Chapter 1:


Inescapable Consequence Series

Metropolitan also known as the Shadow City, was an autonomous territory on the south of the central continent. It had a total landmass of over twelve hundred square kilometers and a population over seven million people. Currently, it has already been intensely urbanized due to its massive population within an inhabited territory. As a result of lack of space, there were at least over a thousand skyscrapers within the Shadow City.

As one of the leading international financial centers within the country, the Shadow City has been always as one of the most complex capitalist service community, and its economy was characterized by low taxation and free trade with a well-established judiciary system. However, it was still suffering from severe income inequality as one of the example of laissez–faire capitalism.

Over the years, the Shadow City's multi-media genre has gained certain level of popularity within the region. Therefore, Shadow City has been recognized as one of the major entertainment hub within the country. Several thousands of celebrities were working under the Central Broadcast Entertainment Studio (CBES). This company owned most of the multi–media channels within the city such as television, radio, newspaper, etc. This top-notch studio even produced ninety-five percent of entertainment programs within the country. This well-known studio was located in the central district and its headquarter was one of the highest skyscraper within the city.

There was a famous coffee shop located at the lobby level of CBES's headquarter. Most of the time, this coffee shop was crowded with customers and paparazzi who were waiting for their favorite celebrities to show up for work. However, for today the whole atmosphere was kind of thick. Since, there was only one customer which were sitting at the coffee counter. This male customer was wearing a purple suit with a black top hat on his head. The coffee shop's barista was serving him a cup of black coffee, while this male customer was surfing the Internet on his smartphone.

“Funny eh? Nowadays, everything seems right. But actually, there are all wrong.”

“Sure sir.”

“Believe me. Things never go towards to the right direction since most people are just open their mouths and say whatever they want, but in reality, nothing would happen. Most people just full of rubbish. You know what I mean?”

“Yes sir.”

“Never mind. Your never into politic or so?”

“Oh sir. Although, we are in the democracy era. Unfortunately, most people would like to benefit themselves and secure their status within the social ranking. They don't want to take any responsibility. So, they would rather push things down to lower classes of the food chain and let's those unfortunate people take the blame. I believe, we are now back to the dog-eat-dog era.”

“Wow... you have a good observation though. The strongest survive... Natural selection.”

“Thank you, sir. By the way, it seems someone is coming over here.”

“Sigh... Sometimes, human beings are so stubborn...”

“Maybe sir. But in another word, it is called consistent...”

“Tsk, ignorance is bliss.”

That barista was staring at the glass sliding doors of the coffee shop. He saw a woman dressed in a one–piece red dress with high heels had entered into the lobby. She was slowly walking towards to this coffee shop. She was stopped when she saw that man who was sitting at the coffee counter.

“Hello? Is this seat taken?”

“Oh no! Not again... Never mind, it is empty. You want a black coffee? Anyway, is my treat though.”

“No, thanks. I'm not for the coffee.”

“Oh, I see. By the way, don't waste my time please...”

“Don't worry. I won't take much of your time. Shall we start now?”

“Sure, what is your business in here?”

“Maybe you should rephrase that into – what are your demands?”

“Umm... I guess you won't last long under this circumstance though.”

“We'll see.”

That man in a purple suit turned his head to his left, and then had a good look of this woman.

“Well, is it the new dress code?”

“Actually not, suppose I'm on my leave for today.”

“Oh, I see. My sincere apology, working overtime isn't a good thing. However, boss is always like that, right? You know what I mean.”

“As one of the public servant, I wouldn't mind at all.”

His attention was back to his smartphone, and once again he was flipping through some websites.

“Interesting... By the way, do you read? I mean reading online light-novel.”

“I haven't try it yet, but it sounds like not my favorite kind of novel. I rather read fiction such as ‘Game of Thrones’ instead of fan-fiction.”

“Seriously, you know what is a light-novel right?”

“Could you just cut the rubbish! I came here for the negotiation.”

“Argh, sorry. However, you should consider those people on your left-hand side from your seat before you raised your voice over mine.”

The woman turned to her left and noticed a pile of dead bodies were laying on the floor.

“Umm... So?”

“You sounded a little bit scare.”

“Although, you had killed servers of my men. However, that doesn't mean I will get scared by your burial action.”

“Now I see. So, what do you think about the ending?”

“What ending?”

“You know, the good guy versus bad guys... at the ending, the good guys always win... I think it is kind of unrealistic... What the heck is the villain was thinking... The villain literally tells everyone what he is going do...”

“Eh... Okay, you just name your demands.”

“Lady, just hold one a second, let me finish my statement first. By the way, you are the police's negotiator. You should have more patience than I, right?”

“Eh... Before we continue, could you release those hostages first?”

“Where was I? Oh yeah, the inequality between good guys and bad guys. For example, the bad guys always got a lot of dumb subordinates, meanwhile the good guys always got a whole team of specialists which got certain levels of distinction.”

“Who would stupid enough to break the laws? If you are an intelligent person, definitely you won't try to take a life just because you feel to do so.”


“What you had done is inescapable. For sure you will suffer your own consequence afterwards.”

