Chapter 16:


Inescapable Consequence Series

Number Three had already smashed couple hundreds of the undead, when Number Four and King Kuma had arrived at the battlefront.

“Number Four, you are late!”

Number Four and King Kuma were also fighting on their way to there, when they finally met up with Number Three.

“She is my niece!”


“Never mind. Virgin like you never understand.”

“Now I’m angry! Argh…”

Number Three charged into the crowd of undead with his Double Sins. Then, he started spinning it around, which had created a whirlpool effect. Several hundreds of undead got pulled into it and got killed instantly. Afterwards, Number Three had fell back a little bit.

“See… Number Four… That looks cool. I will call it – Dancing with the Death.”

“Number Three… Watch me… King Kuma, berserk mode.”

King Kuma changed into berserk mode. It launched both of its fists towards the enemy which had caused several of the undead got smashed instantly. There were also two long chains attached to both of its fists. When those fists had landed onto the ground, King Kuma started to spin while it was advancing into the enemy’s frontline. At this moment, King Kuma was a deadly walking whirlwind on the battleground.

“Tsk… is the same.”

“No way! King Kuma is a whirlwind more super-duper than yours.”

“Anyways, how many you got?”

“Close to a thousand. And you?”

“Same as you.”

The army of undead was swarming over both of them without its ending. Those monsters were attacking in wave after wave with suicidal determination.

Both of them kept on killing for several minutes until Number Four had proposed a solution.

“It is pointless to keep on going like this. Let’s find out who is behind it.”

“As you wish…”

All of a sudden, Number Three threw his Double Sins out into the enemy. It sliced through the enemy’s frontline until it got deflected into the ground. Number Three unexpectedly realized his Double Sins got deflected by another person, who was standing at the far back on the battleground. And that person was Mr. Hierophant.

“Mr. Death, you are a bit rusty now.”

“Oh, is you, Mr. Hierophant… But, I’m still better than you.”

“Haha… Trash talk.”

“No, you see… At least I’m fighting in the battle… Look at you… You just are hiding at the back, and let your minions do your dirty work… Haha… You are slacking off.”

“Haha… Trash talk again. But you have a point.”

Mr. Hierophant raised his voice and said.

“Minions, stop the attack and wait for my further order.”

Then Mr. Hierophant shifted his glance back to Number Three again.

“You happy now?! Mr. Death, come and duel me... It is the greatest moment for the holy one versus the unholy one. Definitely, this is a crusade… The holy war between us… Now come! My Spear of Destiny is waiting for your bloodshed.”

“Okay, okay, okay… No worries… I knew you always admire me. But you shouldn’t say that in the public…”

“Haha… More trash talks.”

Meanwhile, Number Three turned to Number Four and said.

“Number Four, did you see that thing behind him?”

“You mean that golden covered wooden chest.”

“Yes. That covenant is in there. When you destroy it, the army of undead won’t be able to function anymore.”

“I see. Not a problem at all. Definitely, King Kuma got the power to do so.”

“Okay then listen carefully. I will draw his attention, then you and King Kama start a surprise attack onto the chest… Ready and go!”

Mr. Hierophant stared at Number Four and shouted.

“Ms. Traitor.”

Number Three, Number Four and King Kuma started advancing. Once Mr. Hierophant was inside Number Three’s attack range, his Double Sins started to slice-and-dice everything which got into its way. Mr. Hierophant dodged several of its attacks and then started to use Spear of Destiny for his counterattacks.

Since, Mr. Hierophant was too focusing on Number Three. Such that he had miss out someone, which could have allowed Number Four and King Kuma to crash that wooden chest. When Mr. Hierophant realized that, it was too late.

All of a sudden, a scepter had deflected King Kuma’s attack back to Number Four. Number Four got the hit instantly, and she was bounced back several feet away from the wooden chest. Then, a female voice appeared.

“Such a bad girl, Ms. Traitor.”

Meanwhile, King Kuma had fell back and ran over. Finally, it caught Number Four before she was going to pierce through by the sharp limestone behind it. A while later, Number Four regained her consciousness. Once, she realized there was one more person who was protecting the chest. She found out Number Three was in serious trouble. He was fighting Mr. Hierophant and that female at the same time.

