Chapter 4:


Inescapable Consequence Series

There was a famous local ghetto restaurant, which located just several blocks away from the CBES's headquarter. This ghetto place was kind of famous within the local community because of its food was very tasty. Just before the lunch hour had started, a group of strange people had entered to this restaurant. They had sat down at the front table near a television set which mounted onto the wall.

About this group of six newcomers, by their outlooks certainly they were not from the neighborhood. Their tastes of fashion were kind of weird. For another word to describe them, cosplayer. Within the group, a short young girl who wore a pink Lolita dress spoke with a high pitch tone.

“Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.... What's on the lunch menu?”

An elderly man in a full plate of silver armor just answered.

“You mean the children's menu... Here it is... Haha... Funny emoji…”

“No! No! No! You are an idiot... All I want is the normal one...”

“Please Ms. Angel, don't be so mean to an old man. I was trying to tell a joke… Sad emoji...”

“Mr. Tower, I think it wasn't funny at all... By the way, where is my menu! Waiter! Bring me the lunch menu now!”

A woman dressed in a white blazer with a dark pencil skirts, who had pointy eyeglasses just broke into the conversation.

“Mr. Tower, that joke wasn't good... And you! Ms. Angel, please behave yourself. Otherwise, I will record down your childish behavior and report it to our master.”

“Please no, Ms. Judgment... don't tell our master... He would scold me badly once I got back home...”

“Ms. Angel, please remember you are now the team leader of this operation. You had promised our master to behave while you are on the field.”

Ms. Angel nodded twice, then she changed her voice into a more mature tone.

“Ms. Wands, clear this place out... This shall be our temporary command post... Mr. Coins and Mr. Cups, gather our troops and make sure they are all ready for the upcoming assignment.”
A lady in a classic black lace dress had replied.

“Ms. Angel, my pleasure.”

Hence, Ms. Wands turned about and started killing every human being within the restaurant. Meanwhile, two identical shadowy figures who dressed in the same kind of black outfits had also responded Ms. Angel's request.

“Ms. Angel, no problem. One army of the demon coming right up!”

“Ms. Angel, no problem. One army of the skeleton coming right up!”

Both of them went back and forwards several times, and then disappeared in the thin air. Meanwhile, Ms. Angel looked at Ms. Judgment and was puzzled for a moment. And she asked.

“Umm... The twins are... How shall I put it... Eh... Ms. Judgment, are those two on weeds or something else?”

“Ms. Angel, as I believe... Mr. Coins and Mr. Cups are just too hyper and excited about this afternoon.”

“Oh, I see. Never mind then.... Ms. Wands, I'm hungry. Can I have a sandwich please?”

“Certainly, Ms. Angel. I will make sandwiches for everyone.”


Ms. Wands went into the kitchen area and made some sandwiches. Meanwhile, Ms. Judgment looked at her smartphone and said.

“It's almost twelve now... According to the plan, we wait for the Afternoon News at noon.”

A moment later, Mr. Tower noticed.

“Umm... Something isn't right? I could feel it. Something fishy is going on... Questionable emoji.”

Hence, Ms. Angel pointed to the television set and replied.

“It's already noon now. But the TV is still showing the soap opera marathon.”

Ms. Judgment took a closer look at the television set and said.

“Sigh, still soap opera... She always like that... being late as usual...”

Finally, around 12:15pm. The Afternoon News was on air. A beautiful woman dressed in a golden robe was kneeling in the news channel. A moment later, she stood up and looked at the camera. She got an innocent cute face, but her eyes were a little red. It seemed she was crying for a while.

“My beloved master... Please, please forgive me... My sincere apology... about the delay...”

That true beauty had paused for a moment and then gathered her thoughts. Afterwards, she went back to the news table and continued her speech.

“Okay, now back to the News... I am Ms. Fire, the spokeswoman of Killer Incorporation.... Today, Killer Incorporation officially declares war on the Metropolitan's government. From now on, the Shadow City shall be under our control. Any further resistance is futile. The citizens of Metropolitan, accept your fate and bow before us... In order to show our master is merciful. We shall announce our targets in advance, such that the citizens shall evaluate from those areas immediately... So here is the list of government's facilities, which would be under our attacks within this afternoon...”

Ms. Fire took out a cue card from her robe and started her reading.

“First, the military fortress in the northern district. Second, the government headquarter complex in the southern district. Finally, the nuclear power facility on the eastern coastlines... All actions shall be executed immediately without any further delay... Signed by Deathmar Schneider – Merciful Ruler of Killer Incorporation... So, the comrades from Killer Incorporation... Fulfill our tasks and bring the glory upon us... Good luck and good hunting... See you all later!”

Ms. Fire ended her speech with a spooky smile on her face.

Meanwhile, Ms. Angel and others just finished lunch inside the ghetto local restaurant. Six different ringtones had come from their smartphones. Since, everyone had gathered at the dining table. The group of six people starred at each other silently. At the end, Ms. Angel broke the silent and said.

“You guys got the message, right? It seems our orders had arrived... Let's begin this game!”


Everyone could felt their own desire within their hearts. There was only one word could have explained that – Bloodshed.

Riri R. Palette
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