Chapter 8:


Overlord – The Eighth Floor

Ashurbanipal is a grand library which is located on the tenth floor of Great Tomb of Nazarick. Although, most of the books within this library are summoning books. But, the truth behind all of this which was to hide important magic items by blending them among the ordinary ones.

Once I stepped into the grand library, there was a figure who was a fusion of animal and human bones with a red gown. He was standing in front of the door steps of the Ashurbanipal. Hence, he saw me, he immediately started his greeting.

"Welcome Mr. Dssan, I had been waiting for your arrival."

"Hello and you are?"

"Let's me introduce myself. I'm Titusu Annaeusu Sekundusu who is the Chief Librarian of the Ashurbanipal."

"I see. My name is Dssan."

"Victim had contacted me a while go. And you wish to have a tour of the Ashurbanipal. Am I right?"

"Kind of..."

"Sorry, I almost forgot. Fluder is also here. He is sitting at a desk which is just around that corner."

"I see... Seriously, Lord Ainz had lots of books in here. Umm... I guess it would be around a million of copies."

"Almost a million... Let's me explain a little bit more... About this library, there are three major sections and those sections are labeled as Wisdom, Knowledge and Magic. Each of them had also been categorized into five different categories: Monster Data, Magic Items, Event Items, Cosmetics Data, and Novels."

"Wow... That's amazing. All of them were collected from YGGDRASIL?"

"Yes... But currently, some of them are coming from the New World."

"I see. Could I have a look of them?"

"Certainly, you are welcome."

"Thank you."

"And Mr. Dssan... About..."

"Please called me Dssan."

"Dssan, about Fluder..."

"Is he causing you any trouble?"

"Actually, no. But he only has limited access on certain books that's mean he could only read..."

"Ah, I see. No problem at all. I wouldn't mention anything to him."

"Thank you, Dssan."

"So, he is around that corner?"


"May I?"


Once I turned right at that corner, I saw an elderly man with a white beards and hair who was sitting behind a study desk. Although, I didn't see Fluder for a while. But, I think that elderly man is Fluder.

"Hey kid, long time no see."

"Huh? You~!!!"

"Oh yes, is me. Wow, you look so..."

"Yes, I know. I'm an old man now. And you..."

Fluder looked at me for a while and continue.

"You did not age at all~!!!"

Silent Voice
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