Chapter 21:

White To Red


Summer. Man do I miss the old world...Bookmark here

I woke up that day pretty excitedly. Ever since me and Dani got together, I've quit dealing drugs, quit smoking, and sold my expensive apartment to live in a modest home. I wanted a new start. June 22nd was payday. I wanted to purpose. I worked at some store as a cashier. I was good at counting money, so that job fitted pretty well. Dani worked as a nurse so she was usually gone most of the night and morning. I got up, got dressed, and walked outside to work. Bookmark here

I walked and took the hypertrain to work usually. It was open to the public a few years at that point, but it was pretty full. on the train, it's usually peaceful. I get to stand and watch the train speed on to my destination. I relaxed on the window like usual. There are usually tv stations that play the news, but I block those out. Today was different. I hear something I couldn't ignore. Bookmark here

"...Let's hope Germany isn't serious. In local news, the crack epidemic claims another life in San Francisco. He was only 21. Fortis Kay was a talented basketball player with dreams of getting to the league. Now can never experience that."Bookmark here

No. No...Bookmark here

"His mother, Ava Kay, was devested to experience this."Bookmark here

"My baby was too young! He was gonna be a basketball player, he was already in the draft!"Bookmark here

Thankfully, the train stopped. I ran to the bathroom to throw up. I was dizzy, I couldn't breathe as the cries echo in my head. I had to call Dani.Bookmark here

"Hello?" She picked up. Bookmark here

I was panting, struggling to catch my breath. "Dani... I'm freaking out."Bookmark here

"Hey hey. where are you?"Bookmark here

"Downtown... Train station...  Bathroom... Please..." I slid down the wall, hugging my knees. Bookmark here

There is no redemption for me. Bookmark here

I can't come back from this. Bookmark here

I can't I just can't!Bookmark here

"Hey!" Dani tapped my shoulder. I must've been speaking out loud. "That was the past. You're not the Dopeman anymore, ok?"Bookmark here

I nodded slowly. Bookmark here

"I can see why you're guilty. I see so many patients overdose or try to make them kick the habit before they overdose. it's a cruel world, and you had your hand in it. Do you know what you can do?  If you messed something up, fix it. Make this city better. I know you can."Bookmark here

I looked up, tears in my eyes. "I love you."Bookmark here

"I love you too." She moved in to kiss me. As we kissed, we heard the alarm go off. THE alarm. The alarm signaling America actually did it. They nuked Germany. I stood up and grabbed her hand. "We gotta go, now!" It was only a matter of time before retaliation. We had no time to head back home, so ran across downtown, looking for anything for us to use as cover. We pushed the panicked crowd, then saw this old man walking into this alleyway. We followed. Bookmark here

"Hey, old man!" I yelled.Bookmark here

 He turned and shook his head. "No no! I found this here bunker. It's mine!"Bookmark here

Dani walked up from behind and clasped her hands together. "Please! We need to find shelter, sir!"Bookmark here

The old man was pondering, but it was too late, the nuked dropped. It was miles away. We ran into the bunker and closed it. "Damn it," The old man said. He sat in his chair and sulked. "Thanks," I responded sarcastically. Bookmark here

For the next six months, we sat dormant in a bunker, making sure we could do whatever we could to survive. I had found an old shotgun and taught myself how to tinker. The old man was a gun nut so he taught me all he could. When I was finished with the gun, Dani carved her name into the butt of the gun. I 'proposed there. She accepted it. The old man passed away, so that pushed us to open the door and head the outside. Bookmark here

We walked up, my shotgun ready, and took in this sandstorm, It was a bad one, I could hardly see the destroyed buildings, the red sky. It was bad. what was worse is the appearance of bandits as soon as we stepped on the sandy streets. One tackled me down, the other stabbed Dani in the throat. I kicked him off and shot his head away. The other I popped in the chest. I soon ran to Dani, she was coughing, losing blood. I dragged her back to the bunker and closed it, but It was too late, she lost too much blood. Her white hair was now stained with red. I broke down, hitting the concrete floor till my hands bled. Bookmark here

Couldn't even say goodbye.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Ant Daddy
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