Chapter 7:

We Can't Help Being Incompatible With Each Other

The Netherworld : Awakening

Currently, we are in the library and Le'en who is the librarian is teaching us about the netherworld. Well, I understand why I have to learn about the netherworld, but Luemon. She's been living in the netherworld from birth and yet she doesn't know much about the netherworld. Bookmark here

Apart from physical prowess, gender and the fact she is a demon, I don't think she is that much different from an ordinary human.Bookmark here

Le'en just completed explaining the basics about the structure of the three layers of the netherworld.

Bookmark here

"So, till now I have explained the basics of the netherworld's three layer system. And now---"Bookmark here

Satori cuts her in between.Bookmark here

"Are you sure continuing is a good idea?"

Satori asks Le'en.Bookmark here

Not able to grasp the meaning of what Satori just said Le'en asks.

"What do you mean?"Bookmark here

"Look at her. Smokes are coming out of her ears." Bookmark here


Both me and Le'en react at the same time.Bookmark here

"I doubt her brain is on fire not that she had a brain, to begin with."

Both Le'en and I ignored that part.Bookmark here

"Y-You are right. W-What should we do? Maybe we should pour some water on her or--or--"

Le'en starts panicking.Bookmark here

"...Or maybe we should drown her in water."

Satori gives his opinion on this matter. Bookmark here

"...Or maybe we should just ignore her and continue."

I also give my opinion on this matter.Bookmark here

"That's rude both of you. You can't say something like that."

Le'en says it. Although She is panicking.Bookmark here

"W-What should we do?"

She is still panicking.Bookmark here


We hear someone whisper. But no clue who said it.Bookmark here

"Did you hear something?"

I asked.Bookmark here

"Y-Yes. Something like 'end'."

Le'en says it.Bookmark here

"Oh! Nice idea."

Satori says it with a bit of excitement in his voice.Bookmark here

"What idea?"

Le'en asks.Bookmark here

"Can you share it with us too?"

I also asked.Bookmark here

"Maybe we should end her. Looks like someone liked my idea of drowning her."

"End..."Bookmark here

We all looked toward Luemon.

"I-it's Luemon who is saying this."Bookmark here

Le'en points out.Bookmark here

"Wait, she is still alive."

I say it in low voice.Bookmark here

"Ah! Luemon never thought there would come a day when you would agree with me."

Satori says it with utmost pleasure in his voice.Bookmark here

He then walks toward Luemon quickly.Bookmark here

"So you do agree that you are just a disgust on demon's name. Well, I thought you are too pathetic to be left alive but looks like you are indeed an honorable demon. You finally realize it too. Let's hurry and end you up before you get any---"Wham.

Luemon gives a heavy blow to Satori on his head.Bookmark here


Satori starts moaning in painBookmark here

"What are doing?"

Satori shouts those words at Luemon.Bookmark here

"That's my line. You disgusting trash."

Luemon retorts.Bookmark here

"Oh! She looks better now."

Le'en says it seeing Luemon back on her two feet all well.Bookmark here

"But I don't think we can say the same thing for Satori."Bookmark here

"Argh...S-stop it."

Satori is screaming in pain.Bookmark here

"L-Looks like you are right."

Le'en says it with concern in her voice.Bookmark here

"This is a library you can't fight here."

Le'en says it to stop Luemon.Bookmark here

Fight...she says? Seems like a massacre to me though. One-sided that is.Bookmark here

"Okay! Let's stop here. You can't massacre him here."

I also joined in to stop the fig--massacre.Bookmark here

"Okay! Just because Le'en said I am leaving you this time."

So, my words neither have any value nor impact in them.Bookmark here

Nonetheless, Luemon stops the fig---massacre she was doing.Bookmark here

"Maybe you should take a rest and after that, we will continue---"

Le'en wasn't finished saying when Luemon cut her in between.Bookmark here

"No need."Bookmark here

"What? You want to continue---"

Again Luemon cut her in betweenBookmark here


"Then?"Bookmark here

Le'en says it with confusion covering her face.Bookmark here

"Just cancel it. No need to continue any further. 90% of my brain cells are already dead."

Is she for real?Bookmark here

"So, in the demise of that 90% of my brain cells and for those 10% brain cells who survived. Let's stop here."

