Chapter 1:


Overlord – The Eighth Floor

"Are you pretty sure about that?"

"Yes, my friend. I am pretty sure about that."

"But there is no guarantee that person will listen to you."

"I believe he would. Since we were from the same world."

"I had doubted whether he will listen to your advice against his mighty will of world domination."

"At least I tried. I have no regret that my death will come upon on me."

"But I must warn you. You are only a mere Demi-human. Your life span wasn't as same as the Undead race. And once you left my circle of protection, there is a chance you could not make it there in time."

"Approximately, how much time do I have?"

"Unfortunately, I must tell you the truth. It could be less than three months or even within a month or so."

"I noticed that part, and that's why I must go and find him as soon as possible."

"Although, I am not sure about how things work in your world. But by sacrificing your own life in order to save this world. That's a heroic act of virtue. I represented all living beings in this world... Thank you!"

"No need for that. As a part of the living beings in this world, I should do something before the whole situation goes into the wrong direction."

"What about that pupil you had before?

"You mean that child in Belomus Village?"

"Yes, and for your information Fluder had already betrayed Jircniv. Currently, Fluder is working for him."

"Fluder always so obsessed on magic spells since the first day we had met in that village."

"Maybe you should also aware of Fluder's present. You two might crossed path once again."

"Human beings in this world could not surpass the level of forty; of course this is always had some exceptional case such as those adventurers, who are in the adamantite ranking. However, I did not teach any high tier of magic to Fluder because there is a side effect. This side effect definitely will shorten the human life span. Although, that could be countered by magic spells or suppressed by magic items. However, it would still slowly degrade the owner's health condition. Furthermore, when it is out of control. That human's mind would become totally voided."

"Oh, that's Alzheimer's disease."

"My friend, you still remember what I taught you before."

"Of course, your world is far more advanced than here. Especially, on the medical fields of study."

"I am pondering about maybe because his unique characteristics such that Fluder became his follower."

"That is also possible. An Overlord which comes from Undead race. Maybe because of that, he could have suppressed that side effect."

"Maybe... I am not hundred percent sure. Although, I was a level hundred Time Wizard. However, it is still possible I could have that disease later on..."

"I see."

"Never mind. Let me find him in E-Rantal first."

"This time, I hope it will not be the same case as before. As I remember when you and your colleagues met Surshana... things turned out in a bad way."

"It was a big mistake which I must take it as my responsibility. If I noticed that eariler, I would stopped them immediately. That Surshana had tricked us and we were so blindly to follow his death wish. By conquering world, we did not gain any so-called 'Devices'. Instead, we had generated a total annihilation of every living being in this world..."

"And at the end, you and your colleagues were fighting against the whole world. Meanwhile, Surshana was at your back and tried to use you as a scapegoat of his evil plot."

"Sigh... That was history by now. However, I still cannot forgive myself to what had I done to this world. Although, by slaying Surshana was a good deed. However, all of my seven colleagues were killed in the battle near Katze Plains."

"Don't be sad, my friend. Time had proven that you are a good and decent man after all."

"However, hatred from the deaths are still haunting that place, which makes me feel unease. Plus, I heard there was a battle between him and the Re-Estize Kingdom at the same location."

"Yes, that is correct. At that moment, I did sense someone had activated a massive destruction magic spell. The aftermath and casualties had reached at least one hundred thousand dead and fifty thousand still gone missing."

"Ah... Probably, is him. I think Shane Theocracy will also notice by now. Although, Surshana is dead. However, the 'Follower' definitely saw him as a tool. They probably would try to use 'Downfall of Castle and Country' on him in order to control his powerful magic under their command. Such that they could secure their absolute power all over the world once again."

"You are still at your sharp edge, my friend."

"It is too late for now. As an analyst, supposed I could have foreseen any plot before that had actually happened. However, I had failed once before. I was such an idiot."

"Don't be so gloomy. After all it is fate which brings you here and fight against the evil - Six Great Gods."

"Before, those six developers always tickle my nerves at the office. They all have bad tastes on game balance. And they always want to be Gods of PvP somehow, especially during the open beta testing period."

"When I first met you, I had no idea what are you talking about YGGDRASIL. But after all these years, I finally understanding what will be your game looks like."

"Like what?"

"Probably, it will have a lot of players exploring the world and looking for dragons such as myself to kill."

"Haha, that is another game called DRAGON NESTS."

"Oh really, your world has another game? Very interesting."

"My dear friend, Catastrophe. Sometimes you are quite cute in a certain way. Personally, I think you are a cute little girl rather than a dragon lord."

"Umm, okay... Although, I don't understand what is the meaning of cute. But I will take it as a compliment from my friend. So, about your journey. I will contact Platinum once you leave this castle."

"Seriously, no need to bother Platinum. I am not going into a battle or something. And this time I am only a mere traveler, am I right?"

"However, you will travel alone. I strongly suggest you; you should put on some of your gears before you leave here. Especially, the scythe you had."

"Thank you for your concern. I will be safe once I am in the Sorcerous Kingdom... However, I would like to make a suggestion in which you should take some degree of precaution in case of the Black Scripture found out the actual location of this castle. You know illusion magic is not that reliable after all."

"I understand."

"Great... For tomorrow, I will leave the castle in the early morning."

"So early though. Are you travel on horse? Not teleporting?"

"Yes, certainly by horse. Don't you remember my vow? Since that day, I would never use any kind of magic at all."

"Oh... Argh.... Um..."

"You still had something in your mind?"

"Yes, can I ask you a question?"

"Sure, go ahead."

"Although, in my point of view you are definitely a male Demi-human. But why did you create a female character in the first place? And also why do you dress up as a maid?"

"Oh about that part. It is all because of I have a maid fetishism."

"Ah... Ha... Now, I understand."

"Muhaha... I'm Dssan - the leader of Eight Greed Kings, who possessed a maid fetishism."

"Eh... back to your original self again. Maybe I should open a maid cafe in the Dragonic Kingdom as your monument."

"Oh yeah, that is a greatest idea I ever heard!"

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