Chapter 22:

Escape From False Heaven


My eyes were slowly open. I was gaining my vision back slowly, stirring up to feel this sharp pain in my side. I look down to see my wound bandaged. As my hearing recovered, I hear the constant wind and thunder. I look around in my environment. I'm in some shack made of sandstone. the floor was old broken wood. The windows were barricaded, sheltering me from the dangers of the outside. I hopped off the makeshift bed, slowly got my clothes back on, and reloaded my shotgun and SMG. As I rearmed, a man in a hazmat suit bursts in, I aim my shotgun and he puts his hands up, "Stop! It's Fisher!" He yelled. He sounded tired as he walked in from the white and sandy outside, dragging another suit in. Bookmark here

I set the shotgun down, sighing. "Oh man, you alright? Where are we?" Bookmark here

He threw me the suit. "False Heaven. We're still in town. The walls fell, and it's some kind of mix of the sandstorm and Angel Waste."Bookmark here

"So that's False Heaven," I start while getting my suit on. "A place where the storms never stop."Bookmark here

"Exactly. However, there's a different reason that I wanted the hazmat gear on."Bookmark here

I sit down, getting used to the suit overlays. It's still good tech. It tells you your heart rate, weather conditions, and threat outlines. "Why's that, Sam?"Bookmark here

"Well, When I was running for the suits, I held my breath because I felt weird to breathe. It didn't feel harmful at all."Bookmark here

"Huh. That's odd. Where's the rest of the army?"Bookmark here

Fisher shook his head. "Gone. We're the last two alive in that battle. Being in here makes the reception garbage as well."Bookmark here

"So we just walk on out of here? Do we even got a map?"Bookmark here

Fisher pulls out the Miller Corps map with his personalized markings of Mother Base, False Heaven, etc. "I think we keep walking east and we should be fine." Soon enough, we open the doors, heading outside. The sky looked like a white, freakish eye. Much like the red sky during the Intro Wars. The sandstorm was like a snowstorm almost, making the ground under it sound similar to white as well. the Angel waste shows its effectiveness when it's at its most intense. I see fresh bodies turn into skulls and bones over time. We soon headed out of town. Lightning fell, striking random parts of the sand. I suddenly see a horde of people, rotting away. tons of mindless drones, blocking the way out. I aim my SMG at the crowd a few yards down from the sand dune. "Are those..."Bookmark here

"Zombies?" Fisher finished for me. "Sure looks like it. I knew we couldn't breathe this crap in."Bookmark here

"Well," I loaded my last High Explosive slug in and nodded to myself. "Let's rock."Bookmark here

"You sure? Your side still needs plenty of time to heal. I didn't even properly-"Bookmark here

I didn't let Fisher finish, I slid down from the dune, shooting the HE slug, causing a chunk to explode into many pieces. Fisher slid after me, shooting with two handguns. I switch to my SMG and start shooting before they could get their hands on me. Fisher was behind, popping at everything that moved. The horde seemed endless, as sizzling semi corpses got hits off on me. The zombies didn't want to bite me, it seemed they wanted to beat me to death. Running out of options, I pulled out my arm blade and started hacking. It made things faster, but eventually, the bastards had a hit at my helmet. It cracked, causing me to yell and push out even more. Fisher saw my helmet and pushed me forward, eventually out of False Heaven. I took my helmet off, Looking at the bright blue sky, the heat. I turn to reach out for Fisher, grabbing and pulling him out. We could finally. breathe, it was over. Bookmark here

"Kyle. Come in. This is Dopeman."Bookmark here

Static, then a voice. "Dopeman? You're with Fisher, correct?"Bookmark here

"Yeah."Bookmark here

"We'll be taking you home soon," Kyle said.Bookmark here

They better. 

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