Chapter 13:


Inescapable Consequence Series

Two miles away from Mount Lestat
Town of Kensington

At the first crossroad of Town of Kensington, a team of three people were standing there and welcomed Ms. Chariot and Ms. Temperance shortly arrival. A muscle man who dressed in a tank top and jeans stepped forwards and said.

“Welcome to Town of Kensington, Ms. Chariot and Ms. Temperance.”

Ms. Chariot stopped and replied.

“Oh hello, Mr. Lovers.”

Mr. Lovers continued his introduction.

“Ms. Chariot, let me introduce my teammates. To my left is Mr. Strength and to my right is Mr. Hanged Man.”

“Nice to meet you two. And this is Ms. Temperance.”

Ms. Temperance noticed.

“Greeting to all.”

Mr. Strength and Mr. Hanged Man responded as the same time.

“Our honors.”

Ms. Chariot looked into Mr. Lovers’ eyes and said.

“Mr. Lovers, are you hiding something from me?”

Mr. Lovers felt a little bit unease, since he was just a prey under Ms. Chariot’s glance.

“Umm… Actually, it is about yesterday, in the late afternoon around… Umm…”

“Speak it out!”

Meanwhile, Mr. Lovers stared at Mr. Strength and Hanged Man. Then, Mr. Hanged Man stepped forwards and reported that incident to Ms. Chariot.

“Yesterday late afternoon, Mr. Strength and I had encountered Mr. Death and Ms. Traitor inside the Kensington Train Station. It seems they were leaving the town in a hurry with a human girl.”

Ms. Chariot was pondering for a while and said.

“Did you two stop them?”

“We’re terribly sorry… Unfortunately, they had escaped.”

“Oh well… It can’t be help, am I right? I can imagine only two of you cannot stop Number Three and Number Four from Origin Six.”

“Yes, yes, yes… you are absolutely right. Ms. Chariot… With your permission, Mr. Strength and I would voluntarily to pursuit them.”

“Mr. Death and Ms. Traitor aren’t our problem. Right now, capturing that little piece of clockwork is our first priority.”

These three men nodded and replied.

“Aye… Ms. Chariot.”

Then Ms. Chariots turned to Ms. Temperance and said.

“Ms. Temperance, are you ready? I’ll leave that little piece of clockwork for you. And I will handle Ms. Wheel of Fortune on my own.”

“Of course, I’m ready. I always want to meet the legendary Number One from Origin Six in person.”

These three men looked at each other for a while and Ms. Lovers asked.

“Ms. Chariot, what about us?”

“You guys are going to stay put and watch. Of course, in case of outside interference.”

“Such as?”


Ms. Chariot pointed at the roof of a five-storey high building, which located at the north-east corner of the crossroad. There was a shadow figure stood on top of the roof, which was watching them from there. Suddenly, that shadow figure appeared in front of the group.

Ms. Temperance greeted with smile.

“You are slacking off again.”

That shadow figure was at least ten feet tall, who covered with a huge black cloak with a mask on its face.

“Hello, Ms. Temperance and those gentlemen. Oh, Ms. Chariot, you are here too.”

“Yes, Mr. Juggler…”

“Ladies and gentlemen, I’m just a bystander in here.”

“I hope so.”

“Ms. Chariot, you didn’t change a bit. You always worry too much. Just relax.”

All of a sudden, Ms. Temperance alerted by two distinct people, who were coming from the west.

“They are coming!”

Everyone looked to the west. They saw two maids were walking towards the town. And one of the maid was carrying a chained-up coffin.

Although, every single person in here were members of Killer Incorporation. But definitely at this moment, there was the standoff between the elderly and the young guns. Both sides were just only ten feet away each other. From the west side, there was Servant and Ms. Wheel of Fortune. From the east side, it got Ms. Chariot, Ms. Temperance, Mr. Lovers, Mr. Strength and Mr. Hanged Man. Both sides had already in the battle formation. However, Mr. Juggler was right in the middle of them.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I’m only a bystander. Before you guys started killing each other. Please let me teleport out from here first. Thank you very much.”

Ms. Wheel of Fortune greeted him with a warm smile.

“Mr. Juggler, I haven’t see you for a long time. How are you lately?”

“Oh, is Ms. WF… I’m fine thanks, and yourself?”

“Currently, I got tangled with those people over there.”

“I see. I wish I could help you but unfortunately…”

“Of course, you are welcome to do so. However, this time is one versus three. Are you able to do so?”

“Ah… Ha… I get it. Ms. WF, are you telling me. I cannot beat those three potato heads at the same time?”

“Ugh… Umm… Maybe or maybe not. Who knows? Hehe…”

Meanwhile, Servant directly told Mr. Juggler about his chance of winning.

