Chapter 29:


Inescapable Consequence Series

Shadow City's Western District
Highway Sixteen near Metropolitan International Airport

There were fifty thousand of undead which were guarding the main road to the airport – Highway Sixteen. A group of four people were fighting on their way to the airport.

“Ms. Judgment, it just never ended.”

“Ms. Angel, I bet they are making more of those.”

“That’s why we need to get to the airport as soon as possible.”

Mr. Tower cried out.

“Ms. Angel, their reinforcement from our back… Sad emoji…”

“How many?”

“Around ten thousand… Probably, they were coming of the east… Guess emoji…”

Ms. Angel looked around the area.

“Dang! We are surrounded.”

Ms. Judgment replied.

“No worry. They were just only minions. They weren’t our problem.”

Ms. Justice glanced at the end of the highway. Then, she took a closer look on her Skofnung.

“My Skofnung! I must get there. Our beloved master was expecting us to get the job done.”

Ms. Judgment had realized her Honjo-masamune started shaking in her hands.
“What happened?”

Ms. Judgment glanced over her shoulder. She saw Ms. Justice had summoned the Twelfths from her Skofnung.

“Sigh… Ms. Justice summoned those berserkers.”

Ms. Angel and Mr. Tower came over from the rear to meet up with Ms. Judgment. Ms. Angel was beginning to look worried.

“Ms. Judgment, is Ms. Justice be alright?”

“Ms. Angel, up until now. I would say she is fine.”

“I mean mentally…”

“So, did I…”

Ms. Justice looked at those berserkers and cried out.

“Charge! Soon, we will be at the airport.”

The Twelfths would blaze a trail through, and afterwards it could be cleared sufficiently for the group to pass along.

Meanwhile, at Metropolitan International Airport. Mr. Swords was looking into his planetarium, while others were at the conference table in the control tower of the airport. When he saw the group of underdogs were fighting continually, then he burst out laughing.

“Haha… That will burn them up. Their stamina won’t be able to last long.”

Ms. Chariot replied with an evil smile.

“Let’s see which side could last longer before the main event. Haha…”

Ms. Fortitude had looked down on Ms. Chariot, since she had lost the battle to Origin Six.

“Oh well, at least you aren’t there. Otherwise…”

Ms. Chariot glanced up at Ms. Fortitude with anger.

“Ms. Fortitude, what does that mean? Are you trying say something? If so, just let it out.”

Mr. Devil looked around and spoke up.

“Hey ladies. Please stick with the plan.”

Although, the group of underdogs was in a killing spree. However, it still took them several hours before they had reached the airport before midnight. Meanwhile, Ms. Swords was preparing his final ritual for the main event in the basement of the airport.

On the other hand, inside a quiet room. Mr. Devil turned to Ms. Fortitude and asked.

“Babe, it is your call. Shall we meet them head-on?”

“Honey, we could send out Ms. Fire, Mr. World and Ms. Chariot.”

“Babe, three only?”

“Honey, let them be them our herald.”

“Haha… Babe… Good idea.”

Later on, Ms. Fire, Mr. World and Ms. Chariot had been send to the highway exit ramp. Meanwhile, Ms. Angel and her group had just got off the Highway Sixteen. Both off the groups had met head-on near at the junction road. This would be a face-off between the elite and the underdogs.

Soon after, Ms. Justice had seen a little girl who dressed in a red and black leather jumpsuit with two wrist guards. Ms. Justice had realized that little girl was Ms. Fire. Without any doubt, Ms. Justice pull out her Skofnung and started charging towards Mr. Fire.

Meanwhile, Ms. Angel and Tower were squaring off against Ms. Chariot and Mr. World. However, no one had noticed that Ms. Judgment had secretly sneaked into the airport terminal building. Ms. Judgment knew that if she wanted to stop the army of undead. She had to kill Mr. Sword before the main event.

Half an hour later, it seemed Ms. Justice was hiding behind those abandoned vehicles which were on the junction road. She tried several times to shorten the distance between Ms. Fire and herself. However, she got pinned down by the supreme firing power of Ms. Fire.
Ms. Fire was standing on the roof of a car. She began insanely laughing while she was pulling the trigger.

“Haha… This is fun… Ms. Justice… Haha… Are you hiding from me? Haha… Just come out and have fun… Haha…”

“Tsk… crazy gunslinger.”

“I heard that… I’m not a crazy gunslinger… I’m an insane mini-gunslinger! Fire! Fire! Fire! Die! Die! Die!”

Ms. Fire’s weapon was a mini-gun named Vulcan-2. It was a six-barrel rotary machine gun which was capable of firing six thousand rounds per minute. Its maximum range was around one thousand yards with a muzzle velocity rate at two thousand and eight hundred feet per second. With Vulcan-2, Ms. Fire was able to fire at will randomly. And that was why Ms. Justice was hiding. She needed to find a time gap in between the firing speed or to wait for Ms. Fire ran out of bullets. Unfortunately, time was a constraint for Ms. Justice.

On the other hand, the team battle between both sides had become a hit-and-run scenario. Due to the fact that Ms. Angel and Mr. World were coming from the same school of Wind magic and also Ms. Chariot and Mr. Tower were both from the tanker class. Both sides were running around in circles.

Ms. Angel were trying hard to follow Mr. Tower.

“Mr. Tower! This is stupid. If I attack Mr. World, then Ms. Chariot will after me. So, you will force to attack Ms. Chariot. Then, Mr. World will go around and hit you from behind.”

“I know... Ms. Angel… Both sides are even using same kind of weaponry and same school of magic spells… Sad emoji…”

“Do we have any other option? Or try to change our tactics?”

“Umm… Hit then run? Haha… Laughing with tear emoji…”

“Ugh… This is sad.”

