Chapter 20:


Inescapable Consequence Series

We were on the run in the wilderness for several hours. It seems Mr. Hierophant and Mr. Magician had not catch up with us yet. Therefore, we took a rest near the highway which led to the airport.

“Dad, where are we going?”

“We are going to the airport and join with your Mom.”

“But Dad, I need to find its entrance.”

“Umm… Do you know what will happen if you found its entrance and got that ‘Device’ out from there?”

“I only know that ‘Device’ is in there. Although, every country wants that ‘Device’ for themselves. But if we find that ‘Device’ then we could hand it over to the World Federation and lets them decide how to use its power for the sake of mankind.”

“Aoi, indeed that’s a good virtue. But in reality, isn’t that simple after all.”

“Huh? Why, Dad?”

“Humans society is based on mutual benefit. And that’s why humans invented its own currency. So, let’s said if a person made a profit then sometimes, somehow, and somewhere another person would have had to paid for that as his/her expense. Afterwards, this process became a cycle. The currency should be always in balance. No matter is that a community, a town, a city, a state, a country, a continent or even a world. If everyone could follow this simple rule, then no one should be in suffering. Unfortunately, in this world not everything is fair or even balance. Someone, somehow, and somewhere there are always imbalance. In order to make it so-called ‘fair’, the riches tended to help those less fortunate by using an ‘unfair’ solution – if you have extra, then you give. Suppose the riches will give to the less fortunate, but only under one condition if the riches got extra, spare, excess, etc. But in order to make more extra, spare, excess, etc. the riches need to make more profit. Since there is already had an imbalance in the give and take process. Therefore, there is no mutual benefit in between the riches and the less fortunate. If the social polarization becomes worst throughout the years, then it will reach its boiling point. When death, famine, war and conquest will simply occur afterwards.”

“Ugh… Umm…”

“That’s mean if you hand over that ‘Device’ to the World Federation. Only the strong wealthiest countries would have the benefit out from that. Now a day, world domination isn’t simply being ‘I came I saw I conquered’ or even ‘Divide and Conquer’. It is a Global Financial War.”


“Aoi, if you found its entrance. Every country in this world definitely wants a piece of that. Even now, there is a turmoil going on within the city.”

“But you and Mom are researching that in the university for several years now.”

“Aoi, your Mom and I knew that will be a consequence if we discovered City of Light. That’s why we are holding back our research for the university. But it seems someone cannot wait anymore and they had been working behind the scenes in preparation for this turmoil in order to get thing done right away.”

“You mean Killer Incorporation? But are you part of it?”

“Aoi, I was Mr. Hermit. One of the core members of Killer Incorporation. Throughout the history, Killer Incorporation was the Keeper of this world. We were supposed to balance things out. However, the original Killer Incorporation had been disbanded by that stupid idiot long time ago. And all of the core members had left the organization or got exiled by that stupid idiot.”

“Disbanded? And who was that stupid idiot?”

“Yes. It was disbanded because there was an internal conflict. In order to solved it, that stupid idiot took the worst approach. And that stupid idiot was that guy who said he was Mr. Hermit…”

“Oh, so he is the so-called ‘our master’ which everyone had mentioned before?”

“Argh… Kind of… Umm… Now, you know you are part of Ancients… That’s why I tell you all of the above. However, I don’t want you to get involved in it anymore. You better leave it to the adult and we will handle it from now on.”

“But Dad…”

“No more! I will bring you to your Mom first, because she is worry about you since day one.”

“Oh, I see… And about Number Four…”

“Yes, she was my little sister that’s mean she is your aunt.”

“I wonder how is she now?”

“Ah… Umm… Don’t worry… She’ll be fine… Let’s go now.”

“Okay, Dad.”

Once we had reached the highway, my father was seeking for an abundant car. Although, there were a lot of those. But most of them were broken down or out of gas. A while later, there was a helicopter hovering in the air near us. He took a closer look of it and found out that was from the military’s rescue team. So, he waved at the helicopter and then he turned around.

“Aoi, we go onto that helicopter. It should bring us at to the airport.”

“Okay, Dad.”

Meanwhile, the rescue helicopter had lowered its rescue rope. Hence, my father gripped the rope and I was secured onto it. Then, it was gently ascending towards the rescue helicopter. Once we were inside the fuselage. Those rescuers had asked my father.

“Are there any other survivor?”

“Just only my daughter and I.”

The rescue helicopter was leaving the scene when all of a sudden, the pilots screamed.

“Incoming homing missiles!”

My father responded immediately.

“How many?”


“Take care of my daughter and bring her to the safety.”


My father looked at me and said.

“Aoi, be strong. I will join you and your Mom shortly.”


My father jumped out from the fuselage with a smile on his face.

“Aoi… Happy Birthday!”

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