Chapter 0:


Captain Mughal: The Emergence

                        "Come with thy treasure of contentment,                                        the sword of fortitude, and                                                  meekness crowning thy forehead. "Bookmark here

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As an attendant, my job is fetching roughly these days.
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Roaming in the Desert of Thar searching for him, I came across an abandoned camel with a bag of precious commodities in its hump. I discern that particular emblem but could not recognize it. I heard someone outcry for an instant but wouldn't get at from where it had come. A hand grabs my leg while struggling to get rid of myself and drop down. He got out from the bulk of sand and drew out his sword in an instant, edging at my throat.Bookmark here

He introduced himself as Shahzada Mirza Muhammad Nali, one of the brothers of the existing Mughal Emperor. My eyes were wide open in shock.Bookmark here

Shahzada Nali then inquired me in disgrace, " are you one of the British spies?"Bookmark here

" Pardon me, I am not.", I denied.Bookmark here

Shahzada withdrew his sword and turned over.Bookmark here

I call upon for his attention " Shahzada Ji, I was seeking to encounter you. I got a word from Badshah."Bookmark here

Shahzada glanced back and raised a question " Who are you? "Bookmark here

I answered rigorously, " Shahzada, I am one of Badshah attendants, Riyadh. "Bookmark here

Shahzada raised a concern, " to whom are we against this time?"Bookmark here

I answered back, " Shahzada, the British Company." Bookmark here

Golden Boy
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