“Two versus one… This is bad…. Especially, that bitch is here too.”

Number Four got back on her feet and yelled.

“Ms. High Priestess…. You… Bitch!”

Ms. High Priestess answered with a surprise look on her face.

“Oh mine! You are still alive.”

After King Kuma picked up Number Four and put her on its right shoulder. It started its charging attack to Ms. High Priestess. Although, its charging attack was a direct hit. However, it was deflected once again by Ms. High Priestess’s scepter.

“Tsk… Single minded… Ms. Traitor you had never learn and grown… King Kuma’s attacks is meaningless under my Scepter of Deception.”

“We’ll see… Milk cow bitch!”

“Oh mine. You are calling names now… You flat chested little girl!”

As four of them were fighting around that wooden chest. Number Three and Four were trying to destroy it while Mr. Hierophant and Ms. High Priestess was protecting it.

Suddenly, Ms. High Priestess burst out laughing Meanwhile, when Number Four had sensed Aoi was in great dangers. Ms. High Priestess looked at Number Four and said.

“Ms. Traitor, we got your niece now.”

At this moment, Number Four got distracted by that message. Meanwhile, Mr. Hierophant’s Spear of Destiny had changed its direction from Number Three to her. King Kuma tried to block the spear but in vain. Spear of Destiny was going directly towards Number Four’s chest area. All of a sudden, Number Three went over and covered her with his own body.

Time seemed frozen during the last moment of the battle. Spear of Destiny had pierced through Number Three’s heart. Mr. Hierophant pulled his spear out from Number Three’s body without a second thought.

At the end of the battle, Mr. Hierophant laughed.

“Got you… You little brat!”

Number Three’s blood was poured out and covered Number Four’s entire body. She took both of his hands and put them on her chest.

“My silly husband, why did you do such a thing?”

Number Three responded while his blood poured out from his mouth.

“My lovely wife… thank you… your kindness…. and your patience… for… these hundreds of years… It seems… this is… the… end of… it… I won’t… be around… anymore… … cause… … my regenerate… does… not… work… … … … I… always… love… you… past life… this life… next life… Forever… …!”

Number Four admitted as tears flowed from her eyes.

“I always love you too no matter how silly you are!”

Ms. High Priestess looked at Number Four with a smile.

“It is all settled. Now, time to die.”

Number Four stared at Ms. High Priestess and said.

“By you? Haha… Huh?”

Number Four looked down to her chest and saw Spear of Destiny was slowly coming out through her chest. She glanced over her shoulder. A minute later, her lifeless body fell on top of Number Three.

Mr. Hierophant stood behind her and answered in cold blood.

“No, by me! Haha…”

Ms. High Priestess looked at him and asked.

“Mr. Hierophant, what now?”

“Ms. High Priestess, let’s meet up with Mr. Magician first. Probably, he had already captured Aoi.”

Ms. High Priestess nodded in agreement.

Both of them turned around and started leaving the scene. Suddenly, King Kuma moved a little bit and there was an alert sound which were coming from its body while its mouth was moving too.

“Barrier… Activated! Self-destruction sequence starting in fifteen seconds…. 15… 14… 13… 12… 11… 10…”

Mr. Hierophant and Ms. High Priestess looked at each other. They unexpectedly realized that was Number Four’s final attack.

“Ms. High Priestess, barrier’s radius?”

“Mr. Hierophant, five miles!”

“More than enough for me!”

“WAIT! I can’t…”

Hence, Mr. Hierophant was too far ahead of Ms. High Priestess. She had tried to run away from the explosion as fast as possible. Unfortunately, she could hear King Kuma’s countdown at this point.

“5… 4… 3… 2… 1… 0!”

There was a sudden blinding flash followed by a thunder roar. Then, there was a red orange colour mushroom cloud which could be seen from miles away. Its blast effect was total devastating. For those who within its impact zone would be vaporized instantly.

Mr. Hierophant was standing six miles away from the center of explosion.

“Tsk… Ms. High Priestess, it was just too bad. The strongest always survived.”

Riri R. Palette
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