Chapter 3:

Sex is a Gamble.

マインドタイプN「Mind Type;N」

The human mind is a weird thing.

Humans. we only can perceive love,Drugs,And Ultimately sex.

Sex leads to pregnancy,Pregnancy leads to a child.

Man,Life sucks.

I'm walking down a street in Akihabara

i see a Man,hes speaking to a woman.

shes pregnant.

the thing is i don't want a brother. sister. sibling. i want to be alone. alone and by myself

Sex is disgusting,and i hate it. I hate Him

Who is he you may ask?

He is the personification of drugs and sex and alcohol

A man and woman. Have a child and die.

But what if the mother separate's from the father?

In short she has sex with another man.

its in our Human Gene.

Sex runs humanity. Humanity runs sex.

Now why am I speaking about Love.

i cant perceive love.

it doesn't matter.

Sex is a gamble

So is love

so,If you ever get a letter from the doctors office saying you are pregnant.

Go fucking figures.

You just had sex with another man.

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