Chapter 3:


Overlord – The Eighth Floor

About the geographic description of the Great Tomb of Nazarick, I would say it is around two hundred meters in diameter with a six meters high walls surround the surface area. Four other affiliated tombs are located in the four cardinal directions. At their center, there is a larger tomb existed with a surface entrance into the underground tomb. Although, I had just arrived for several of minutes. However, I had already noticed there were eyes spotting on me from the surface entrance.

"Sorry to disturb anyone of you, and I seek no trouble at all."

Silent... dead air... no reply at all. Such that I better introduce myself first before some randomly thing would have happened to me.

"I'm a mere traveler from a very far away city. I would like to paid a visit to the Great Tomb of Nazarick - Sorcerous Kingdom's headquarter. Umm... I would like to address myself as one of the 'Player'. If you guys don't mind, could you guys pass a message to Ainz - the Sorcerer King please. Thank you very much."

There was still no reply afterwards. Therefore, I took out a gold coin and through it towards to the surface entrance. A moment later, there was a transparent shadow which had picked that gold coin up. Probably I assumed, it is a creature who got a invisibility ability. I hope it would go well. Otherwise, I don't like to force my way down there until I had met up with Ainz himself.

Several minutes later, there was a shadow slowly walking towards to my location. When it walked into the open area. I saw a female figure who dressed up as a maid. Immediately, I started pondering about 'Did Nazarick also has a maid cafe?'. If the answer is yes, then I would like to dining in there and playing board game with the maids.

That maid for sure is a beauty. She wears a pair of glasses with an intelligent look.

"My name is Yuri Alpha - vice-captain of the Pleiades."

"Nice to meet you. My name is Dssan - a mere traveler."

"Although, Lord Ainz is not in the house right now. But we had already contacted Lord Ainz; Lord Ainz's order is let me be your guide and bring you up to the waiting room, and then wait for Lord Ainz's return."

"My regards, please lead the way."
We had walked onto the door step of the surface entrance. Suddenly, Yuri stopped and turned her head around.

"Umm... you are also a Demi-human."

"Yes, I'm."

"I cannot determine which race are you from."

"Oh about that part, my race had already extinguished long time ago. Before, people called my race as Ancient."

"I see, Ancient... Never heard of that before."

"A few people will notice. Probably, Ainz would know."

"Definitely, Lord Ainz would know."

"Don't worry, shall we continue?"

"Yes, please follow me closely and try to not lost your way once we are inside Nazarick."


A few more steps, Yuri once again stopped and look at me.

"About that gold coin that you had..."

"Ah, I think you saw that before right?"

"Yes! Actually, kind of old... As I remember, no one uses it anymore."

"Oh yes, you are right. But still, it was one of the currency from YGGDRASIL, am I right?"

"Umm... Maybe he will know more... But he doesn't come out from the Treasury..."

"Please continue."

"Never mind, please follow me."

Silent Voice
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