“The possibility of Mr. Juggler’s chance of winning is only about thirty-three points three, three, three, three, three, three, three, three, three, three, three, three, three, three, three, three, three, three, three, three, three, three, three...”

Ms. Wheel of Fortune was kind of annoyed by Servant’s calculation.

“Servant, please stop it. I think Mr. Juggler got the idea.”

“Understood, Ms. WF.”

Mr. Juggler looked at Servant and replied.

“Huh, even Servant also said so… Okay, fine. Now you two got on my nerve.”

Mr. Juggler turned around and stared at those three men, which were Mr. Lovers, Mr. Strength and Mr. Hanged Man. Meanwhile, Ms. Chariot was trying to get some attention from Ms. Wheel of Fortune.

“Hey, Ms. WF and you two, as you all can see. The tide is turning!”

However, no respond at all. Ms. Chariot and her associates were very angry and mad. It was because Ms. Wheel of Fortune and the other two persons were totally ignoring her existence.


Finally, Ms. Temperance was out of her temper. She rushed through Mr. Juggler and was directly heading towards Servant. Then, those three men immediately jumped into actions. However, Mr. Juggler had intervened their advance.

“You three potato heads, come with me. I will be your guys’ opponent.”

Mr. Juggler had taunted those three men with a nasty hand gesture, and started running away to the north. Those three men looked at each other for a moment, and then decided to pursuit Mr. Juggler. Although, Ms. Chariot had noticed that was coming. But she did not care anymore, because her target was Ms. Wheel of Fortune.

Ms. Chariot took out her weapons, which were a lance and a tower shield. She started advancing, while she was giving out an order to Ms. Temperance.

“Ms. Temperance, don’t destroy Servant. We need her, so just capture her.”

“I know. No need to remind me.”

Ms. Temperance was up against Servant. She jumped up and launched with a double roundhouse kick in the mid-air. Once she had landed on the ground, she started her follow-up move with her signature kick combo that was a front sick, a side kick, a crescent kick, and then a back kick. After all of her hard works, it seemed Servant had not suffered any damage.

Afterwards, Servant put down the chained-up coffin from her back. Then, she pointed at Ms. Temperance and said.

“Ms. Temperance, have you finished all of your moves yet?”

Ms. Temperance stared at Servant boldly and then launched her second wave of attacks. Furthermore, two separated chain whips had launched under her sleeves. The chain whip which came from the right side was embedded with frost, and the other one which came from the left side was enchanted with flame. Hence, both of them wrapped around Servant’s upper body. Then, her body seemed to burst into flame and frost at the same time.

“Haha… Got you... Wait… What the heck? How did you break them?”

Although, Servant had broken the chain bondage and freed herself out. However, she still stood there without any reaction after all. Servant’s face went blank when she was staring at Ms. Temperance. Afterwards, there was a digital voice which came from the chained-up coffin had drew her attention immediately.

“Weapon name – Ice-fire… … …”

“User name – Temperance… … …”

“Directly under – Crazy Seventy-Eight… … …”

“Employer – Killer Incorporation… … …”

“Confirmed… … …”

“Master’s order – Disintegrate… … …”

“Target locked… … …”

All of a sudden, Servant’s face twisted into a horrible rictus of a smile.


The digital voice which came from the chained-up coffin replied.


The chained-up coffin had opened up slowly and Servant took out a weapon from it. Hence, Ms. Temperance was anxious about that weapon. She started talking to herself.

“Argh… I should have notice that chained-up coffin is Pandora Box. By analyzing the opponent and its weapon weakness, Pandora Box would assemble special tailor-made weapons on its own. In general, those weapons are called weapon breakers. Umm… This is bad… Fallen? I have no information of that weapon breaker. Maybe I should retreat now instead of keep on fighting… I must try to gain some distances between us first, and then trap her inside that apartment building. Okay!”

Hence, Ms. Temperance turned around and started retreating from the battle. She dashed across the main road and went into a twenty-storey high apartment building. Servant noticed that immediately and ran over to that apartment building too. But instead of going into that building, she stopped. Nevertheless, Ms. Temperance was heading to its roof. Once she reached the roof, she had realized that Servant was not behind her. Then, Ms. Temperance looked up into the sky and found out there was a large glowing magic seal upon the roof.
Meanwhile, Servant was still standing in front of this apartment building. She looked up for a moment and gave a command to her weapon breaker.

“FALLEN! Activate!”

Ms. Temperance spaced out, when she saw a dark purple beam of light landed upon the whole apartment building. Its building structure collapsed and then disintegrated immediately. Ms. Temperance’s last word was:

“So that is the power of Number One!”

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