"A-Are you sure is it okay to stop here?"Bookmark here

"Satori is in bad condition. It would be bad if he dies here so we need to take him out of here but he will surely die somewhere along the way. It would be troublesome for you if some pathetic demon dies in your library. So, disposing of him right now is the best thing to do."

Luemon gives her reason.Bookmark here

"Yes. You are right. I don't want anyone to die in my library. If someone dies in my library other demons might stop coming here and start hating books. In the worst-case scenario, this library might get demolished."

Le'en at first had concern in her voice but till she reached the end that concern turned into fear.Bookmark here

For her, the library is more important than some demons life. And no one starts hating books just because someone died in the library. Bookmark here

In a normal situation, I would have opposed her but...

"Yes, you are right. we should dispose of him as soon as possible. That's the best thing we can do for this garbage eating maggot's shit."Bookmark here

"Y-You dare of you to think of me something like that?"

Satori tries to say in anger but his condition isn't allowing him to do so.Bookmark here


Both I and Luemon show our displeasure at the same time seeing Satori trying to stand back on his feet. Bookmark here

Unluckily he is still alive, somehow? I hope he dies.

Then suddenly out of the blue, a fist comes at me. Satori hits me hard on my head.Bookmark here

"Argh...Hey! What's that for? Have her beatings left you with partial brain damage you idiot demon."

I shout those words towards Satori in anger.Bookmark here

"No, my brain is still fine too bad for you. And While I was lying there knocked out what the--"
Just die already, you repugnant demon.

"Now, why th---"Bookmark here

"I can hear your thoughts, you moron."

What a troublesome power. Isn't it too good for someone like---Bookmark here

Smack.Bookmark here

"Didn't you hear what I just said? I can hear your thoughts, you idiot."

"Not my problem. And why the hell are even listening to my thoughts? I am thinking it in my mind, my personal space and you can't just come in and start reading my thoughts like it's nothing."Bookmark here

"All of you. First, it was Luemon and Satori and now not you too Yukio. This is a library you should stop this and keep it quiet, while you are in here."

Le'en says it.Bookmark here

We both look at Le'en. Bookmark here

"Okay! Let's get going then. No point in staying here."

Luemon says.Bookmark here

"I am all tired. Not even one day has passed and it's like this. I don't know how long I'll be able to continue this."

Just die if you don't want t---Bookmark here

Satori gives me a death glare. I thought it on purpose anyway. Bookmark here

I averted my gaze from him and started whistling.
"Let's go."

Luemon says it.Bookmark here

After that, we all started moving toward the gates. Seeing us going back Le'en gives us a concerned look.Bookmark here

"What happened Le'en? You look worried."

"A-Ah! Do I?"Bookmark here

"Yes. You look like something is bugging you."
"Well, it's just that you are new to the netherworld. You don't even know much about the netherworld except the basics of the structure of the netherworld. I still think you should at least understand the basics of all the things necessary."

"Don't worry I will be fine..."Bookmark here

Then I looked toward satori and Luemon and instantly came to a realization that---Bookmark here

"...Maybe you are right. I should understand the basics."
"Don't you have any trust in us?"

Luemon questions me. Bookmark here


I replied without thinking once.Bookmark here

"Fast. Seriously and here I thought we could be could friends."

Luemon says it with a bit of sorrow in her words.Bookmark here

"But, I don't mind...coming with you."

Seeing her saddened face made me say those words.Bookmark here

A smile covers Luemon face.Bookmark here

"Yes, don't worry. My father always says 'the knowledge from books is not enough for one to survive in the netherworld, you need something more than just knowledge."

Luemon says it ensures that Le'en doesn't worry about me.Bookmark here

"Maybe I will be alright with them. so, don't worry about me."

I say it Le'en to which she replies with a smile.Bookmark here

After that, we left the library. Both Satori, Luemon and I are now walking in the corridors. In few moments I will see what the netherworld is really like. From the moment I came here, I saw weird demons, idiot demons and cute demons. Bookmark here

The netherworld is already Different from what I had heard. So, it is kind of exciting for me. Will the netherworld turn out to be what humans think it to be or will it be a place..wait, I already the what kind of place the netherworld is going to be, because Le'en mentioned it while explaining about the demi-humans.Bookmark here

It feels like I am a little kid who is going to an amusement park for the very first time. But still, I am excited to see it with my very own eyes.Bookmark here

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