Chapter 32:


Inescapable Consequence Series

Devil’s Sea
Grand Mountains of Brasil Isle

Avalon Castle was built on one of rugged hill of Grand Mountains which located on Brasil Isle in the Devil’s Sea. The castle embodied one of the traditional Ancients architectural fashion known as revivalism. This made the castle was highly stylistic, both externally and internally. The suite of rooms within the castle contained the Throne Hall, Sampo and Ruler’s Suite.
As for the castle’s exterior consisted of several individual structures which were on the top of the cliff ridge. The extended building was furnished with towers, pinnacles and sculptures in which most window openings were following Romanesque style. Its exterior walls were cased with red bricks and the roof cornice were surrounded by demonic statues such as gargoyle.
Throne Hall was situated in the east wing of the castle which occupied three-storey high. The three sides of it were surrounded by colorful arcades with a chandelier was hanging from the ceiling mosaic, and at the back was an apse which was holding the throne on top of the long dark red floor carpet.

Mausoleum of the Kind was situated in the southern courtyard garden of the castle. It was an open pavilion structure which had several rectangular pools amongst the courtyard garden with its well-maintained trees, paths, streams, and flowers beds. It was definitely a pleasant environment for the visitors from the outside world. Inside the six-columned pavilion, there was a three-piece patio furniture set. There were two people who were sitting in the lounge chairs. The person who was in a red tailored suit had spoken out first.

“Some people said that life is like a game of chess; others said that life is a box of chocolate. But for both of us, it is just only a game of Reversi. Everything is already preset and they just are waiting for us. No matter what you are; where you are; when you are; and who you are; You still cannot escape why are you here; your destiny and your fate is just determined by your own choices. Some people made good choices; some people made bad choices. Even some people don’t even need to choose because luck is always with them…

Then, you might think what is luck actually? But you and I already know its answer. That’s the possibility of the chance. Not! Probability. Both of us know math’s doesn’t no work in here. Even this science and that alchemy do not apply in here. Every individual dimension got its individual set of rules and laws. You might think you are pretty damn good in This-world, but unfortunately you are nothing in That-world…

When you are a great king with a lovely queen in This-world; oh sorry, you are just a beggar in That-world or maybe you don’t even exist at all. Human beings with its civilization had been believing in history; believing in culture; believing in religious; believing in their five senses. With their own norms and their own trends, Human beings is one of most astounding species which the One-god had ever created. No matter how difficult it is, they will find a way to survive and to reproduce their own kind…

But for us as Ancients who does exist in every dimension and every world. We don’t need those as our lifetime goal. Because our life span could be forever and ever. Furthermore, we surpassed our own death long time ago, which had even made us more powerful, both physically and mentally. However, what do we really want? I would like to achieve the greatest accomplishments. Such that, on the historians’ records. My reputation will last forever and ever…

Every time I had looked at you. You are just a walking fool who is roaming between dimensions. For those Ancients’ historians, you are Deathmar Schneider the Cruel and I’m Deathmar Schneider the Kind. In the Records of Ancients, you are the Merciless Ruler; and I’m the Merciful Ruler. For myself, this is a joke after all. Since, the days of Deathmar Schneider the Great had gone. Everyone is believing you are just a cold-blooded, selfish, and stupid Ancients’ Ruler. You don’t want to use your real name in public. You even made up an alias name – ‘The Fool’ for others while you can be able to hide your true identity. And this is the funniest story I ever heard…

Although, there was only one Deathmar Schneider the Great in Ancients history and that’s the one who thinks about his people’s needs over him, considers theirs benefits and needs over his own. But for myself, I want to be remembered as Deathmar Schneider the Kind who rules over all of the Seven Dimensions…

So now is the time to make your lifetime decision. Will you against me or assist me?”

“Mr. Joker, what did you say?”

Mr. Joker glanced up at The Fool and asked again.

“The Fool, I was asking you. Will you against me or assist me in this Reversi War?”

While, The Fool was looking at the Reversi game board that was on a table in front of him.

“Oh, you mean the board game or else?”

“After all these years, you had never change a bit. So, I will take this as a NO…”

The Fool nodded in agreement and left the courtyard garden.

<<< === === >>>

Soon after, The Fool had left the castle. A man dressed in a camouflage clothing had come over to Mr. Joker and said.

“Our master, what is your order?”

“Mr. Conquest, notify Crazy Seventy-Eight; the game had begun.”

“Yes, our master.”

“By the way, Mr. Conquest.”

“Our master?”

“You and your squad are ready?”

“Our master, we will take care of those unfinished business.”

“Then, you shall in charge of Suits Armors from now on.”

“Our master, it will be our honor to serve in this war.”

Mr. Joker waved at Mr. Conquest in dismissal. He glanced at the Reversi game board boldly.

“All the pieces are here. Nobody knows who will win this game until the end-game. The rules are set. I had already moved, and now it’s your turn… Soon, we’ll see who is Othello and who is Lago!”

A moment later, Mr. Joker glanced over his shoulder. He saw six shadow figures were standing behind him.

“So, you guys had arrived?”

One of the shadow figures immediately answered.

“Our master, sorry about our delay.”

“No worries. I know that was a short notice. But you guys still make it in time.”

“It would be our honors to serve under your flag.”

“How were the persuaders doing?”

“Our apology, it is pretty hard to convince some of the Kings and Generals at this moment.”

“As I expected.”

“Some of them are very stubborn, and some of them are only look into their own interest.”

“If they cannot be assimilated, then annihilate them instead.”

“As your wish, our master.”

Those six shadow figures bowed, then disappeared.

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