Chapter 25:


Inescapable Consequence Series

Shadow City's Northern District
Metropolitan Military Facility

Mr. Swords and the army of undead had lined up outside the military facility. It seems he was expecting someone to arrive. A moment later, a group of five people had arrived at the entrance gate. Once they had stepped into the facility premises. Mr. Swords looked at them and said.

“Welcome! Ms. Fortitude and Mr. Devil.”

“Wow… Mr. Swords. How many you got?

“Ms. Fortitude, in total around one hundred thousand of them. Fifty thousand in here and the other fifty thousand had gone with Mr. Magician to City of Light.”

“That’s amazing!”

“Ms. Fortitude, that’s nothing compared to you and Mr. Devil.”

Mr. Devil tapped on Mr. Swords right shoulder.

“Mr. Swords, good job.”

“Thank you very much. Mr. Devil.”

Mr. Swords stared at a human who was hiding behind Mr. Devil.

“Who is he?”

“Oh, he is the Mayor and he is very useful for us now.”

“Oh, I see… By the way, Mr. World and Ms. Fire are also expecting all of you.”

“Mr. World and Ms. Fire are her too.”

“Yes, they are in the press conference room.”

“Oh, that’s great. It’s time for a live radio program. What do you think? Mr. Mayor!”

Mr. Devil looked at the Mayor. Then, the Mayor nodded rather miserably.

An hour later, everyone had gathered inside the press conference room. This press conference room was fully equipped with all the necessary equipment for radio broadcasting service. Its main function was establishing emergency radio broadcasting during crisis period.
Mr. Devil looked at the Mayor who was sitting alone in the radio studio. It seemed Mr. Devil got a propaganda campaign in his mind.

“Mr. Mayor, are you ready?”

The Mayor looked at the teleprompter and replied.

“Yes. Mr. Devil.”

“Then 3… 2… 1… Cue!”

The ‘On Air’ sign was on. Then, the Mayor was slowly reading the message from the teleprompter.

“This is an emergency radio broadcasting. This is your Mayor. The crisis situation continues in parts of the Metropolitan. For your safety, I am asking that you leave the areas as soon as possible… Be sure to take essential items such as medicine, special foods, personal items, baby supplies, clothing, money and valuable papers. But do not overload your car. Secure your home before you leave. Be sure to check on any neighbors who may need assistance… If you cannot stay with relatives or friends outside of the evacuated area, go to the Metropolitan International Airport… If you have no means of transportation or if you are physically unable to evacuate on your own, ask a neighbor to assist you or call the airport hotline and wait for the rescue team to reach you. Otherwise, please do not use your telephone except to report an emergency… I repeat. If you live in the Metropolitan area, you are required to evacuate for your own safety. Stay tuned to this station for more information and instructions… If you know of someone who is unable to understand, see or hear this message, please tell the about it… Thank you for your cooperation and your courtesy to others…”

While the Mayor was repeating the same message several times over the air. Ms. Fortitude looked at Mr. Swords and said.

“Mr. Swords, your roughly estimation?”

“Ms. Fortitude, including those people at the airport now… I would say around one to two million people. However, if I turned them to skeletons or other kind of monsters. Since, Mr. Cups, Mr. Coins, and Ms. Wands are dead. That would be very difficult for me to control such as large group of undead army. Umm…”

“Your suggestion?”

“I would rather turn most of them into zombie. And just let them roaming in the city. But before that, I would selectively turn some of the human beings who are mentally or physically fit into skeleton or other kind of monsters.”

“How much time you need to execute such a large scale of operation?”

“Probably, within twenty-four hours.”

“Umm... a day or so…”

Once the Mayor had completed the emergency radio broadcasting, and then Mr. Devil turned around.

“Mr. Swords, let’s wait for a while.”

“Understood. Mr. Devil.”

Meanwhile, Ms. Fire raised a question to Mr. Devil.

“What about me and Mr. World? And what should we do?”

Mr. Devil looked at everyone inside the press conference room and said.

“Ms. Fire and others… We will broadcast the same message several times before today’s sunset. After nightfall, we will move back to the airport and let Mr. Swords to get started with his rituals. Around tomorrow late afternoon, the army of undead would be increased to two million in total… At that point, no one in this world could stop us. This will be our master’s steppingstone for world domination. Haha…”

Everyone nodded in agreement.

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