Chapter 20:


From University Graduate to Soldier in an Interstellar Conflict: I Got Isekaied to an Alien World at War

I am ensnared in her unrequited affection, not by reciprocation, but by a new suit. This was Delume’s surprise gift: a retro-futuristic knight's armour of obsidian black, harbouring accents of blue light between the spacing, making me a warrior of darkness; one that will bring desolation to the Caxhel race. Bookmark here

Pincers can come up from the upside portion of my hand instead of the more cumbersome means of access from my thighs. My concentrated energy beam is now twenty-five per cent stronger. And the arm cutter has about triple the use from before. These were some of the improvements to my combat ability.Bookmark here

I do some light walking, then running, and then some jumping. “My limbs… they feel looser.”Bookmark here

“Do you like it?” Delume hurried through its words while looking at me longingly from a short distance away.Bookmark here

I cringe at the word ‘like.’ “Of course. I can jump higher, run faster, and my reach seems to be a bit more expansive.”Bookmark here

“That was all me. I studied mechanical design just to make this suit for you. Waityuix guided me through the whole process as an apprentice.”Bookmark here

My blushing became pinkish as I said this, “You really do like me, don’t you?”Bookmark here

“Yep. I really, really do. I wouldn’t go out my core skillset as the main medical practitioner to make you a lighter and more durable piece of armour if I didn't.”Bookmark here

“What about my microphone?” I was given a new helmet as well to cap off my look as a dark knight. To put it on wasn't possible at the moment, for to take off my current one would leave my lungs, throat and nasal cavity in crisis. Having it in my hands, I can tell that the material for this is stiffer than the rest of my armour. Should be for the best if anything were to come directly to crack, smack, or hack my head off. Bookmark here

“Your microphone and translatory conversion nodes are now doubled because of the boost in overall computation. You can hear us more clearly now as a result. Did you notice it?”Bookmark here

“Say something else. I want to confirm it myself.” It comes closer, wanting to whisper something to me. The lack of sound should be an ample test of my auditory capabilities.Bookmark here

You’re so cute. I just want to eat your face off.Bookmark here

Okay. I had enough. This is when most men would run away, and there was no hesitation for me to not do it. I couldn’t look at her - not right now. The embarrassment got to me. My two feet got moving and I begin to walk away from the scene.Bookmark here

What about me is attractive to a Makupuu? An average-looking, thirty-something-year-old closet otaku is far from anyone’s dream lover. I have no redeemable traits. But what do I know? These aliens must have very different takes on beauty. But concepts like that is not what I would think of them from our frequent interactions. Their gender, how they repopulate and other such topics were never delved into all that much. But on the opposite side, I split as much I as can. To educate beings more on human romance, like all other things regarding my species, is something I was willing to disclose.Bookmark here

“Wait, you didn’t tell me it’s better than before!”Bookmark here

“It’s great! I can hear much better!” I keep walking ahead, not wanting to stay it to its face.Bookmark here

“Don’t go yet, there’s one more feature to try out: flight.”Bookmark here

I come to a halt. This is one thing I have to try. Maybe I can get out of here faster if I can master it.Bookmark here

Following her instructions, I was off the ground through a burst of light from my soles. Zipping through the air was a pleasurable experience, and the heights I was able to achieve, even with how huge the Bokels were, became minuscule.Bookmark here

I had to compliment Delume. This is too good not to. “Wow. You actually figured this out, Delume. Colour me impressed.”Bookmark here

“I added it at the last minute after the Bokels detailed how they were going to modify for your suit, including flight. I thought I can save you the trouble by having it built-in.”Bookmark here

“Well then, I must say thanks for this. You went above my expectations by a lot. I didn’t think I would get a new armour. I was prepared for a plating change, not this. Even to see you here today is a surprise in of itself.”Bookmark here

“That’s why I told Waityuix and the rest to not announce I was coming. I had restrained myself from doing it, but I was too excited, so I did. But this being, its name is Telliwouf, I believe, said that you were having issues speaking because of your armour, so I hung up. I knew you would love me and my gift. I never doubted it.”Bookmark here

With this level of freedom, I seek to touch the ceiling as I held onto my new helmet. I gain altitude in the form of an arc, stretch out my right arm, and wait for my fingertips to graze it.Bookmark here

Closer… Just a little more…I got it! My middle finger got a touch in. I felt accomplished, more than enough to wick away the terror and gloom. That was fun. Now how to land this thing? Oh yeah, I should just ask Delume. She made it.Bookmark here

“Delume, how do you land?”Bookmark here

"Just descend slowly feet first till you make contact with the floor."Bookmark here

I do just that except for an unintended THUD! I deactivated the boosters below my feet a little too soon, putting me on my butt.Bookmark here

Delume got to me before anyone else. She stared at the area affected to see if there was any damage.Bookmark here

“I’m fine. No need to worry.”Bookmark here

“But there could’ve been a leak. And since you can’t breathe the air of this world, you will die in minutes. For you to not be alive will ruin me.”Bookmark here

“I said don’t worry. Look at me, Delume.” I said I wouldn’t look at her, but that was contradicted to say this, “Don’t you trust me to survive?”Bookmark here

“Well, yes. But if you’re hurt or in danger, and I’m nearby, I’ll be there for you.”Bookmark here

“Great. But I’m a hardened soldier. I don’t need someone to babysit me. You all give me ample assistance to what I do best: defending Me’blenxclan from the Caxhels. So, as I’ve said several times before, don’t worry. I’ll be fine.” I pick up my helmet and get up.Bookmark here

“Okay. I trust you.”Bookmark here

What did I do to deserve this? I don’t want to be loved nor to love. And even if I accept, can a human and a Makupuu couple work? I don’t believe it can. We’re just too different. Why she couldn’t be like the girl I had a crush on in high school? You know, an actual human female? Damn it, what was her name again? I think it was Ichika. Can’t recall her last name but I do remember her adorable punk rock look. There were others I had feelings for, but there was one that surpassed Ichika besides Camilla Catalan. A female like that is too perfect for this world. Bookmark here

She was from the Caribbean, and everything about her was magnificent.Bookmark here

Her hips. Her lips. Her hair. All of it was magnificent, accentuated by her dark skin.Bookmark here

And her name was Eliana. Bookmark here

It’s a shame I never had the courage to ask her out or any of the girls I liked. Hopefully, she found someone who would love her well.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

As they remove my now-retired suit, I come out of my new one so they can measure its arms and its insides for the creation of compartments to stuff the specially made cables. But most of that would be for another time. Bookmark here

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