Chapter 15:


Inescapable Consequence Series

Two miles away from Mount Lestat
Town of Kensington

On the other hand, Ms. Chariot tried to thrust her lance several times into Ms. Wheel of Fortune’s upper body. However, all of her attacks were blocked or diverted by Ms. Wheel of Fortune’s swords. She took a step back and regrouped her moves. She stared at Ms. Wheel of Fortune’s swords and noticed their names.

“Umm… the legendary Swords of Love – ‘Gan Jiang Mo Ye (干将莫耶)’… Ms. WF, when did you start to wield them? Haha… Anyways, are you still calling yourself the Greatest Summoner after all? So where are the summon masters now? Haha…”

Meanwhile, Ms. Wheel of Fortune also took a step back and then replied.

“Ms. Chariot, these were a gift from our master. You know what is the main problem for a summoner during a fight? It takes a long time with very complicated rituals in order to summon a monster. While that summoned monster cannot stay around for long, especially if the fight is up against someone like yourself – a tank. Definitely, it isn’t a good choice at all.”


“Don’t you see them? Ah… Maybe they move too fast. Hehe…”

“What are you talking about?”

Ms. Chariot took a closer look again. She realized that pair of swords which Ms. Wheel of Fortune was wielding had changed their shape into some kind of wyverns. The golden wyvern was on the left hand and the silver wyvern was on the right hand of Ms. Wheel of Fortune.

“Ms. Chariot, I should have told you a little bit earlier about my summoned monsters. Gan Jiang is the golden one and Mo Ye is the silver one. You see, they are very cute but also lethal too.”

“Tsk… Just only two little dragons. They cannot be that lethal.”

“Shall we try and see?”

All of a sudden, there was a dark purple beam of light landed onto that apartment building. It seemed everything it touch, they disintegrated. Ms. Chariot’s attention was totally draw by that dark purple beam of light.

“Huh? That is?”

“Oh, about that one. For sure, it came from Fallen.”


“Oh well. Ms. Chariot, you can just ignore that.”


“Don’t worry a bit.”


Ms. Chariot noticed that Ms. Wheel of Fortune took several steps backwards. She advanced immediately with her tower shield at the front.

“Oh, I see… Gan Jiang, Floater! Mo Ye, Shield!”

Gan Jiang had morphed into a dozen of sword floaters, while Mo Ye duplicated itself and changed into a wall, which built by swords. When Ms. Chariot’s tower shield collided with Mo Ye, her lance tried to break through Mo Ye too. However, Gan Jiang’s sword floaters had arrived in time such that they were forcing Ms. Chariot to back off several feet away from Ms. Wheel of Fortune.

“Tsk… Telekinesis…”

“Of course.”

Ms. Chariot closed her eyes and refocused her mind. When she reopened her eyes, she was ready. Her senses of defense were boosted up by one of her special abilities.

“Ms. WF, here I come!”

Ms. Chariot started launching her second wave of attacks. Suddenly, she saw three objects were coming into her path. Although, she dodged them. But she stopped advancing instantly. Since, she realized those three objects were the bloody heads from those men.

Ms. Wheel of Fortune saw those three bloody heads and then shouted at Mr. Juggler.

“Ugh… Mr. Juggler… That’s gross.”

Mr. Juggler was standing right in the middle of the battle once again.

“Sorry, Ms. WF… But I got those heads for you as our reunion’s presents.”

“I don’t want those.”


Ms. Chariot stared at those bloody heads for a moment. Then, she started retreating from the battle.

“Tsk… Idiots… All of them… Ms. WF, until next time we meet. I will finish you off right away.”

Mr. Juggler looked at Ms. Chariot’s back and then smiled at Ms. Wheel of Fortune.

“Wow… she left in a hurry.”

“No wonder… By the way, that was fast.”

“Oh, was it?”

“Anyways, why are you in Kensington?

“I heard a rumor when I was in the Shadow City.”

“What was it?”

“Big Four is coming... However, it is…”

“Not surprising. If they want to take over Killer Incorporation, then Big Four is their last weapon of choice.”

“Ugh… I’m not done yet… However, Big Four wasn’t just come here for the sightseeing. Their main mission is escorting him.”

“Oh him!”

“Yes, our so-called master… What business brings him here?”

Meanwhile, Servant was walking over towards them. Once she heard the word ‘Master’, she immediately asked Mr. Juggler.

“Mr. Juggler, which master are you referring now?”

Mr. Juggler looked at Servant and then answered.

“The Best One.”

It seemed Servant was kind of disappointed once she heard the word ‘The Best One’. Even Ms. Wheel of Fortune was in a gloomy mood.

“Hey, both of you… Don’t worry and be happy… Let’s me tell you a funny story about how did I beat those three potato heads in fifteen minutes… Umm… what were their names?”

Servant answered.

“Mr. Lovers, Mr. Strength and Mr. Hanged Man.”

Meanwhile, Ms. Wheel of Fortune got another idea.

“Wow, you took fifteen minutes to kill them? I thought you should be better than that.”

“Eh? Ms. WF, I was playing with them…”

“Whatever… Blah, blah, blah…”

Mr. Juggler turned to Servant and seek for her help.

“In this case, I should take off your ranking from my record. Such that from now on, you cannot use the name Number Six.”

“Please no… I’m doing great… Please... Why me?”

Ms. Wheel of Fortune gave her opinion with an evil smile.

“Hehe… Maybe you should call yourself – Number Seven instead… Hehe…”

Mr. Juggler was rolling on the floor like a baby, while he was yelling.

“No! No! No!”

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