Chapter 5:

Chapter 5 tunnelrat

My new life in a death game from another world.

Hainley: Hard to believe its only been a few days since we entered the infinite domain. Bookmark here

Emilia: That can’t be true our lives our worthless especially when all of what we did so far has amounted all to nothing? Bookmark here

Hainley: Very strange indeed and are we really trying to prove to the powers that be here that we aren’t worthless and we’re not just surviving by running away from our problems all the time? Bookmark here

Emilia: Its also strange as well how this has to be the most “alive” in a way we have been most likely then the ones in the past as well too. Bookmark here

Hainley: Fear must be what really is keeping us alive at this point. Bookmark here

Emilia: In a sense yeah but there has to be something else other than that but lets talk about it later right now Fraiserton is almost there. Bookmark here

Emilia:The town shouldn’t be too far from here now. Bookmark here

Hainley: Its empty. Bookmark here

Emilia: No one is even around there. Bookmark here

Hainley: Not even a single belonging left behind either. Bookmark here

Hainley: Look at that. Bookmark here

Emilia: That leads to the sewers and the manhole has been opened so something must have happened there. Bookmark here

Hainley: Well lets go take a look. Bookmark here

Emilia: You could barely see anything here. Bookmark here

Hainley: There looks like we’ll have some light to get through this dank place. Bookmark here

Emilia: Rats they’re all over the place. Bookmark here

Hainley: Looks like they can lead us to somewhere. Bookmark here

Emila: Perhaps lets see where they go. Bookmark here

Hainley: Well there’s where the rats are gathered. Bookmark here

Emilia: Look over there! Bookmark here

Hainley: Lets pull the switch. Bookmark here

Emilia: Looks like the door has opened. Bookmark here

Hainley: Now lets go. Bookmark here

Hainley: The gatekeeper could be hiding all the way down there. Bookmark here

Emilia:Down we go. Bookmark here

Hainley:The stench in here is filthy. Bookmark here

(There’s a faint growing in the distance) Bookmark here

Hainley: You hear that? Bookmark here

Emilia: That must be the beast lurking down in the sewers. Bookmark here

Hainley: It’s a Chimera!!! Bookmark here

Emilia: Oh this is not going to be good!!! Bookmark here

(Hainley and Emilia dodge the Chimeras attacks and the Chimera swoops down on Hainley but Hainley dodges and throws a rock at it and Emilia casts an ice spell paralyzing the Chimera and Bookmark here

Hainley: That was easier than it looked out to be. Bookmark here

Emilia:The Chimera is down. Bookmark here

Hainley: But even then I still feel this “danger” lurking around here like we’re still not finished here. Bookmark here

?????: I’m Ravez and thank you for slaying that out of control beast for me. Even I as a gatekeeper couldn’t have made it past such a corrupted creature with the masters magic. But enough of that I'm here to end your lives right now!!! Bookmark here

(Raverz then summons some spikes and flings it at Emilia and Hainley but Hainley deflects them with his sword and Raverz then summons a spear and tries to attack Emilia. Emilia casts a fire spell that burns Raverz’s armor off and it exposes his weakpoint and Hainley then delievers the final blow) Bookmark here

Raverz:Oh you know why we are here in the sewers? Its because that’s how much the value of lives people are worth before they really came here. Look at why this place became a ghost town, that Chimera was brought there because the players there were really not worthy of a second chance in life and they all just spent their entire lives doing nothing but the same thing over and over again. Bookmark here

Hainley: You really slay people all for just that reason? You’re no better than the people you criticize. Bookmark here

Raverz: Maybe so, but I doubt you would be as well too Hainley and that goes for you as well Emilia, you’ll see by tomorrow what I’ll mean. Bookmark here

Emilia: Once again another cryptic gatekeeper implying our previous lives were worthless. Bookmark here

Hainley: It has to be a mind game best not to take them seriously. Bookmark here

(Hainley then gets another flashback of him flunking out of school due to apathy and then it jumps to him spending all day on the computer) Bookmark here

Emilia: What is it? Bookmark here

Hainley: Nothing lets get going. Bookmark here

?????: So its only you just left as the final gatekeeper now. Bookmark here

????:I see then so it looks like I'm going to have to meet them tomorrow? Bookmark here

????:Correct and don’t hold back in challenging them to see how much their worth is as they have been the only players to really survive in this game. Bookmark here

????:I’ll do my best to really see how much their lives are worth sir. Bookmark here

????:Good judgement day is coming and I know you won’t disappoint. Bookmark here

Chapter endBookmark here

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