Chapter 5:

Transfer Operation.

Planetary Guardian

“We need to go back and confer with the AI and explain to them what’s happening. It’s not healthy to be stuck in a spaceship for a long while.” Johnny said.Bookmark here

Alex’s planet is plugged into the computer and I see it’s profile on my screen. As expected, they slowed down the time, so it’s the same as the outside. The population is extremely low, about a hundred thousands. All of these people are in status sleep. The ship, a very large computer, keeps the upkeep of everything. According to Alex’s notes, most of the population was dragged to the pods by much stronger cooperative forces. The report mentions that the cat people were mostly responsible for rounding everyone together.Bookmark here

The report goes on to explain that the roundup was possible because of the technology loaned to the ones cooperating. With the tech they were able to safely put everyone in a deep sleep for travel. Then they went to sleep themselves.Bookmark here

Alex wrote that what we told them was that they were going to be transported to a new planet, my planet, and start a new life.Bookmark here

She got them to cooperate the usual way. Space Colonizers. In the planet profile, there’s a field that says “Cooperation”. There’s a couple of answers depending on planet history, and Alex decided that “SCo” was the best way to make them listen.Bookmark here

SCo is a tried and true trope: You release some bug creatures into the planet, they’re programmed to be sentient enough not to fall through traps and violent enough to make theater out of the carnage. Then you come in with the technology to help them after everyone is scared out their pants. It’s a legitimate fear manufactured by us.Bookmark here

“I’m patching through the AI,” Johnny said.Bookmark here

Alex and I blacked out our screens and joined Johnny on their side of the room. Bookmark here

The screen flickers into a running matrix that only Johnny can understand, being ranked above us. He starts tapping into the keyboard.Bookmark here

“Looks like all of the species are safe and they’re all well tended. This AI says that it can go for another year of stasis until there’s something wrong with the colonizers. So we have a lot of time.”Bookmark here

“Why can’t we just go to the second round then?” Alex asks.Bookmark here

“It seems unnecessary, when there’s an actual willing planet under Patrick.” Bookmark here

“I guess.” Alex shrugs.Bookmark here

I couldn’t add to the conversation. I was really excited to get some action, with a team no less, and be pulled out of this unproductive busywork. Finally I’m going to have a planet that I co-manage with a team.Bookmark here

“Kay everyone, we need to prep the planets. Connect them.” Johnny said.Bookmark here

“What kind of connection are you thinking of?”Bookmark here

“Full body. I don’t want to risk it with teleports.” Bookmark here

This means we’re going to puncture the cubes to make an opening between the two planets. Though this guarantees that the ship come in one piece, it’s very risky for the planets. Bookmark here

“Patrick. Let’s set it up.” Alex takes some equipment out of the cabinets. Bookmark here

Planetary Guardian

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