Chapter 35:


Inescapable Consequence Series

Emptiness (Fifth Dimension)
Basin of Shangri-La (City of Light)

Under Basin of Shangri-La, there was a cave system called Mazandaran Labyrinth which had developed in centuries ago. But it was rebuilt by Deathmar Schneider the Great during the tenth century, soon after the First Millennium War had ended. It was originally designed as the final defense line of City of Light. However, it was destroyed during the Tringles incident. On the Records of Ancients, one of the Ancients historians had mentioned about this Tringles incident as a dimensions-wide catastrophic event, which led to the extinction of all races and species. Furthermore, it was the original cause of the grand opening for all seven of Dimension Gates. Soon after the labyrinth had been rebuilt, several supernatural and paranormal phenomena had been occurred within labyrinth. Especially, at the southern area of it. Ancients called that area as Deadman Maze.

Deadman Maze was a standalone maze within the Mazandaran Labyrinth. It was created due to the Tringles incident. During the twelfth century, a group of Ancients magicians, scientists and alchemists were trying to explore this maze. After several hundred years of researching and exploring, they had found out at the center of Deadman Maze. There was a portal which later on named as the Eighth Dimension Gate. It was a passage to the so-called eighth dimension with its two exits at the end of it. The first exit was located under a sea and the second one was located on an island. Later on, Ancients historians had named this sea as Devil’s Tringle and this island had become Brasil Isle.

The time flew irregularly within the Deadman Maze. The time in certain places were as slow as a halt, but in some other places it would be in a fast pace. No Ancients would dare to step into the Deadman Maze without possessing the ability of Time Magic. Throughout the history of Ancients, only a group of several persons would be able to travel within the maze. Since, it was a mythical place of supernatural and paranormal phenomena. Therefore, it was a most dangerous place in the Emptiness. However, it was also the best place for training. Especially, when it was related to the time itself.

Soon after, Mr. Death, Ms. Traitor and Aoi left the underground palace. They were heading to the south side of the Mazandaran Labyrinth without further ado. A while later, the three of them had arrived at the Pearly Gates of Deadman Maze. The Pearly Gates was a set of large, white wrought-iron gates, which were left ajar.

Once the three of them entered the gates, Mr. Death glanced around the surroundings cautiously. Meanwhile, Aoi had started to wander off into the maze because of its remarkable wall structures. Soon after, Ms. Traitor had realized Aoi had wandered off. She shouted to Aoi immediately.

“Aoi, STOP right there!”

Aoi stopped and turned around.

“Huh? Oh, I’m sorry. These walls are just too…”

Mr. Death tried to explain that to Aoi.

“Aoi, you are trying to say astonishing, astounding, marvelous, wonderful, splendid…”

Ms. Traitor stared at Mr. Death angrily.

“We understood… No need to keep on throwing words to us!”

Then, Ms. Traitor continued her explanation to Aoi.

“Aoi, these walls were made of crystalline silica, boron and quartz, which had a very high light reflection rate and could be able to persist high temperatures. But anyway, our training ground will be near the portal. So, let’s go.”

Aoi took a closer look onto the walls.

“It is amazing… Is it made of glass? Maybe mirror?”

“Kind of both…”

“I see.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Death suddenly spoke out.

“Aoi, we need to remind you one thing before we start.”

Aoi looked at Mr. Death and replied.

“Please go on.”

“It is about the secret of this maze!”

Mr. Death looked into her eyes and said.

“The time flows irregularly in here. Some places will be fast and some other places will be slow. And that will make a lot of things unpredictable or I should say things are pretty weird and unthinkable in here.”

“Like what?”

Fear passed across his face.

“You might see dead people.”

“So, you mean ghost?!”

Aoi glanced at Ms. Traitor while her face went blank. Then, Mr. Death replied.

“Some sort of… But anyway, I have talked too much. Let’s go!”

Suddenly, Ms. Traitor shouted.


Everyone stopped and looked at her.

“Just let me summon King Kuma first, please.”

A moment later, King Kuma had fallen from the sky and it had landed beside us. Aoi gazed at King Kuma for a while and said.

“Sure, King Kuma looks a little bit different than before.”

Ms. Traitor’s eyes gleamed at King Kuma and said.

“Oh yeah… This is the latest version of it. I called it – Shin King Kuma!”

Everyone looked at Shin King Kuma closely. Meanwhile, Aoi raised a question for Ms. Traitor.

“Oh, I see. But what is the difference?”

She replied with a laugh.

“Haha… Shin King Kuma is much more powerful than its previous version. The difference is…”

As usual, Mr. Death interrupted the conversation.

“Aoi, if you don’t count they have different names, then the difference is actually no different at all.”

Ms. Traitor stared at Mr. Death angrily. Meanwhile Mr. Death had a little smirk on the face as he sidled away.