“Oh... As I remember years ago, there was man who told me something like this... there is no good or bad, but only little and great...”

“Umm... Okay then... Shall we go back to the hostage’s issue?”

“Why are you keep asking me?”

“Argh... It is because you are hold-up the people in this Central Broadcasting Building as your hostages. I represented the city's police department, and came here to negotiate with you. Please state your terms and demands.”

“I'm wondering who said this is a hold-up? But never mind, I'm telling you had mixed up the whole situation.”

“Then.... maybe you want to surrender, and let's us arrest you. Such that nobody will get harmed and we could have ended this peacefully.”

“First, we aren’t leaving this building... Second, we had slaughter everyone in this building... And third, we are taking over this city...”

“Seriously.... you... are... buffing... right?”

“Oh now, you are scared.”

Suddenly, out of no way. A white light had passed through that woman body. Instantly, her reaction was a scream in agony.


That woman had felt a pain in her chest. She looked down and found out her blood were pouring out from her chest likes a water fountain. A moment later, she fell on top of that pile of dead bodies which were beside her.

That man looked at the barista, and asked.

“Oh man, what had you done? Mr. Swords.”

“Mr. World, I'm sorry... I just want her so badly. I cannot hold on to myself anymore.”

“Actually, I'm not talking about her... Mr. Swords... Look here, her blood is in my black coffee.”

“My apology. I make you another one now.”

“Umm... I had some business to take care first. I be back very soon.”

“Sure, Mr. World. The black coffee will be ready for you.”

“Oh, very nice of you. Mr. Swords.”

Mr. World stood up, then he was slowly walking towards to the lobby's entrance. When he passed through that double sliding glass doors. Suddenly, two sniper bullets were flying directly towards to his face. Hence, he just snapped with his fingers. Those projectiles had been redirected onto the ground and went into the pavement just in front of Mr. World's feet.
Those two marksmen amazed by what had happened in front of their eyes. One of the snipers had made a self-remark.

“What the heck is going on? Suppose is a clean headshot!”

Mr. World took a look of the surroundings and spoke loudly to the crowd.

“Silent! The Metropolitan's Police Department... What are you guys thinking? Snipers could solve this? Haha... You guys are so selfish and naive... So, listen carefully, and here is our message: Today, we – Killer Incorporation shall take over the Shadow City. This city shall under our master ruling. Any further resistance is futile. The citizens of Metropolitan, accept your fate and bow before us... By the way, our spokeswoman will broadcast our official announcement at noon. So, stay tune and remember to watch the News... Oh yeah, please remember me as Mr. World. Haha... Anyway, everyone has a nice day... Goodbye!”

Mr. World turned his back and then went back into the building. Once he had returned to the coffee shop, a freshly blended black coffee was waiting for him. He took a sip.

“Mr. Swords, nice black coffee.”

“Thanks, Mr. World... and I have a request...”

“Please go on.”

“Could I use those dead bodies and especially that woman?”

“Oh sure, why not... Recycling is a good deed... How many we had now?”

“Around a thousand from this building.”

“Umm... We need more than that in order to secure the building's premise.”

“Agree. How about those people out there?”

“Mr. Swords... Although, those human beings aren't that strong. But by using them as our minions, that could strengthen our defense force in numbers. It would be a good idea.”

“Thank you for your compliment, Mr. World.”

“Hehe... Let's go!”

After the massacre, both of them had returned to the coffee shop.

“Damn, no dry cleaning around the block.”

“Mr. World, I think we'll be fine for a while. Now we got an army of the undead in here.”

“Oh yeah, Mr. Swords... Although, we solved our manpower problem. However, their blood had ruined my purple suit.”

“Umm... Eh... I'm wondering how are others doing right now?”

“Oh well, we'll see them soon. At least, Ms. Fire should be ready for this afternoon. For sure, she would be the most beautiful TV host in the Afternoon News... By the way, did you know what does she like? Flowers? Chocolate? Me? Hehe...”

Meanwhile, Mr. Swords was mumbling on his own.

“Eh... Umm... She likes soap opera more. Umm... Actually, most of the ladies within Killer Incorporation like or even in love our master. But I think you still got a chance though, if you keep up the good work....”

Seconds later, Mr. World was back from his fantasy.

“Mr. Swords, what did you say before?”

“Oh nothing, Mr. World.”

“Anyway, I got a personal question to ask you...”


“Why are you always looks so pale? Do all of your kind look alike?”

“Umm... You mean... the typical tall, skinny, pale and drawn stereotypes descriptions of a necromancer?”


“About that part... I think I just didn't have my breakfast in the morning... After lunch, I will be fine.”

“Haha... I see. Mr. Swords, please remember... We'll be very busy...”

“Mr. World. I understand. But I'm also looking forwards to have some fun too. Hehe...”

Since then, the CBES’s building had once again became deadly quiet. Mr. World was enjoying his newly blended black coffee, while Mr. Swords was switching the TV’s channels.

“Sigh, soap opera again…”

On Day 1 at 11:37, the Shadow City's Population was at 7,310,931.

Riri R. Palette
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