Chapter 9:


Overlord – The Eighth Floor

I had spaced out for a moment. Of course, he didn't notice I was using certain kind of Time Magic in order to keep my youth frozen at an age of thirty-three.

"Oh well, about that part. I could say having enough of sleep is the key of my success."

"I see. Very well. You also haven't change after all."

"Umm... Like what?"

"Your answer always had some sorts of double meaning."

"Oh, really? Did I? Haha..."

Suddenly, Titusu just walked by and then looked at me.

"Dssan, please keep quiet. This is a library."

"Oh, sorry Titusu. We will be quiet from now on."

Then I gave Fluder a wink. He noticed that and then both of us left Ashurbanipal. I noticed Victim was just outside the entrance.

"Victim, is there some kind of cafeteria in Nazarick?"

"Yes, Dssan. There is a staff canteen on the ninth floor."

"For us. I think it's time to take a break and have some lunch in here. Agree?"

"I see. Please follow me, Dssan."

Staff Canteen on the ninth floor of Nazarick, that is a white-washed canteen area, where the maids of Nazarick gather for meals. Once we arrived there, I noticed one thing. I was in the heaven.

"YEAH!!! Maid Cafe... There is so many maids in here."

"Dssan, please you don't have to shout at all. I know your taste."

"Kid, don't you feel is that amazing or what."

"Seriously, I don't really care. Since my concern is only about magic."

"Kid, even though after all these years. You still have not fun at all."

"Dssan, when you first talk about 'Maid Cafe'. You said those maids could perform some kind of magic spells. During that time, I really believe that. However, after my further investigation. My research result is that is no such thing after all."

"Kid, you still haven't see that coming at all."

"Sorry, Not at all."

"As I always told to you. You just too into 'Magic', and those maids who could cast a spell were a different kind of magic."

"Umm... what kind?"

"LOVE magic. Kid."

A moment later, we had found an empty table in this crowd canteen. When we just sat down. I noticed those maids which were around us. They were all looking at me. Maybe it is some kind of surprised for those maids. For my understanding, Victim didn't usually dine in here, and about Fluder; He didn't even want to eat at all because of those magic books which were in the grand library. But for those maids, the strangest thing which was Lord Ainz's guest was having lunch in the staff canteen too.

"Umm... they are all looking at me."

"Dssan, I believe so. It is because you are a very important guest of Lord Ainz. But you are having lunch in the staff canteen."

"Oh Victim, please don't worry about that. I like that 'Omelette and Egg Sandwich' which is serving in here at this lunch hour."
Then I take a bite of it and it was delicious.


"So Dssan, why bring me here?"

"Oh kid. We can chat in the grand library. So here we are."

"Sigh, you never change a bit."

"No worry. Let's talk."

"Dssan, what do you want to talk about?"

"Kid, as I heard some rumors said you had betrayed your country and now working under Lord Ainz."

"Yes, I was. It doesn't matter for me. I didn't even bother to think about it anymore. It is only magic, which I'm really after."

"Now I see. But kid, I'm..."

All of the sudden, a siren had been sounded and then followed with an announcement.


Victim looked at me and Fluder.

"Dssan and Mr. Paradyne, please excuse me. I have to go back to the eighth floor."

"Please go ahead. By the way, is there something I could help?"

"About that, I think you could ask Nazarick's Overseer - Albedo herself."

"Certainly, but where is she now?"

"Umm... I could give her a message first and you can meet her at the Throne which is located on the tenth floor."


"Mr. Paradyne, could you bring Dssan to the tenth floor's entry portal please?"

Fluder answered Victim's request without any hesitation. Maybe he didn't want me to keep bothering him, such that he could go back to the grand library and continues his study on magic.

"Yes, I will... And Dssan please follow me."

"Thanks, Kid. I will be in your hands."

Silent Voice
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