Chapter 26:


Inescapable Consequence Series

Mr. Hierophant’s Spear of Destiny reacted simultaneously when my mother was advancing towards him. Several of his thrust attacks had been launched towards my mother, while my mother took out a pair of Tonfa as her weapon. Her inner and outer forearm blocks had stopped those thrusts and also allowed her to advance further into his dead zone.

Once my mother was in his dead zone, she started her high and low combo strikes with elbow strikes which had knocked Mr. Hierophant down onto the ground. He got up then took several steps backwards and tried to regroup his attacks. A moment later, Mr. Hierophant changed into his defense stance.

Although, Mr. Hierophant and my mother had crossed swords several times, generally to Mr. Hierophant’s disadvantage. Nevertheless, he was the one who were showing signs of fatigue. My mother continued with her attacks while they kept pushing him back against the wall.

Mr. Hierophant paused for a moment and said.

“Ms. Batons, I don’t have much left. Let’s end this in one single shot.”
My mother looked at Mr. Hierophant carefully as he continued.

“Number Five! This will be my last shot. Here I come!”

Spear of Destiny’s attacks started from a zigzag slash then changed into a three thrusts combo. My mother had easily blocked all of its attacks. As she had expected, Mr. Hierophant leaped backward. Then, he launched his final thrust attack directly towards to my mother’s neck. She also launched her final strike combo onto Mr. Hierophant’s head. This fight was finished at once when the head got smashed into pieces.

My mother looked at me and smile.

“A… o… i… Happy… fifteenth… birthday…”

I looked at her for a while. Then, there were tears in my eyes.

I was shocked at what happened in front of my own eyes. My mother’s body had pierced through by Spear of Destiny.

I had taken a closer look once again. There was a headless body in between my mother and Mr. Hierophant. Spear of Destiny had pierced through that headless body first, and then into my mother’s.

Mr. Hierophant was laughing, once he had realized he won the fight.

“Mr. Magician, you did a great job in here. Haha…”

I stared at Mr. Hierophant and cried out.

“What had you done to my Mom?”

Mr. Hierophant replied with a laugh.

“Haha… Don’t you see… A while ago, I asked for my backup. Of course, it was Mr. Magician… Then I asked him to teleport to here when I gave him the signal.”

Mr. Hierophant looked at the headless body.

“Haha, he is so naive. He thought once I gave him the signal with the coordinates. He would teleport to a location, which he would appear behind Ms. Batons…Then he could launch his sneak attack on her… However, I…”

I glanced up at Mr. Hierophant.

“So, you had tricked Mr. Magician… Your own teammate… You gave him another set of coordinates. Such that he had teleported to a location, which he had appeared in front of my mother... He had become your meat shield…”

Mr. Hierophant replied calmly.

“Of course, without him, which had blocked her view at the end. I won’t be able to kill her... How unlucky Ms. Batons was, she just smashed Mr. Magician’s head. But not mine… Haha…”

Mr. Hierophant’s laughs were so annoying. I wanted to kill him, kill him, kill him!

“Aoi, now you come with me to see our master.”

Mr. Hierophant gripped my arm and started pulling me.

“Don’t touch me!”

“Wow… you look angry… Haha…”

Mr. Hierophant started to pushing me against a wall and he slapped me.

“I said don’t touch me!”

My knees were dragging against the floor and he kicked in my stomach.

“Like it or not…. NOW COME WITH ME!”

I was bleeding and I felt dizzy and lightheaded. Soon, I fell into unconsciousness.

<<< === === >>>

There was a gentleman who was standing near the entrance of the cargo bay. He was dressed up elegantly with a dark red tailored suit. Once the gentleman saw Mr. Hierophant was coming on his way. The gentleman spoke up and sad.

“Mr. Hierophant!”

“Huh? How did you get here?”

“Seriously, if I’m you. I won’t do that to her.”

“You mean this girl.”

“Of course, girl at her age should be in love or beloved.”

“Ha… You pervert! You want a piece of her?”

“This isn’t your concern.”

“Tsk… Who are you anyway?”

“At this moment, I could say I’m her guardian.”

“So, you want to pick a fight.”

“No, no, no… Mr. Hierophant, don't get me wrong.”

“The what are you trying to say?”

“Oh… Umm… Okay, I’m out of here now. You never see me. I never see you. Okay?”

“What the heck?”

“Oh man… She used that!”

The time suddenly stopped.

Mr. Hierophant got frozen in time while he was talking to that gentleman.
Suddenly, she had woken up and glanced up at Mr. Hierophant. Afterwards, she turned around and saw that gentleman. Both of them stared at each other for a while. Finally, she spoke up and said.

“Tsk… So, this is Mr. Hierophant of this world.”

“I think so. By the way, how are you lately?”

“I was bleeding and its hurts.”

“Oh well, don’t worry about that. You won’t bleed to death. At least it stopped.”

“Are you trying to make fun of me?”

“No way. Although, I was feeling a little bit lonely during these years. Hehe…”

“You had never change a bit.”

“Hold on… I sensed his presence. He could be coming over to in this airport.”

“Oh… I will leave him to you.”

“Of course. So, are you leaving now?”

“Umm… Unfortunately, yes.”

“Ugh… What about this Mr. Hierophant?”

“Impale him with his own spear.”

“As you wish.”

<<< === === >>>

An hour later, a single person in a red tailored suit had walked in the cargo bay of the airport. That single person took a closer look on Mr. Hierophant’s impaled dead body.

“For sure, he was here a moment ago. Umm… she was here too. Haha… I could see the ending is coming. Haha…”

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