“Aoi, don’t listen to him… Anyway, we shall go now.”

Hence, they were heading to the center of the Deadman Maze without any hesitation. An hour later, they had arrived near the portal. Mr. Death turned around and said.

“Aoi, did you feel anything?”

Aoi pondered for a moment.

“I’m not sure. It seemed slow… very slow.”

“Oh, that’s great. Although, you can feel it. However, our movement didn’t slow down at all.”
Mr. Death took out his Double Sins and then threw it to Shin King Kuma. Afterwards, Shin King Kuma had caught his scythe without any problem.

“Aoi, you saw that?! Its momentum.”

Aoi scratched her head and asked.

“So, what should I do?”

Mr. Death looked at Aoi, while Ms. Traitor was guarding the area near them.

“Use the time in here as your reference point. Then, just activate your hidden ability and try to match the time and your surroundings in sync. At the beginning, your Time Magic’s effect would be within a small range of area. For example: within six feet of radius. Your Time Magic is controlling the space-time which states of physical objects undergo change are not affected, whether these changes of state be referred to the one or the other of two objects in uniform translator motion relative to each other.”


“By focusing on your feeling of the time. It implies a wide of consequences. It has replaced the conventional notion of the space-time with the notion of a space-time that is dependent on reference frame and spatial position.”


“This is the two-dimensional projection of the three-dimensional analogy of space-time curvature. In another word, you are not trying to halt or freeze the space-time. Instead, you are trying to bend the space-time within your Time Magic’s effective area. That means you are a black hole, and you are trying to decay the space-time around you.”

“Okay. Let me have a try.”

Mr. Death threw his Double Sins to Shin King Kuma once again. Meanwhile, Aoi was trying to use her Time Magic when Shin King Kuma was trying to catch his scythe in one shot. During the first attempt, Shin King Kuma was using its right-hand to catch it, which missed it completely due to Time Magic had been activated. But Shin King Kuma immediately followed up by catching the scythe with its left-hand. This second attempt did the job.

Ms. Traitor’s eyes widened when Mr. Death nodded and said.

“Although, it was only a fragment of decay time. But you had successfully get a glimpse of your Time Magic. Nevertheless, you still need more of this training before you actually can go into a battle.”

Soon after, Aoi had heard Mr. Death’s compliment. She was surprised that she was able to use Time Magic by herself. Unfortunately, she still got a lot to learn before she could activate her Time Magic spontaneously during a combat situation.

Several hours later, Aoi’s combat training had ended with a success. Although, her Time Magic was still a little bit rusty. But at least she was being able to use that in a battle.
Ms. Traitor looked at both of them. She noticed that Aoi had grew tired of her intensive training.

“Let’s take a rest. Shall we?”

The three of them had sat in a circle on the ground, while Shin King Kuma was standing beside them and acted as a lookout. Soon after, Aoi had laid down onto the ground and rest for the moment. Ms. Traitor was alarmed by something else. She turned to Mr. Death and said.

“Something is coming…”


“Actually, it is from there.”

Mr. Death and Ms. Traitor turned around and stared at the portal, which was just several feet away from their location. Meanwhile, Shin King Kuma was heading toward the portal.

All of a sudden, a gentleman had walked out from the portal. He was of medium build who dressed up a red tailored suit, while he was holding ebony metal cane with a gothic dragon claw clutching orb knob as its handle. Once, he stepped out from the portal. He glanced over the surroundings and he had realized that he just found her – Aoi Hamasaki.
Ms. Traitor and Mr. Death were ready to go into a battle against him, while he took a closer look at Aoi.

“Oh, you must be Aoi Hamasaki.”

Aoi had not say a word, while Mr. Death spoke out freely.

“Mr. Joker, I haven’t seen you for a long time. How are you doing lately?”

Mr. Joker tilted his head and glanced at Mr. Death and Ms. Traitor.

“Wow, what a surprise?! Mr. Death, you are still alive… And you too, Ms. Traitor.”

Ms. Traitor stared at Mr. Joker angrily and asked.

“What do you want?”

Then, Mr. Joker pointed at Aoi, while Shin King Kuma had started to throw a left jab at him. Suddenly, its attack was blocked by a shadow figure. Furthermore, two more shadow figures were appeared behind Mr. Joker.

Mr. Death and Ms. Traitor were surprised since they had not notice that there were three more persons who were standing behind Mr. Joker. Ms. Traitor turned to Mr. Death and said.

“This is bad.”

Mr. Death stared at those three shadow figures.

“Who are they anyway?”

Mr. Joker laughed at Mr. Death and replied.

“No need to know in detail. Just handle over Aoi. Maybe I will spare your life… Haha… What the… Eh?!”

