Chapter 2:


Overlord – The Eighth Floor

Previously, Great Tomb of Nazarick was the guild's base of Ainz Ooal Gown. After Momonga - the guild leader had renamed himself as Ainz, the Great Tomb of Nazarick currently acts as a secret base for the Sorcerous Kingdom. Meanwhile, the town of E-Rantel acts as the capital of Sorcerous Kingdom. But, Ainz would always like to stay inside Nazarick. He feels more comfortable to stay inside rather than living out in the town.
Since the beginning of YGGDRASIL, there is an urban legend about the mystical eighth floor within the Great Tomb of Nazarick. This tale had always been a puzzle for the guild's members. Although, Ainz and the First Nine knows what is the truth meaning of the eighth floor's existence. However, its existence stayed as a myth when Great Tomb of Nazarick had been teleported to the New World after YGGDRASIL was shut down.

The eighth floor of Great Tomb of Nazarick is designed as a wilderness environment. Most guild's members had always thought this floor is the final defense line of the guild. By capturing this floor means that the chance of victory is very high for the intruders. And that is why it was guarded by the most powerful NPCs within the guild.

Hence, the eighth floor seems to be dangerous even to NPCs of Nazarick as Ainz forbade them to enter this floor. For every guild members including NPCs of Nazarick only knew two things existed within this floor. First, there is a special area named as Cherry Blossom Sanctuary which guarded by an unnamed Area Guardian. Inside this sanctuary, it contains the original Staff of Ainz Ooal Gown in which Ainz entrusted it to guard by that unnamed Area Guardian. It seems that unnamed Area Guardian's loyally is no lesser than Victim's.

Secondly, the eighth's Floor Guardian is Victim. Victim has an appearance of a meter-long bright pink fetus with an angelic halo and featherless stick alike wings. Despite being one of the most rarely seen among all of the Floor Guardians, it is courteous to his colleagues. Although, Victim speaks in an Angel-Enochian language that he didn't being able to make sense of what he said verbally. However, NPCs of Nazarick can still understand what he tries to express through some kind of integrated translating magic. As one of the creation of the Supreme Beings, Victim is extremely loyal to them and willingly sacrifices himself for them. His personality is humble and modest about his position as a living sacrifice. His sole duty and purpose is to serve the Supreme Beings and Great Tomb of Nazarick.

Once upon a time, in the far far away of YGGDRASIL's history. That was a chapter about the Great Invasion. This incident was created by a thousand and five hundred YGGDRASIL's players. Dated back of that time, Victim was halting that invasion force which had past the seventh floors of Great Tomb of Nazarick. Unfortunately, no NPCs of Nazarick other than Ainz knew what did happen during that invasion. Such that its story remained as a myth among the NPCs of Nazarick.

A while ago in the New World, only Jircniv Rune Farlord El Nix - the emperor of Baharusu Kingdom had paid a visit to the Great Tomb of Nazarick. After his visit, he called it as "The Devil City" due to the fact that only non-human races reside within. During Jircniv's visit, he was directly teleported to the tenth floor's Throne Hall instead of passing by the eighth floor. Such that the eighth floor also had remained as a mystery of the New World.

Silent Voice
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