Chapter 8:


Absolute Reality: A Chance in Restoring a Foredoomed World


“What is this place? It’s dark.”

“Hm? Damien? Lisa? What are you—”

Syrus regained consciousness, though still half awake. He observed his surroundings until noticing the two familiar faces standing a few meters away. Although urging to say something, he paused when he saw the evident anger spread throughout their demeanor.

“Ahh!” Suddenly, a sharp burn penetrated him, as if it was originating from his heart. Clutching onto his chest, he breathed in panic, looking into their apathetic faces as they remained still.

“I’m… Ah.. Sorry…”


A pair of large, raging blue eyes glowed from behind his friends, followed with a growl.

“Damien, Lisa, behind you!”

It almost looked as if the entity charged at all three of them until everything, once again, went dim for the young one. But yet another blood curdling moment was to come, as he could hear the horrified shrieks of both of his friends. He couldn’t see anything whatsoever, yet the very sound of what he heard felt as if it’d give him a heart attack.

Arghhh! Hngghh!

His eyes shot open, though the shock left him still when he felt the lingering burn within his chest. Although it wasn’t as strong as it was in the dream, it still felt present and real.


“Not this again. What… is this burn.. dammit.”

Immediately catching on, he looked to be on a bed, though his arms and legs were chained. Although several torches lit the room, the walls were still very dark in color, giving the room a strange dungeon-like vibe. With no mobility to even wipe the sweat off his face, he took notice that his belongings were gone too, except for his pants and shirt which were still slipped on.

“Anyone! Hello, anyone there?” Expecting no reply, he let out a sigh until someone made their presence known.

“Yes, I’m here.” The voice sounded feminine, though it was not someone he was familiar with. He turned his head to his side, realizing that someone was sitting on a stool the entire time.

“Eeeee! What the heck?!”

It was somewhat of a relief to see that the person looked to be a young female dressed in unusual red clothing. Her short velvet hair blended nicely with the glasses she wore.

Removing her glasses, she rubbed her crimson eyes before putting them back on, likely since she was sleeping.

“Was she waiting for me the entire time?”

“I know you’re confused, but please, you mustn't move. Your injuries are still healing.”

She seemed to be right about that. Syrus observed his body, which had multiple bandage wraps on his ribs. The other regions, especially his back, ached as well.

“Hey uhm, I know this is a cheesy question but where am I? I last remember—” Recalling the previous events, he lit up and continued. “The purple haired lady! Are you associated with her or…?”

The girl looked a bit lost at first but quickly switched up to laughter. “Rae-chan you mean? She has a name, silly. Let’s just say she brought you back to her home.”

“Rae-chan? Isn’t it Renae? And what exactly do you mean by home?”

Shit, am I at Limination Wing’s headquarters?” He followed up with a thought, briefly panicking when he remembered the assassin referring to the organization as a family.

“So you do know a part of her name! Well, it’s not her actual name. That’s what strangers usually end up calling her.” Syrus’s eyes peeved a bit when he heard that, but it made sense why he never got her full name, seeing how little Renae trusted him.

“G-Good to know I guess,” he replied with obvious sarcasm.

Knock Knock!

“Oh? Come in~” The girl hummed. Syrus’s heart skipped a bit, as he was unsure who was about to enter the room.

“Is Renae coming? Gosh I’m not read



“...Ow ow owh!”

Tugging all four ends of the chains, his body almost felt like it attempted flight for a second, causing some of the aching to surface. His response was understandable, since the thick metal door to the room was kicked down with extreme force, bending it from the massive dent it received. As some of the smoke and dust cleared, another person was revealed.

“You’re awake? Good, now we can get to business.” Gulping through his dry throat, Syrus watched a slender armored man walk near his bed—not uttering a word.

The girl took a deep breath, stood up, and walked over to the stranger before flicking his forehead. Unexpectedly the man cried in pain, the impact sending him slamming against the wall. “Grr, how many times do I need to tell you to open doors like a regular person?! A nor-mal-hu-man! She was not happy at all, and clearly didn’t hold back in expressing her feelings.

“If you do that again, I’m not cooking for you for three days! Got it? Three days!”

“Y-Yes Mayu, I’m sorry. I won’t do it again.”

“What the hell am I witnessing right now?” Syrus watched as Mayu went on to stroke his hair, shifting her tone to a warmer, loving type. “There there, now go on and fix it the way it was, okay?” As she said this, the man stood up, slouching as he went and grabbed the large, thick metal door and bent it back the way it was, gently placing it back into the doorway and sealing the hinges. He used what looked like unfamiliar magic with his glowing hands, the entire process shockingly no longer than half a minute.

Clapping her hands together, Mayu turned to Syrus, maintaining her positive aura. “Now then, as you probably heard, my name is Mayu. This metal-head is Akio. We welcome you to a region closer to the Benareth Kingdom, otherwise known as the Limination Wing’s hideout!” Akio rolled his eyes and folded his arms, turning his face away.

“T-Thanks? So like, can I be untied now? Eheh…” He had an idea what their response would be, but couldn’t help but at least try asking, as the chains quickly began to feel uncomfortable. Both of them looked at each other and nodded, leaving Syrus with nothing but guesses.

He gasped when Akio began to walk towards him, Mayu not showing any hint of disapproval. Grabbing onto his legs, he severed both chains before walking up to his arms. Both hands began to glow the same white-ish blue color as before until the next thing Syrus saw was his hands cuffed together.

“Yeah, but no,” Akio mumbled. The answer seemed fair, seeing that his hands were no longer chained to the bed, but still cuffed together to limit what he could do aside from walking.

“Hehe, what he said.” Mayu responded, unusually radiant in tone once again.

“I guess this is better than nothing. But… what do you all plan on doing with me?” Syrus asked nervously.

Akio immediately spoke, motioning his hand for Syrus to get up and follow them. “We’ve been told various things about you after you were brought in. You’re going to be asked various questions, so please answer them truthfully…”

“...or else.”


“O-Okay, sure.” Although struggling at first, he sat up and stood, following the two out the door.

“Whatever you do, please... don’t try anything troublesome.” Mayu whispered. Syrus couldn’t grasp the entirety of the message, but it was evident that she advised him with concern in her voice. He exchanged a nod as they moved through a lengthy hallway.

“What’s with her? Ugh, that doesn’t even matter right now. I need to see what else this place has in store. Is Aunty's killer here? Did they actually fight Yve'Roth? There’s no doubt that I’ve barely scratched the surface, so I better find out soon.”Bookmark here

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