Chapter 7:


Overlord – The Eighth Floor

This was the second week of my staying in Great Tomb of Nazarick's eighth floor - Cherry Blossom Sanctuary. It was a grand Shinto shrine. I was so happy to have a chance to stay at such a beautiful place. In every morning, Victim would come over to my room. Then he would ask about what was on my agenda for that day.

"Good morning, Mr. Dssan."

"Good morning, Victim."

"Lord Ainz said that I will accompany you while your staying on this floor."

"It is my pleasure. Please called me Dssan."

"Then Dssan, what is your agenda for today?"

"Today, I was thinking can I take look of this shrine? It is a very beautiful structure."

"Sure. I shall come along with you."

"Then may I start from the Haiden please?"

"No problem at all."

Both of us stepped out of the administrative office and then was walking on the Sandro - Approach to the Shrine. A moment later, we had arrived at the Haiden - Hall of Worship. Once we went inside the hall. I saw a female figure who dressed up as a maiden. She seems kind of unfriendly when she saw me. However, once she noticed I was with Victim. Then she did not say a word and just started to ignore my present in the hall. Therefore, I did not try to have a conversation with her. When I stood in the center of hall, its interior design was so detail. Ainz and his guild members really did put up a lot of design works in here.

"Victim, this hall is beautiful. May I ask what are you worshipping?"

"A sacred item which created by the Supreme Beings."

"Oh, I see. Ainz Ool Gown's guild item."

"Dssan, how do you know about that?"

"Lucky guess... Probably, a staff which can used by Lord Ainz."

"How do you know about that?"

"Another lucky guess. Haha..."

"I see."

"By the way Victim, is there anything Lord Ainz wants me to do?"

"Dssan, Lord Ainz didn't have any order for you."


"But, he ordered me to take good of you and you can go anywhere within Great Tomb of Nazarick as you want."

"Of course, I would like a tour. If you don't mind at all, please be my tour guide."

"I will be with you. But is there any place you like to visit?"

"About that, I would like to visit an old friend of mine. Probably, he is also living in Nazarick now."

"A old friend of yours? Who is he?"

"Fluder Paradyne"

"Oh Mr. Paradyne. He is currently studying in Ashurbanipal with our Chief Librarian."

"Would you mind take me there please?"

"Please follow me."

"Thanks. Victim."

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