Chapter 6:


Demon Neighborhood Kid

I sneaked into their house like I always did. Right close to Tony and Toby as they come back inside. All the patterns are finished with their breakfast, and it looks like their Dada only had coffee for today.Bookmark here

Their mama reminded them to clean up after themselves and got out of the room, and their Papa followed after he washed all the dishes in the sink. They were alone with their Dada.Bookmark here

The rest of the breakfast, everybody was reading. Tony was reading a novel, Toby and I were reading comics, and their Dada was reading on his phone. I’d tug in Toby’s shirt if I wanted to taste what he was having. He’d lean forward on his comics and pretend to take a bite, then I’d lean forward and put my mouth close to the fork and take a bite.Bookmark here

Scrambled eggs with some mushrooms, spinach, and tomatoes. Tony handed an almond to Toby’s plate, and Toby popped it inot my mouth. I love almonds.Bookmark here

We were going on the good part of the comics, when Dada cleared his throat. We all looked up at him, and I see him looking directly at me. Those black eyes with bushy eyebrows, and long lashes too.Bookmark here

“That shape… right next to Toby. What is it?”Bookmark here

We all stared at him, quiet.Bookmark here

“I can see a shape. It looks like a human shape. What is it?”Bookmark here

Tony spoke first, “Dada are you sure about that? Are your eyes okay?”Bookmark here

“Yes. My eyes are fine, I just got them checked last week. Don’t change the topic Tony.” He reached out and patted his head.Bookmark here

Toby tried to block me from view.Bookmark here

Dada looked at him, “That won't work Tony.” His long arm can reach Toby’s head and give him a head pat.Bookmark here

I don’t know if I should run, but Tony tugs at my shirt. I thought that meant I should hide under the table. Bookmark here

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