I can see all around me. I see a little clearly, a combination of the clouds, dust, and the boarded up windows puts the room in darkness. I see a door cracked open a bit. I went through it and found myself in what is supposed to be the backyard.Bookmark here

It was very bright in the dream, I couldn’t see past my hand trying to block some of the light, and the very tall grass that almost touched my face. When my eyes adjusted I just saw some tall grass and some other tall plants and a wooden fence behind them all. I walked on the pathway that doesn’t have tall grass on it. It led me to a gate that’s also propped open, and out into the field. Bookmark here

It suddenly went bright and I couldn’t see anymore.Bookmark here

I woke up and it was very hot.Bookmark here

I try turning on the fan, and it doesn’t turn on anymore. I turned on the lights so I could see a little bit. I checked the fan and saw it plugged, the buttons clicked and the fan turned, but the part where the engine is is really hot.Bookmark here

I turned off the fan and unplugged the whole thing. I need to ask Tony about this.Bookmark here

Getting out of the house is easy, now that we’ve cleaned most of the clutter. Except for the ones in the cobwebs, there’s not more dust and floating stuff around the house. It’s very empty, and I hear my feet echo when I walk around. Bookmark here

I got out of the kitchen, past the backyard, and out of the lot past the hidden loose board that turns to let me out. I ran to their house hoping I could catch them for breakfast. I don’t need to eat breakfast, but sometimes, Toby sneaks me a berry, and Tony sneaks me an almond. I also like the smell of coffee, and they give me some if no one is looking.Bookmark here

I climbed a tree that they can see from their kitchen table, got to the branch that passes through their fence and shook one of the branches. Toby saw me and ran upstairs, and a few moments later he came back with a small bag in his hand. He comes out of the back door with Tony.Bookmark here

“Birdseed scatter!” Tony smiled wide. He puts a hand into the bag and throws bird seeds in my direction. Tony follows him.Bookmark here

I jumped out of the tree branch and landed beside them and turned into a roll so I could hide from their parent’s view. Bookmark here

The birds come right after me. Bookmark here

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