Chapter 17:


Inescapable Consequence Series

Two miles away from Mount Lestat
Town of Kensington

Those three men were standing in front of Mr. Juggler for several minutes. Mr. Juggler was out of his patience and said.

“Could we start now? You guys want to do it individually as a duel or as a group fight?”

Mr. Lovers stared at Mr. Juggler for a while. He didn’t speak at all. Meanwhile, Mr. Hanged Man was talking to Mr. Strength.

“Mr. Strength, now go!”

“Mr. Hanged Man, why me?”

“Because you are a melee.”

“You are also melee.”

“Idiot, I’m a range melee.”

“So? Are you afraid?”

“Hell no! He is just a blanket.”

Mr. Juggler overheard their conversation.

“I heard that. Now I’m angry!”

Mr. Lovers was standing in between both of them. Then, he suggested a battle plan.

“Enough! Since, he is all alone. Let’s do it together. Once I gripped him from behind. You two start your attacks. So, any question?”

Mr. Hanged Man raised a question.

“Umm… Mr. Lovers about earlier… That dark purple beam of light… Do you think that’s the true power of Origin Six?”

“Yes, then so what? Our opponent isn’t from Origin Six.”

“Are you sure? It seems Mr. Juggler is pretty close to Number Two.”

“You said so?”

“Umm… Yes.”

“Then I will say Mr. Strength and you are also pretty close together.”

“No way! Who said that?”

“I said so!”

Mr. Strength stared at Mr. Hanged Man.

“Never mind. Just follow Mr. Lovers’ plan.”

When Mr. Lovers glanced up at Mr. Juggler. He was standing there just like a stone wall. Mr. Lovers rushed to his back and successfully gripped him from behind. Meanwhile, Mr. Strength and Mr. Hanged Man were ready to go for their killing blows. They were trying to chop off both of Mr. Juggler’s arms.

Mr. Strength’s fist attack was landed onto Mr. Juggler’s left shoulder, while Mr. Hanged Man was using his Kusarigama to cut off Mr. Juggler’s right arm. All of a sudden, both of Mr. Juggler’s arms got detached from his body. Hence, Mr. Lovers noticed that had happened. Then, he released his grip from Mr. Juggler’s upper body and went for Mr. Juggler’s neck. When Mr. Lovers touched Mr. Juggler’s neck, Mr. Juggler’s head was also detached from his body.

Mr. Lovers shouted at the other two men.

“Guys! Regroup!”

Those three men took several steps backwards, and then they stared at Mr. Juggler’s body parts, which had fell onto the ground. Mr. Lovers went closer to those body parts and then poked each of them several times.

“What the heck? Is he dead? Wait… Argh…”

Mr. Juggler’s right suddenly moved. It transformed into a puppet, which around four feet tall. Then, it jumped towards Mr. Lovers. Mr. Lovers was trying to dodge it. However, that puppet cut his throat with an embedded surgery knife. Mr. Lovers was surprised and tried to warn the others before he died.

“You… Coward… Puppet… Cut…”

Meanwhile, Mr. Juggler’s head was rolling near to the Mr. Lovers’ dead body.

“Sheesh… Dead man tells no tale… Hehe…”

Mr. Hanged Man and Mr. Strength were a little bit far away from Mr. Lovers, such that they could not heard his warning message. Nevertheless, both of them had not noticed anything yet. At the end, they had realized Mr. Lovers was dead on the ground.

“Mr. Strength, that was strange. Why Mr. Lovers is dead.”

“Umm… No idea… Mr. Hanged Man.”

“Shall we go over and take a look?”

“You go.”


All of a sudden, Mr. Juggler’s headless and armless body stood up and started walking towards Mr. Lovers’ dead body. Finally, it found its head on the ground and then put the head onto its body. Mr. Juggler opened his eyes and said.

“You two just stay there and let me kill you please.”

Mr. Strength and Mr. Hanged Man were shocked. Once they saw Mr. Juggler’s left arm had also transformed into another puppet. Their faces became pale instantly. A moment later, Mr. Strength had snapped out of his confusion and said.

“Dang! He is a puppet master! Mr. Hanged Man! I’ll keep him occupied. You better find those control wires now, otherwise we are all dead meat!”

When Mr. Hanged Man came to his senses, he saw Mr. Strength was already fighting with those two puppets. He was trying to locate those control wires, but unfortunately without success. At the end, he only saw Mr. Strength got decapitated in front of him. A terror had overtaken Mr. Hanged Man’s face. It was worst than death itself. Finally, his body was cut into pieces by those two puppets. Afterwards, those two puppets were attached back into Mr. Juggler’s torso by themselves.

Mr. Juggler looked at those three mangled bodies and said.

“Who said I’m not from Origin Six? Ugh… Probably, these three men got hired by Killer Incorporation after I got exiled by our master. Oh well, never mind then. Where is Ms. WF? Oh… She is over there fighting… Let’s me bring these three potato heads over. She will be amazed once I told her I just only used fifteen minutes to kill them all. Hehe…”

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