Chapter 23:

Figure It Out, Dopeman


I was relaxing in my tent with Sera. We stayed on opposite sides of the room. We didn't talk the entire time. I had to say something. "I'm sorry."Bookmark here

She scoffed. "You promised. You said you wouldn't do that anymore. What's your deal? You think you we're the only drug dealer?"Bookmark here

I shook my head slowly. "I..."
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"No! You weren't. You didn't ruin the city by yourself. Hell, that world is dead and gone, Dopeman!" Bookmark here

"That doesn't have to do with anything ok? I just wanted to save Fisher." Bookmark here

"By killing yourself in the process?!"Bookmark here

 I stood up, upset. "Better than to just leave him hanging!" Bookmark here

She did the same. "That luck is going to run out. Look at you! You look beaten all over!"Bookmark here

"It's fine ok? Why are you on my back so much? Why do you care?!"Bookmark here

Her eyes tear up, getting flustered. "I don't want to lose you! I don't want to lose another person I care about!" Bookmark here

I stand up, sighing. "Look, I..." Suddenly, a soldier comes in, looking for me. He calls me into Kyle's room. Kyle has certainly changed in the span of a few days. worse a nice red beret with his usual army attire. He also had a scarf over it. The most important thing is the new metal arm he has. It's silver, shiny. He turned to face me. "Dopeman. Do I look cool?"Bookmark here

"Hell yeah!" I yell, sitting on the desk. "You look nice, man. Like the arm?"Bookmark here

He plays with it a bit, adjusting the fingers, twisting the hand. "Yes. While I still feel the sensation of my old hand, this is stronger. I can finally use a rifle at the very least." Bookmark here

I laugh. "Good, you can be the best on the battlefield again. So, what's the deal?"
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Kyle nods and pulls a map out and circles False Heaven marked on the makeshift map. "So according to your report, there are zombies? Or..."Bookmark here

"Basically. Mindless drones. They just want to beat you."Bookmark here

Kyle nods. "Well, that's not good. That's why we got these orders." pointing a bit north, in Arizona. "NRF territories. The general ordered us to stay off the front lines so the tribe fight is done for us."Bookmark here

"What are our orders, then?"Bookmark here

"We head into Arizona and figure out what's False Heaven. If anyone knows about the properties of Angel Waste, it's them."Bookmark here

I look at the map of upper Arizona. "Heard this place sucks. Full of Desert Demons." Bookmark here

"Yup. Better get ready now. We leave in a week."Bookmark here

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