Chapter 24:


Inescapable Consequence Series

After half an hour of travel, the rescue helicopter finally had arrived at the Metropolitan International Airport. Then, those rescuers brought me into the first aid station which was located on the northern apron area. After I had done my body checkup, then I got released into the quarantine area for an hour of observation. Since, the whole airport had become an emergency crisis center for the general public. Definitely, a lot of people had come here for food and shelter.

An hour later, I had left the quarantine area and entered the terminal building. Once I stepped into the arrival hall area. I heard a very familiar voice which was coming from behind.

“Dang! Search this area… Now!”

I was hiding inside a group of people which were sitting on the floor, when I had realized that voice was coming from Mr. Magician. Then, there were several security guards who had come over the other side of the concourse.

“Mr. Magician, she isn’t around here.”

“Dang! Keep looking… I already told you guys. She is very dangerous. We have to capture her before she would sabotage the airport.”

“Yes, sir!”

Afterwards, those security guards had left the scene. I saw Mr. Hierophant came by him and said.

“Mr. Magician, we have to find her as soon as possible. Otherwise, we will be in deep trouble.”

“Mr. Hierophant, I know… We knew she is somewhere inside the terminal building.”

“Our master didn’t know she is hiding in here. If he finds out, then we…”

“Death sentence…”

“Sheesh… Just keeps it down…”

“Anyways, I will start searching the baggage hall over there.”

“Okay, then I will start searching the departure hall on the next floor.”

Although, both of them went their separate ways. But probably, they were still looking for me. Later, I had decided to look around and started searching for my mother.

The airport terminal building was huge, which had seven floors. Recently, each floor was designed for different kinds of function such as general area, storage area, and residence area. Hospital, police station, fire station, military office, living quarters, school and even playground had also established throughout the airport premise temporary.

Although, it seemed this settlement that was established by the government. However, Killer Incorporation personnel were also stationed in here too. I believed Killer Incorporation was the one who actually was in control of the airport.

A while later, I had reached a staircase at the end of this hallway. It seemed it could lead me to the underground levels from this floor. I took a closer look and it was pitch-black down at the staircase. Without any hesitation, I took out my flash light and went down the stairs.

I believed I had kept walking down for a several minutes or so, until I had reached its basement level. The basement was full of tunnels. Tunnels which led to the outside from the terminal building. I stopped at a forked tunnel and there were two direction signs. The first one which pointed to the left that said ‘Cargo Bay 150m’ and the other one which pointed to the right that said ‘Backup Control Tower 480m’.

I stood there for at least fifteen minutes, and I still had not made up my mind. This decision could be critical. At of a sudden, I had heard noises which were coming from my right side. There was no place to hide or to run. Those noises were closing, and it sounded like a trash bag filled with empty aluminum cans that was shaken vigorously.

Meanwhile, I began to run into the left side of the forked tunnel without further ado. Once I started my run. The noises were also coming closer from my back. Definitely, those noises were chasing after me. There was no time to take a look, but I could felt that those noises were not came from humans at all.

I saw the light at the end of the tunnel while I was running from the noises. Then, I had realized someone was heading over to me.

“Is it you? AOI…”

I looked up and saw her.


Once my mother came over to my side, then she jumped over and started her attacks onto those noises which were behind me. So, I turned around and I saw my mother were fighting against those two skeleton warriors. The result was instant killed by my mother.

Then my mother looked at me and said.

“Aoi, I’m so worry about you…”

“Umm… Hi, Mom!”

“By the way, where is your Dad? I ordered him to bring you to the airport. He is supposed to stay with you.”

“About Dad, he jumped out from the rescue helicopter and…”

“Hold on, Aoi. Let’s us get back to the surface first. Then, you tell me what was happened.”

My mother and I went up the ladder, which was at the end of this tunnel. Once we had arrived at the surface, I had realized this was the cargo bay of the airport. I looked at my mother and then started crying until she gave me her hug. After I told her what had happened previously, then my Mom was pondering for a while.

“Now you know the whole story about Ancients.”

“I believe so… However, I still got a question.”

“Aoi, go ahead.”

“Mom, are you also part of Killer Incorporation?”

“Oh, I met your Dad there. Then, we fell in love, and got married… Since we got married, we had decided to quit… However, that stupid idiot didn’t allow us to do so… Instead of punished by the death penalty, he gave us a final assignment… When this final mission is done, then we will be officially out of there… At the beginning, both of us thought that would be quick one. However, we had unexpectedly realized that is not the case.”

“Mom, so what was that final mission?”

“Ugh… about that… Umm… You should as your Dad. Haha…”

“Why? You cannot tell me now?”

“Not right now… Ugh… Umm... Ah… Aoi, your Dad was my supervisor. So, I cannot tell you without his authorization… Something like that… Yes… Haha… Your Dad… Oh well, you just ask him when you see him… Haha…”

“Oh… Okay. I understood… Mom, why are you at the airport?”

“Haha… Your Dad and I supposedly to pick up a man at the airport yesterday afternoon… But later on, we found out his flight had arrived earlier than we expected… He also left early… When we decided to look for him… Suddenly, the airport was in a lockdown… So, your Dad and I was stuck in here for a day until the airport had reopen to the public as an emergency crisis center… During that time, your Dad went back home and look for you…”

“Oh, I see… I wasn’t home… I went to the Kensington Mall… I tried call you guys but no one answer.”

“During that time period, the mobile network was down.”

Then I looked into my mother’s eyes and asked.

“Mom, so you are Miss?”

“Oh me? I was Ms. Batons. Haha…”

“Wow… My parents are…”

Suddenly, there was a male voice echoed within the cargo bay.

“Haha… Ms. Batons… You just as same as Mr. Hermit… You two are such a liar… Haha… Maybe I should address you as Number Five of Origin Six.”

A man had come out from behind of those cargo containers. Hence, my mother stared at that man and replied.

“Oh, finally… You find me… Mr. Hierophant!”

“Oh yeah, finally… Although, it took me over a day to look for you. But in return, I also hit the jackpot…

Mr. Hierophant pointed at me.

“Oh, by the way, let’s me give you two a heads-up…”

My mother glanced up at him.

“Mr. Hierophant, very kind of you.”

“Of course, I’m always generous as the message of gods… First, Number Three and Four were killed by me… Second, Mr. Hermit is currently sealed inside Ms. Sun’s magic circle… Third, Big Four is in Town of Kensington for Number One, Two and Six... Fourth, all these humans in this airport will become part of our army of undead…”

My mother started charging forwards, while I cried out in anguish.

“And... Fifth, you just shut up and died now!”

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