Meanwhile, Mr. World were also running behind Ms. Chariot.

“This is the lamest team battle I ever participate.”

“Ms. Chariot, do you mind try to block some of the attacks from Mr. Tower?”

“Mr. World, don’t you know I’m trying… Argh!”

A moment later, Ms. Angel was shouting at Ms. Chariot.

“Ms. Chariot, can you stop running from us?”

“Ms. Angel, it should you instead of us.”

“Can’t you just stop and start fighting?”

“It should you instead of us too.”


“Same for me, Argh!”

Inside the airport terminal building, Ms. Judgment finally had arrived at the basement. She looked around, then she was pondering for several minutes. Afterwards, she looked at those direction signs again.

“Umm… Tunnel after tunnel… This is madness and even the direction signs are confusing too… Who built this airport? Anyways, let’s me try this one.”

An hour later, Ms. Judgment had found the way out of the basement. She found herself climbing up from one of the manholes of the cargo bay floor. She took a peek inside the cargo bay by lifting up the manhole cover. It was pretty empty except there was a golden totem at the center of the cargo bay.

“Oh, the Totem from City of Light. But why is it here? Did someone put it in here?”
Then Ms. Judgment sneaked into the cargo bay for a further investigation. She was hiding behind a steel column. When she heard a door open sound from the other side of the cargo bay. She took another peek again.

“Oh, this is bad… Even the Suits Armors are here now… For sure, they are assigned here to guard the totem.”

On the other side of the cargo bay, there were four automata which were standing near the main entrance. Ms. Judgment knew that each of automata should got an I.D. marker on its torso. So, she took a closer look for those four automata. And their I.D. markers were S-10, H-10, C-10 and D-10.

“All four divisions of Suits Armor are here. That means bad news. I shall contact Ms. Angel as soon as possible.”

Then Ms. Judgment had backtracked her way and went back to the ground level of the airport terminal building. She immediately contacted Ms. Angel.

“Ms. Angel!”

“Ha… He… Ms. Judgment, Ha… He…”

“Huh? What are you doing with Mr. Tower?”

“Ha… He... We are… Ha… He... running!”

“Running? Anyways, the Suits Armors are here too.”

“Ha… He… Wait! What did you say?”

“I saw Four-of-a-kind a moment ago inside the cargo bay.”

“Ugh… Do you know how many of them had arrived?”

“I think… All four divisions of Suits Armor are inside this airport.”

“Oh, that’s really bad news. Anyways, time to go.”

“Actually, what are you two doing?”

“We are fighting against Ms. Chariot and Mr. World… Ha… He… By the way, your twins’ sister got pinned down by Ms. Fire over there.”

“Umm… We have to retreat. Especially, those Suits Armors are here.”

“Understood… Hey, Mr. Tower. Let’s run! Argh… Cold sweat emoji…”

Soon after, Ms. Judgment had heard Ms. Justice was in trouble. She was heading towards Ms. Justice’s location. At the same time, Ms. Justice finally had closing in the distance between Ms. Fire and herself. She had deflected most of the bullets after several rounds of bullets showering from Ms. Fire.

Ms. Fire kept on pulling the trigger while she was trying to step back a little bit.

“Haha… Amazing! You are pretty good at swordsmanship. Haha…”

“Tsk… Crazy newbie… Now time to die!”

Suddenly, Ms. Justice dashed into Ms. Fire’s dead zone. When Ms. Fire had released that. She was trying to pull out her sidearm. At the same time, Ms. Justice brought her Skofnung back up to a level stance. Then, she used her momentum to swing it towards Ms. Fire. Although, Ms. Fire started the shooting with her sidearm several times. But those bullets were blocked due to the size of Skofnung. Then, Ms. Justice brought her Skofnung back to arms after a heavy strike. Since, Ms. Fire successfully dodged the first strike. Ms. Justice had released her Skofnung once again by using her sword-bearing hand to recover her strike. Afterwards, she had reset her stance and issued a second strike with the pommel of her Skofnung.

When the second strike got into Ms. Fire’s right eye quickly, it was too late for Ms. Fire to react. Once, the pommel had gouged her right eyeball out. She was bleeding heavily from her orbital cavity. It was a fatal damage which was causing her to retreat immediately.

“Argh… Argh… Argh…”

Ms. Justice’s face twisted into a horrible rictus of a smile. Then, she crashed the Ms. Fire’s eyeball under her toe. Meanwhile, Ms. Fire was in agony of pain.

“Ms. Fire, I got your eyeball here… Hehe…”

“Argh… Argh… Argh…”

At the same time, Ms. Judgment had arrived to the scene. She glanced up at Ms. Fire, and then turned to Ms. Justice.

“It’s enough… Ms. Justice, we have to retreat now.”

Ms. Justice looked at Ms. Judgment and asked.

“Sis, Why?”

“All four divisions of Suits Armor are here and we don’t have enough manpower to take care of those. We must retreat now.”


“Let’s go now before they pursuit us.”

“As your wish. Sis.”

When two set of full-house from Suits Armors had arrived with Mr. Devil to the junction road, the group of underdogs had already been retreated to their rendezvous point.

Mr. Devil had dispatched a search party of Suits Armors, while Ms. Fortitude was healing Ms. Fire’s fatal injuries. An hour later, the search party had found nothing.

Although, the group of underdogs had a showdown with Mr. Devil and his group. Nevertheless, the underdogs’ counterattack had gone in vain. As a result, the group of underdogs had to retreat due to lack of manpower.

Furthermore, Mr. Swords had successfully summoned several of the top-ranking monsters by using several hundreds of human sacrifices. Most of those monsters were demonic creatures such as Banshee, Gargoyle, Ghouls, Goblin, and Imp.

On Day 2 at 23:58, the Shadow City's Population was at 5,783,954.

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