Chapter 10:


Overlord – The Eighth Floor

I entered that specific portal and teleported to the Throne which is located on the tenth floor. An impeccable beauty had been caught up into my eye sight. Albedo is a lady with lustrous black hair with a face of a goddess. A goddess with two thick horns protruding crookedly on her head, and a pair of black angel wings which was near her waist line. Albedo was dressed in a white dress with silky gloves covering her hands with a golden spider web necklace which covered her shoulders and chest.

Meanwhile, I was walking towards to her. She already knew my up-coming and nodded her head.

"Lord Ainz had told me about my honorable guest. Unfortunately, I was too busy on my works. 
Please allow me to formally introduce myself. I'm Albedo - the Overseer of Nazarick."

"Lady Albedo, Nice to meet you. I'm Dssan."

"Greeting, Dssan."

"I heard there was an alarm while I was in the staff canteen with Victim."

"Oh, it's only a minor incident. The intruders had been eliminated."

"I see. I was thinking since I'm inside Nazarick, I should help out in order to thanks Lord Ainz."

"There's no need for that. Our forces are strong enough to eliminate any intruder from the New World."

"Ah, I see."

"You are an honorable guest to us. We should not bother you on this minor issue."

"Understood. Many thanks to Lord Ainz."

"Lord Ainz is coming back to Nazarick very soon. Dssan, please stay

"I see. One more question about those intruders, did you find anything from their corpses?"

"Mare is handling it right now. He should be here very soon."

A while later, a young male dark elf with golden hair had entered into the Throne's hall. He looked a little bit shy in person. He wore a blue scale leather body suit and also had a short white skirt. I assumed for all the boys in Nazarick all wore short skirts, or maybe someone was trying to setup a 'Trap' in here.

"Greeting... Albedo and..."

"Mare, he is Lord Ainz's honorable guest - Dssan."

Mare looked at me and continue.

"Mr. Dssan... nice to meet you... I'm Mare Bello Fiore... the Floor Guardian of the sixth floor."

"Oh, no need for that. Please call me Dssan."
Mare nodded his head and then continued his report of the intrusion.

"Albedo... I had only found several of corpses from the intruders... Unfortunately, most of them are in very bad condition... It is quite difficult to find out who they are..."

"Mare, no one has been captured?"

"Negative... When we surrounded those intruders... some of them had already committed suicide..."

"I see... A suicidal mission."

Suddenly, my brain had told me. Definitely, all of these looks very familiar. Did the same thing happened in my past? Then I raise a question for Mare.

"Mare, what about their equipment? Any symbol or wording on them?"

"Unfortunately, Mr. Dssan... I found nothing since their equipment were badly burned..."

"Umm... Probably, by Holy Fire... What about their bracelets?"

Hence, Albedo looked at me and said.

"Holy fire? Bracelets?"

"Yes, Albedo. Maybe I have some clues on who they really are."

"Dssan, please continue."

Meanwhile, Mare had an answered for me.

"About their bracelets... I did found only one but there is nothing on it... Mr. Dssan... here is it... Please have a look..."

Mare passed that bracelet to me. I received it and started my investigation.

"Sigh, it has a magic encryption on it. I hope this is not the same thing which I'm worrying of."

"Huh? What is it about?"

"Lady Albedo and Mare, please step back a little bit. I need to cast a high-tier magic spell in order to find out."

Both of them nodded their head and took several steps back. Then I channeled my mana onto my hand and casted a tenth-tier detect magic item spell. Afterwards, several characters had been detected. These characters are from the Chinese language.

"Ah... is him. For sure is him. After all these years, he is still alive and keeps the incorporation running. I totally underestimated his abilities."

"Mr. Dssan, who are that person that you are speaking of?"

"Sigh, maybe it is time for me to face my nemesis."

Meanwhile, a purple had been opened within the Throne's hall. Three person had stepped out from it, and one of them was Ainz himself.

"Dssan, is it?"

"Lord Ainz... Yes, it is. They had come, and also they wanted to test out the Nazarick's defend system. Here is not a good place to talk about that."

"Umm... I see."

Ainz agreed and turned his head to Albedo.


"Yes, Lord Ainz."

"Rise the Nazarick's security level to maximum. Called back every Nazarick's personnel as soon as possible."

"Including Demiurge and Sebas?"

"Yes, please do so."


Then Ainz looked at me.

"Lord Ainz, I think we should go to the eighth floor first."

"Dssan, why there?"

"Because I had something to show you, and my luggage are in the shrine."

"Umm... I see."

"Shall we?"

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