Mr. Joker suddenly stopped his talking, when he had realized another gentleman was sitting at the top of the walls. That gentleman had dressed up elegantly with a dark red tailored suit and was holding a tea cup in his hands. Then, Mr. Joker looked at him and said.

“Anyway, I just come here and have my walk. Maybe it is time for me to leave. Oh, by the way. How are you, The Fool?”

The Fool looked down from the walls with a cup of tea in his left-hand.

“Sip… Argh… Oh, Mr. Joker, are you sure? Having a walk is very important for your health.”

“Doesn’t matter now! By the way, how is your tea?”

The Fool pouted when he took a sip of his tea.

“Taste a little bit bitter though.”

Mr. Joker’s eyes narrowed.

“Tsk… Anyway, I’m leaving now.”

The Fool’s forehead furrowed and asked.

“Oh, by the way. What about those people at your back?”

“They are just my personal bodyguards.”

The Fool lifted an eyebrow and asked again.

“So, once you left, then they will follow you?!”

Mr. Joker rolled his eyes.

“Tsk… Of course.”

The Fool smirked at Mr. Joker.

“Oh, I see… Mr. Joker, you know I cannot effort to hire personal bodyguard.”

Mr. Joker rolled his eyes again.

“Tsk… Whatever… Let’s go… We are leaving now!”

Mr. Joker turned around and had entered into the portal with his personal bodyguards. Soon after, Mr. Joker and his personal bodyguards had left the maze. The Fool jumped down from the walls. Then, he looked at Aoi and said.

“So, Lady Aoi. It seemed you are ready now.”

Aoi stared at The Fool.


“Then, I will give you the order.”

Ms. Traitor spoke out her suggestion.

“Shall we wait a little longer until she is fully ready?”

The Fool turned to Mr. Death. Then, Mr. Death spoke out his concern.

“Seriously, the situation is pretty bad. And the tide is turning against us.”

Aoi looked at them and said.

“What do you want me to do? But I won’t kill…”

The Fool looked into her eyes and fake a smile.

“If your dad is in trouble, then what will you do?”

“Of course, I will save him.”

The Fool shook his head and said.

“However, if you need to kill someone in order to save him. Then, what will you do?”


Ms. Traitor gazed at Aoi.

“I can go with her!”

Fool faked a smile.

“Of course, you will. But Ms. Traitor, I had another order for you and Mr. Death.”

Ms. Traitor bit her lip.

“What is it then?”

The Fool looked heavenward and said.

“Lady Aoi, your first mission is go to the canyon and save your dad – Mr. Hermit.”

Aoi nodded in agreement. Then, The Fool turned to the others and said.

“Mr. Death and Ms. Traitor, your order is go to Town of Kensington.”

Mr. Death and Ms. Traitor looked at each other for a moment, then raised a question for The Fool.

“Servant, Ms. WF, Mr. Juggler are already there. Plus, I heard the Underdogs are there too. So, is this necessary?”

Everyone looked at The Fool, while he was pondering for a moment and then he answered.

“Both of you are correct. Unfortunately, it is now getting to the stage where the whole town would be annihilated by Mr. Joker’s subordinates.”

Mr. Death and Ms. Traitor were shocked for the moment. Meanwhile, Aoi was looking at them with some questions that roamed around in her mind. Afterwards, Mr. Death gradually had realized its cause.

“Although, that is impossible for Crazy Seventy-Eight to take over the town, since Servant and our team were there. Umm… Unless, a third-party was also involved… But wait… Umm… Earlier, those three shadow figures…If they really are those guys. Then…”

Terror overtook Mr. Death’s face when he had suddenly stopped his talking.

With a heavily sigh, The Fool had spoken out the reason.

“Mr. Death, you are on the right track. Although, I have believed in our team that they could defeat Mr. Joker’s subordinates. But, if the Kings and Generals were also get involved. Then, things will get out of hand very soon. There’s why I need the two of you to go to Town of Kensington as our reinforcement.”

Mr. Death and Ms. Traitor looked at each other. Then, they nodded in agreement.

“Oh, Ms. Traitor… I think I know who is that shadow figure, which had blocked Shin King Kuma’s attack.”

Ms. Traitor tilted her head to one side while was listening.

The Fool rested his chin in his palm and said.

“There is a person within the Kings and Generals who got the power to block Shin King Kuma’s jab without moving backwards… He must be the sixth-seat of the Twelve Generals – Draghignazzo!”

Ms. Traitor nodded in agreement.

“Then, what about the other two of them?”

The Fool rested his chin in his palm once again and said.

“No idea! Haha…”

Ms. Traitor’s eyes narrowed to crinkled slits.


A moment later, Aoi raised a question which was roaming in her mind for a while.

“Who are the Kings and Generals?”

The Fool’s forehead puckered and said.

