Chapter 27:


Inescapable Consequence Series

Town of Kensington
Downtown District

In the downtown district, there was a group of three people which were having their afternoon tea inside a local tea house. One of them had looked outside of the window and saw another group of people were walking towards the same tea house.

“Wow, what a surprise! They actually are here.”

“Mr. Juggler, we are expecting their arrival. That’s why we are sitting here and waiting for them. Am I right?”

“Ms. WF, I heard they came out because of things are getting out of his hands.”

“Maybe or maybe not.”

Servant had spoken up with her statistically answer.

“By my calculation, up until now. It is a tie. The possibility of chance wining for us would be… Fifty-Five, Five, Five…”

Mr. Juggler stared at Servant.

“Okay I understand. Let’s cut the math’s… Please… Shall we?”

“Are you sure, Mr. Juggler?”

“Servant, affirmative!”

A moment later, that group of people had arrived at the tea house. A lady who dressed up in a red fancy queen dress with a long tail entered first. Then, followed by a gentleman who wore a full suite of Samurai armor. The third person was a lady who dressed in a white caped trench coat with a pair of black frill flared trousers. The last person who entered the tea house was a gentleman, who wore a golden coat of chainmail.

Meanwhile, Servant was searching their identities from her internal database.

“Searching from database… Identities confirmed… Ms. Empress, Mr. Emperor, Ms. Popess, and Mr. Pope.”

Four of them had sat down at a table which was the opposite side from Ms. Wheel of Fortune’s. Both groups were glanced up at each other for several minutes.

Mr. Juggler was always the first one who had finally ran out of patience.

“So, we just sit here until when?”

Ms. Empress replied with a smile.

“Mr. Juggler, we are here simply because three of you are here.”

“Umm... Okay… What else?”

“Our master gave us the order is to take a good care of you three.”

“Oh, it sounds very kind hospitality. However, are we just sitting here and having a tea party?”

“Of course, if you insisted to pick a fight. Then, you are welcome. However, are you guys really want to do so? I’m saying that if we started a fight in this town. Definitely, it will be destroyed by us. For our information, although most humans had heading over to the Metropolitan International Airport. But they are mostly coming from the Shadow City.”

“Then what is your point?”

“Haha… It seemed this town is a ghost town. However, I believe there are couple thousands or even ten of thousands of humans still alive inside this town. Probably, you three were cleansing out the town after Ms. Chariot had left. That means this town is one of the large shelter for the humans. I think by the codex of Origin Six. Its top priority is to protect this town at all costs.”
Mr. Juggler turned to Ms. Wheel of Fortune.

“Tsk… Ms. WF, what are you thinking now?”

A moment later, Ms. Wheel of Fortune answered.

“Oh sorry, I fell asleep. Haha…”

“Ugh… I was asking you…”

Ms. Wheel of Fortune looked at Ms. Empress and spoke out.

“Ms. Empress… Since, both side are waiting for the main event. Let’s make this battle between Big Four and Origin Six into a one-on-one sparring session. The ante will be… If Big Four loss the match, then four of you shall leave this town immediately…”

“However, if Origin Six loss the match, then we will take back this town… Fair and square?”
Ms. Wheel of Fortune turned to Servant and She nodded in agreement.

“We have no problem with that.”

Ms. Empress turned to Mr. Emperor. He nodded in agreement.

“Then, Big Four would accept your challenge.”

Ms. Wheel of Fortune looked out from the window and said.

“However, this one-on-one sparring session won’t be here. It will be inside the fifth dimension.”


Ms. Empress turned to Ms. Popess. She nodded in agreement.

“We have no problem with that too.”

Meanwhile, Servant had already stood up at the table.

“Then, Servant will be our representative. And for Big Four?”

Mr. Emperor stood up and spoke out.

“I, Mr. Emperor will be your opponent.”

Ms. Wheel of Fortune paused for a while and then replied.

“It is done. We are in the fifth dimension now. Let’s go outside and let the sparring begin.”

Both groups had come out from the tea house in a wildness area. Then, Mr. Emperor and Servant got into to their position. The scene was a western shootout gunfight. Meanwhile, Mr. Emperor looked around and said.

“Umm… So, this is the fifth dimension of Town of Kensington.”

Ms. Wheel of Fortune stood at the sideline and replied.

“Mr. Emperor, are you ready?”

Mr. Emperor nodded in agreement while in his Nukitsuke.

On the other hand, Ms. Wheel of Fortune looked at Servant and nodded.

Later on, she started the countdown.

“Ready… 3… 2… 1… Start!”

Mr. Emperor instantly dashed into Servant’s dead zone, while he had drawn his Demon-muramasa out of the sheath and swung it horizontally from left to right at Servant’s shoulder level. Meanwhile, Servant just turned to her right and his attacks got blocked by that chained-up coffin, which was carried on her back. Hence, he leaped backward and then followed by a right kesa giri and also a left yoko giri afterwards. Nevertheless, Servant just turned her shoulders and used that chained-up coffin in order to block his attacks.

Mr. Emperor glanced up at Servant.

“Tsk… Disrespectful…”

Mr. Emperor started attacking once again with a right yoko giri, a left gyaku kesa giri and then followed by a kiri otoshi. Meanwhile, Servant took several side steps and turns in order to either dodged and blocked his attacks.

At of a sudden, the digital voice from that chained-up coffin had spoken out.

“Weapon name – Demon-muramasa… … …”

“User name – Emperor… … …”

“Directly under – Big Four… … …”

“Employer – Killer Incorporation… … …”

“Skill – Kenjutsu… School of Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto-ryu… … …””

“Confirmed… … …”

“Master’s order – Submission… … …”

“Target locked… … …”

Then Servant’s face twisted into a horrible rictus of a smile.


The digital voice which came from the chained-up coffin replied.


When Servant took out a flaming sword – Ignites Heaven from the chained-up coffin. Mr. Emperor immediately took several steps backwards and refocused his thoughts. He put his Demon-muramasa back to the sheath. Then, he closed his eyes. He was ready to use one of his sword special drawing technique from Gokui no lai. A moment later, he cried out loud.

“Let’s do it! Number One, Argh!”

When those swords crossed, a blast of shocked wave had been released. After the shocked wave had stopped, everyone looked at both of them from the sideline. Then, Ms. Empress announced the result.

“I believe it is a tie.”

Ms. Wheel of Fortune nodded in agreement. Then, Mr. Juggler raised a question.

“A tie, then what about the ante?”

Mr. Emperor put his Demon-muramasa back to the sheath and said.

“We, Big Four will leave this town immediately.”

Mr. Juggler was scratching his head while Servant replied.

“Mr. Emperor, unfortunately it was the sword.”

“Servant, you are right.”

“Mr. Emperor, until next time.”

“Servant, we will meet again.”

Meanwhile, Ms. Wheel of Fortune dispelled the seal. Then, everyone had come out from the fifth dimension. As Mr. Emperor promised, Big Four left the town instantly.

Mr. Juggler was still scratching his head and asked Servant.

“What about the sword?”

“Mr. Juggler, devil’s sword versus demon’s sword…”

“Huh? And?”

“Mr. Juggler, the western versus the eastern…”

“Huh? Oh well… Never mind… Just forget it…”

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