Chapter 4:


Overlord – The Eighth Floor

A while later... Finally, I'm lost within the Great Tomb of Nazarick.

"Argh... Damn it... How could I lose my direction in here? Oh well... Should I wait for Yuri?"

"That sign said the Seventh Floor. Haha... there is a portal."

A moment later... I had arrived to wilderness surroundings.

"Damn it. Where am I now? Desert? Oh well, I better start not to randomly enter any portal anymore. Umm... there is a shrine over there. Maybe in there, I could ask someone for direction."

A moment later... I had arrived at the door steps of that shrine.

"Wow, a Shinto shrine! I always saw this kind of building structure in anime and also in manga. Actually, this is my first time to be in a Shinto shrine."

"Look! A person over there. I hope that person would help out me and tell me the direction of waiting room."

Suddenly, a pink object appeared right in front of me.

"Eh... a pink flying object. A fetus?"

"... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ..."

"Umm... I don't understand what is he trying to say. That language is kind of like Angel-Enochian though."

"... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ..."

"Still can't. Umm... Wait, let me look for my translator device first. Ah... here. Could you repeat one more time please?"

"Why are you here? You shouldn't be on this floor. This floor is forbidden for anyone."

"Oh, my name is Dssan - a mere traveler which had come by and paid a visit to Ainz..."

"Where is Yuri? I know you are one of our guest. However, why are you here?"

"Umm... Suppose I was with Yuri. But I'm lost now."

"I'm Victim - the eighth Floor Guardian. Now, you better come with me before you get into any kind of trouble."

"I see. This is the eighth floor of Nazarick."

"Who is controlling the portals? How did you teleport to this floor?"

"Oh well, I just entered a blue color portal and then here I'm. Seriously, I have no idea who's controlling those portals."

"Never mind. Follow me. I will bring you to this floor's exit. That exit will lead you to the tenth floor. Yuri will wait for you there since I just messaged her a moment ago."

"Thank you very much."

"Follow me closely... This time."

"Definitely, this time."

Luckily that exit portal is kind of closer than I thought. It just took me ten minutes to travel there. Now I'm in front of the exit portal. Meanwhile, there was a purple portal which had opened up right beside it. Hence, Victim was standing in front of that purple portal. For me, he looks some kind of worries.

"Gate? Casted by Lord Ainz?"

"Eh... By who?"

"Lord Ainz."

"Oh, by him. I'm sure this is a very high tier of magic spell by just looking at the color of that portal."

"That magic spell is called - Gate."

"Ah... something newly created by them."

"Huh? Them? Who are they?"

"Oh, never mind. I just misspoke."

Then I heard a cold voice which was coming out from that purple portal.

"Are you a 'Player'? Dssan..."

Silent Voice
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