“The Thirteen Kings and the Twelve Generals were a group of mercenary warlords who had served the Ancients military during the First Millennium War. A few of them are good and decent person but most of them aren’t. However, that isn’t the key point. The problem which we are facing is, how many of them are working for Mr. Joker?!”

Aoi nodded vigorously.

“I see… I see… By the way, are they strong?”

“Compare to whom?”

“To you?”

The Fool sneered and flicked lint off his suit.

“Haha… Of course not.”

“What about Origin Six?”

“Oh, that would depend on whom versus whom.”

The Fool stood straighter and straightened his tie. Then, he had a quick look at his watch.

“Umm… Maybe it is the time to contact them... So, I better call them up… Let’s me see…”

The Fool took out his smartphone and glanced through his address book.

“Umm… The Fool?!”

“Oh, Aoi.”

“So, shall we get going?”

The Fool smirked at Aoi.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I totally forgot. You guys can dismiss now.”

<<< === === >>>

Soon after, Aoi and others had left the maze. The Fool picked up his smartphone and started calling up someone. Ring, ring, someone had picked up the call. It was a female voice.

“Hello. This is the Ali & Beri Law Firm.”

“Hello, how are you these days?”

“Oh… is it you?”

“Of course. It’s me.”

“Are you in trouble again?”

“Kind of…”

“What happens this time? Parking ticket? Bankruptcy? Or maybe... Pornography? Hehe…”

“Umm… Actually, how are you guys doing?”

“Oh, pretty good now. Thank you for your suggestion. And now, by running a law firm. We could officially ask the human to make a deal with the devils. Haha…”

“I see.”

“So, The Fool. What’s up for this time?”

“Umm… Beri. I think I need Ali, you and your associates helps.”

“Wow… Serious business stuff then. You know, we charge by the hours, right?”

“I know.”

“So, which multinational corporation do you want to buy off?”

“Umm… I think I cannot called that as a multinational corporation. Although, they look like one now. But their funding is support by a well-known entrepreneur.”

“Oh, really?! That’s interesting enough. Who is this guy?”

“Umm… Mr. Joker.”

Dead air on the other side of the phone.

“… … …”


No reply at all.

“… … …”

“Umm… I know, it is a hard decision for you and Ali to make.”

Still dead silent.

“… … …”

“I’m in deep shit. The whole team of Origin Six had deployed, plus several members of Crazy Seventy-Eight. But, for this time. Mr. Joker is dead serious.”

Finally, The Fool had heard a reply from Beri.

“… How serious is he?”

“Umm… This time, he hired the AstaBarb Associates to help him.”

“Dang! Dang! Dang! You should tell me at the beginning. Those freaking jerks from that law firm. No matter in this-dimension or that-dimension, Ali and I got a lot of unfinished business with them.”

“So, is that a YES?!”

“Of course, we will help. When do you need us?”

“As soon as possible.”

“Okay, no problem though. I will contact my associates after. Ali and I will come to the underground palace first. And by the way, did you meet their lawyers or associates?”

“Once, inside the Deadman Maze. They came over from the portal and tried to kidnap Lady Aoi.”

“Dang! Are they insane? Oh wait, Aoi?! Is she a girl? Don’t tell me your wife had reincarnated.”

“Umm… Not really. How should I say? She is just one third of my wife.”

“Seriously, as a friend of yours. I must remind you, you wife is dead, long time ago.”

“I understood. Anyways… So, one of their associates which I had met was Draghi.”

“Oh, that meathead on the number sixth-seat of the Twelve Generals.”

“However, there were two more of them. They were hiding their identities and I wasn’t sure who were they?!”

“Oh well, the circle is small.”

“I believe Mr. Joker still had more of those.”

“No worries. Ali and I with my associates will take care of them for you.”

“Thank you very much, my old friends.”

“Not at all. See you later in the underground palace.”

“Okay, see you.”

After the Fool had finished up the call. He was heading back to the underground palace.

<<< === === >>>

A lady was standing at the gate of the underground palace. She was expecting The Fool’s arrival.

That lady grimaced and looked at The Fool.

“The Fool, what had you done?”

The Fool looked into her eyes and smirked.

“Nothing. Ms. Batons.”

Ms. Batons narrowed her eyes.

“You gave an order to my daughter!”

“Actually, to my one third wife also.”


The Fool gawked and replied.

“Don’t worry she will be fine.”

“Why are you so sure about that?”

“It is because of you.”

Ms. Batons glowered at The Fool.

“Haha… I see. You want me to get involve too.”

“Of course, since one of them is your husband and the other one is your daughter. For sure, you will voluntarily to help out. Am I right?”

“Never mind. I will go.”

“As I expected. But, remember… You guys are facing the Three Sisters.”

Ms. Batons glanced at The Fool.

“I understood.”

Ms. Batons left the gate instantly and tried to catch up with Aoi on her way to the canyon.

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