Chapter 31:


Inescapable Consequence Series

“If there is righteousness in the heart, there will be beauty in the character.
If there is beauty in the character, there will be harmony in the home.
If there is harmony in the home, there will be order in the nations.
When there is order in the nations, there will peace in the world.” – Confucius

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Sixty-Six Months and Six Days Ago
Somewhere in Emptiness (Fifth Dimension)
Basin of Shangri-La
Underground Palace of Tir-na-hOige

The Emptiness, it was the mirror of the world. There was a throne hall. There was a man. He was sitting in a throne which was fashioned of ivory and covered with gold. It seemed that man was expecting someone who paid a visit to him. He looked at a list with names. This list contained most of the countries which are willing to join the cooperative:

Northern Kingdom (This);
Republic of Eastern Empire (This);
Southern Isles (This);
Western Alliance (This);
World Federation (That);

He was pondering for a moment when he was scrolling down the list. Their worries for the future were cleared. After thousands of years of peace, every conflict had been solved within the Council of Elders. There was no reason for any war.

He had no intention to interfere the business in that world. However, if the prophecy was foreseeing that world’s coming. Then, he had to solve that before it had become the world-wide disaster.

Nevertheless, those humans wanted to push that world forwards. To a new era, where the strong shall live and the weak shall die. They called that – Modern Evolution.

As the leader of Killer Incorporation, it was his decision. A decision which turned that world into chaos. The oracle had described that in one of the oldest historical manuscripts:

Lightning without end
Dark cloud between the skies
Thunder strikes as worlds fall

He looked down from the throne. His subordinates were on their knees and waiting for his final decision.

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“Thou, Deathmar Schneider the Cruel – Merciless Ruler of Killer Incorporation…

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